Undefeatable – Ch61

Chapter 61 – Spare The Boss, Let…

He calculated and he schemed, but Luo Jianshan never imagined…

In other words – how come I still cannot see through this grandaddy?!

He never imagined that Luo Tian would throw out a total of three empty spatial plaques while the one he threw behind his back would contain a puppet soldier.

In addition…

Luo Jianshan couldn’t understand why Luo Tian would throw the spatial plaque to the rear instead of towards him?

And how did the injuries on Luo Tian completely recover in an instant?

How did the profound energy inside Luo Tian suddenly become full again?

There’s still one main point!

Once Optimus Prime killed the two elite disciples, how come Luo Tian suddenly broke through to the next level?

Profound Master 4th rank!

This was too motherf*cking frustrating! Is he still even human? He consecutively broke through three ranks in eight days, killed the Lava Lizard in berserk mode, instakilled Luo Changshan, and then sent the Law Enforcement Hall to hell with punches…

Were these even things a sixteen year old youth was supposed to be capable of?

Fine, let’s pretend those were possible. But how did he suddenly break through to the Profound Master 4th rank out of the blue?

Mother of God, can you not play with my life with your own amusement?

Luo Jianshan felt like he was cheated.

He thought he had fully grasped everything about Luo Tian but suddenly found that he couldn’t see through him. Time and time again, Luo Tian had exceeded his calculations. If this continued on… When Luo Jianshan thought to this point, his eyes turned grim as he clenched his fists. “He has to die; he has to die even if I have to put everything on the line!”

The threat of Luo Tian was like him sitting on a pinned cushion; he had to die!

“He has a demon core on him.”

“Whoever kills him, the demon core will belong to that person. He is only one person so if you all rush up together, there’s no way he will be an opponent to you guys.” Luo Jianshan wantonly encouraged them.

Luo Chen was somehow pushed to the front row. His face had faintly changed as his legs started shaking beyond his control.

Seeing Luo Tian up close, he couldn’t help but be reminded of eating shit twice. There was already a mental demon formed inside of him but this was also the perfect opportunity for revenge. Luo Chen suddenly roared out: “Kill!”

Feng Lei, whose body was drenched in blood suddenly stood up. His eyes angrily glared as he roared out: “Fellow brothers, fight it out with them!”


“Protect the boss!”

“Protect brother fatty!”

Dozens of outer sect disciples all rushed out like they didn’t care about their own lives. Their blood was boiling and their eyes were blood red as they rushed in front of Luo Tian.

Who wasn’t reckless when they were young?

They dared to go crazy with full arrogance and disregarded the consequences.

When facing those disciples at the peak of the Profound Pupil realm, or even disciples already at the Profound Master realm, these guys showed no hesitation and their momentum was even a bit more fierce.

The elite disciples all stabbed out at once with their swords, all aiming for Luo Tian.

Although the outer sect disciples had a strong momentum, their difference in strength was simply too great. In less than a few moves, several of them had already been injured.

They were the Luo family’s future hope.

There’s no way Luo Tian was going to allow them to endanger their lives for him. His eyebrows scrunched up as he made a thought; Optimus Prime immediately strode over and blocked in front of many of the outer sect disciples.

Luo Tian’s killing intent thickened as he coldly shouted: “Those that hurt my brothers, die!”

As his voice faded…

The thick iron arms of Optimus Prime swept out forcing a bunch of elite disciples to retreat backwards. It was also at this moment that Luo Tian leapt into the air and his fists sank down.

The power of the level 2 Berserk exploded forth from him.

His fists were like a torrential rain as it poured down in rapid motions.

Wherever he was, the wind was kicked up by his punches and bodies would be flying all over the place. Blood was spouting everywhere like a flower in full bloom. This bloody scene was simply too terrifying, appalling, and beyond shocking.

Inside his mind…

The system alert tone continuously went “ding ding ding…”

It was almost as if it was playing a melody accompaniment to his killing.

It was like a song befitting a reaper of death!

This melody made Luo Tian unconsciously think back to when he was on Earth, the League of Legends Katarina’s Death Lotus skill – simply incomparably beautiful!

The rage that Luo Tian had been suppressing had fully exploded out. He pulled back his fists and coldly smiled, “Those that block me will die!”


“The boss is the most powerful!”

“Too strong.”

“A single punch takes care of one of them, that’s just way too cool. You bunch of elite disciples that are always walking roughshod over us with your arrogance, let’s see you do that now! Hahaha… this is too f*cking awesome.”

Some of the outer sect disciples who had been oppressed by the elite disciples started taunting them.

In just a short moment, the elite disciples had lessened by a third.

They were all instant killed by Luo Tian’s punch. This made the remaining elite disciples look at each other and not dare to move forward a single step. Wherever Luo Tian went, they would immediately retreat.

“Go attack!”

“What are you guys hesitating for? Go, he’s only a single person so there’s no need to fear him!”

“Kill him and the demon core will belong to you!” Luo Chen loudly shouted while his body was trembling even more noticeably. Just a glance at Luo Tian’s eyes and his courage would shake as well.

“You’re still motherf*cking ranting over there?”

“Your father died while rambling, so do you want to ramble on towards your death as well?”

Once Luo Tian’s voice faded…

In an empty space up in the air, a large palm condensed by profound energy suddenly reached out and slapped down towards Luo Chen’s head.

Luo Chen looked up and paled. His pants became wet and shit with urine started dripping down together from the leg of his pants.

He was so scared that he even shit his pants!


The ground caved into a handprint impression and in the center was a pile of meat paste!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian…”

Luo Chen had been instakilled!

Everyone once again retreated backwards looking aghast. They were all afraid to directly look at Luo Tian’s grim reaper like eyes.

Their motivation and courage had been destroyed.

Luo Tian coldly smiled and swept his eyes past the elite disciples. “I’m going to give you guys one last chance…”

Luo Tian hadn’t even finished his sentence and the elite disciples all kneeled down to beg for mercy.

“Spare us young master Luo Tian! We were all forced to do this!”

“Spare us young master Luo Tian!”


These so called elite disciples who once acted high and mighty were now like wretched insects. They were kneeling in front of Luo Tian and kowtowing until their heads started bleeding. They no longer had any cold arrogance or the slightest pompous attitude.

A portion of these elite disciples had once beaten and ridiculed Luo Tian in the past.

Killing them will allow Luo Tian to attain a bunch of experience, profound energy, and even some pills.

He could also increase his undefeated value that could be exchanged for those super bloodlines!

It was extremely easy to kill them right now but Luo Tian didn’t make a move.

He wasn’t a killing machine or some sort of crazy serial killer. The undefeated value was important but a person’s life was equally important.

Not to mention these people were technically his fellow clan brethren.

These elite disciples were considered the pillars of the Luo family. If they all died, the Luo family will not be too far off from the end of their dominance.

Seeing this situation in front of him, Luo Jianshan started to panic. The grip he had around Li Xue’er’s neck also tightened a little bit more.

Seeing that Luo Tian was going crazy for her sake, Li Xue’er felt all warm and sweet inside. If she could right now, she would have run up to Luo Tian and gave him a big kiss already.

“Luo Jianshan, you are not an opponent to my big brother Luo Tian anymore.” Li Xue’er started grinning.

Being held by Luo Jianshan, she wasn’t afraid at all and was actually surprisingly calm.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes tightened before coldly smiling. “As long as you are in my hands, he will eventually still have to kneel in front of me. Hahaha…”

Li Xue’er’s eyes slightly narrowed as she used a whisper that only Luo Jianshan could hear: “I could technically kill you anytime I want right now.”

This sentence was filled completely with confidence.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes immediately changed as the strength of his fingers increased.

It was at this time…

A bone chilling cold intent appeared in the sky. At the true speed of lightning where the speed was so fast that no one could react in time…

Except for Luo Tian!

“Oh shit, this is bad!” He then screamed out in fear: “Spare the boss, let me do it!”

He was f*cking scared.

Way too f*cking scared!

What should he do if the boss was killed by someone else?

Then… that will definitely be too damn heartbreaking!


Author’s Note: Cultivation levels – Profound Pupil, Profound Master, Profound Grandmaster, Profound Spirit, Profound King, Profound Ancestor, Profound Venerate, Profound Emperor, Profound Saint, Profound God, Profound God Sovereign

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