Undefeatable – Ch62

Chapter 62 – Blood Devouring Wild Blade

“F*ck his damn sister!” Luo Tian cursed in his heart as he rushed up, lamenting on why he wasn’t born with two extra legs.

At what time would you be most excited when playing a video game?

Killing a boss!

At what time would you be most anxious when playing a video game?

When the boss is about to die and a crowd of kill stealers show up.

This daddy could immediately kill Luo Jianshan but a mysterious expert suddenly pops out? Then throws out a damn imitation Flying Immortal sword strike to steal my boss?

How can I allow this f*cking thing to happen?!

The flames of rage were about to burst out from Luo Tian’s head.

Even though Luo Jianshan at the peak Profound Master 9th rank was hard to deal with, and that Luo Tian combined with Optimus Prime may still not necessary be his opponent, Luo Tian still had to kill him no matter what. There’s no way he was going to allow Luo Jianshan to continue living beyond today.

He was carrying the determination to kill!


The sudden appearance of an expert was most likely to save Li Xue’er, but…

Wasn’t he the one that’s supposed to do the hero saving a damsel in distress?

It was like this in movies and in novels. Would he allow this to change when it came to him?

Out of the eighty one surefire ways to court a girl, a hero saving a damsel in distress was a move that’s one of the strongest, most awesome, and the most likely to capture a girl’s heart. Luo Tian was lost in his imagination of what comes after saving Li Xue’er: They would both stare affectionately into each other’s eyes and he would use a ten thousand love-love volts stare and directly shock Li Xue’er until she loses herself over him. Finally, they would return back home and do the usual love exercises between a man and a woman…


Unfortunately… a big shot suddenly cuts in halfway and completely shatters his daydream.

At speeds enhanced by four times his attributes…

Like a shadow fluttering through the wind, the Shadewind Steps. Combined with his cultivation at the Profound Master 4th rank… this speed should be fast enough right?

Fast, to the point of shocking those around him. Even if it was Luo Jianshan, most likely he wouldn’t be able to reach such speeds.

The surrounding people could only feel a gust of wind blow by them followed by a blur. They had no way of clearly seeing how Luo Tian had already rushed forward.

The wind could travel fast but when compared to lightning?

Luo Tian managed to step a foot into the threshold of the main hall but the black shadow had already stabbed out with its sword. Luo Tian’s mind sank as he suddenly felt an impulse of wanting to die. “Your damn sister, I already told you to let me do it!”

“Boss, it’s my boss goddammit…”

“It’s over, it’s really over now.”

“Finished, completely finished. This daddy endured for over half a month, and it’s not easy to raise my level up this fast. But in the end… sigh… your damn sister!”

There was so much resentment in his heart.

Just based on speed alone, the shadow was so powerful that its attack should be self explanatory.

A very simple looking sword strike stabbed out. The blade of the sword was reflected in Luo Jianshan’s pupils as his pair of eyes slowly opened wider. So simple yet he had no time to react at all.


A reflective glow of the sword pierced through the air.

And an arm flew up.

This sword strike made the entire Luo family pale in fear. It looked simple but in fact, contained the endless power of the nihility of space. This void like power was something that went beyond the Profound Grandmaster realm!

Terrifying beyond words!

Luo Tian’s heart was shocked to the point of being flabbergasted. He thought the dark shadow was a strong expert, but he never imagined this person’s strength to be so outrageous. This was like at least several stories higher than initial. This was a realm that he couldn’t even comprehend at this point!

The sword strike ended and the dark shadow blurred by.

Li Xue’er disappeared from her spot and within a blink of an eye; she was already dozens of meters away.

This set of skills flowed like water, creating a gorgeous scene that was difficult to describe.

“What a damn good sword skill.” Luo Tian’s heart was quite unhappy at the moment, “Motherf*cker, this damn pompous asshole is too powerful. One day, this daddy will be the same as well.”


This was the difference between low and high strength.

Luo Tian’s mood was a bit bad, but he still appreciated the move by this mysterious expert. His lips started forming a cheerful grin.

Luo Jianshan didn’t die.

He merely lost an arm. This scene to Luo Tian was simply someone delivering a boss to his doorsteps all gift wrapped.

The mysterious expert had left the main hall so there was no one left to contend with him against the boss. Luo Tian’s face had a conceited smile that was as lewd and cheap as one could get.

One step at a time, Luo Tian walked up with a playful grin: “Lord Patriarch, how are you doing?”

With an arm cut off, blood was spraying out like crazy all over the place. Luo Jianshan’s face paled and his body lightly trembled. He then ferociously stared at Luo Tian and shouted: “Luo Tian, you colluded with outsiders to murder the Patriarch. The entire Luo family will not let you get away with this!”

“Shit, let’s say I colluded with outsiders.”

“I’m still going to kill you so called Luo family’s acting Patriarch.”

“If you have the ability, come bite me!”

“The entire Luo family will not let me go? You have them stand out right now and make a move against me. Let’s see who’s not going to let who go.” Luo Tian replied with a conceited and show off looking expression.

That’s how his personality was.

When it was time to be arrogant, he would act arrogantly. When it was time to be rampant, he would act rampantly. When it was time to show off, he would show off to the max. When he’s not showing off, that’s the time when he’s actually pretending to be normal.

Upon seeing Luo Jianshan’s ugly look on his face, Luo Tian couldn’t hold back and started laughing out loud. He then pointed at Luo Jianshan’s nose and mocked: “It’s your turn to have such a day like today!”

“You never imagined this day would come when you schemed against this daddy huh?”

“Crippling my dantian and wasting my cultivation. You made me lose face in front of the clan and the entire city. And right now, you never imagined you would have such a day right?”

“Indulging your son and have your group of people to humiliate, bully, and beat me; you didn’t expect yourself to have such a day right?”

“Ruining my reputation and reducing me to a horse stable hand, did you imagine you would have such a day like today?”

“Always making my life difficult, detaining my brother, and moving against my woman. Did you imagine you would have such a day like today?” Luo Tian’s voice started from low to high and finally roared out the last sentence at Luo Jianshan. The hostile aura Luo Tian was giving off right now was especially strong.

Luo Jianshan’s eyes were filled with killing intent as the muscles on his face involuntarily twitched. With a low and grim tone, “I should’ve killed you back then.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Jianshan growled like a person on his last leg, “Today I can still kill you!”

“Another sneak attack?”

“You f*cking think this daddy’s dumb or something?”

Luo Tian’s eyebrows twitched as he roared out: “Level 2 Berserk!”

Without waiting for Luo Jianshan’s attack to arrive, Luo Tian already threw out a punch.

“Go die!”

“Thunder Strike!”

A punch blasted out filled with lightning energy, directly landing on Luo Jianshan’s chest.

His chest was split apart as blood seeped through his ruptured flesh. Luo Jianshan’s eyes widened with hatred. Without waiting for any further reaction, Luo Tian threw out another punch: “Tiger Charge!”


The chest was penetrated through as blood splashed out the other end. Luo Jianshan had died on the spot.

A Profound Master 9th rank was that useless?

Not exactly. If Luo Jianshan’s arm hadn’t been cut off and he wasn’t subjected to the mysterious expert’s oppressive energy suppressing him, killing Luo Jianshan would be an extremely difficult task. The gap in strength between them two was nonetheless a huge difference.

A person’s level was like their shackle, and surmounting it was like trying to leap over a gorge.

Luo Tian understood all these factors but had no time to bother with it for now. He stood in place with his eyes lightly closed and an overjoyed expression while waiting for the system’s alert in his mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Luo Jianshan. You have gained 8000 experience points, 800 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the martial skill Boundless Divine Palms. Would you like to cultivate it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Tiger Suppression pill.”

“Congratulations to player…”

A series of system alert tones sounded off.

This was awesome, but Luo Tian felt it wasn’t enough.

Luo Jianshan was a last boss that was all golden and shiny; this was it with the loot explosion?

Truthfully, Luo Tian was not very satisfied with the loot. He then cursed to himself in frustration: “What a poor bastard!”

The alert tones somewhat paused for a bit…

Before finally making another alert.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the boss in the Beginner’s Village. You have gained a reward from the system.”

“Item Reward: Blood Devouring Wild Blade”

“Blood… Blood Devouring Wild Blade?”

“Oh shit, this is too awesome!” Luo Tian was ecstatic as he observed the super domineering looking Blood Devouring Wild Blade in his mind. He then started grinning in a foolish manner…

F*cking awesome!

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