Undefeatable – Ch63

Chapter 63 – Big Brother Luo Tian, You Are Really Bad

“Blood Devouring Wild Blade?”

“Isn’t that Nie Feng’s weapon in the Hong Kong manhua The Storm Riders?”

Luo Tian was dumbfounded.

Luo Tian already knew that after leveling up, he could be rewarded with martial skills from novels. But killing bosses would also net him these items?

Items apart from martial skills?

If this was the case, then… the future will be really awesome! He definitely had to kill a few more bosses to take advantage of this!

The first time killing a boss and he was already rewarded with such a domineering Blood Devouring Wild Blade. Then in the future when he kills some super bosses, wouldn’t the items be heaven defying?

This is way too amazing!

Luo Tian’s heart was twisted up into a happy knot. And upon looking at the domineering Blood Devouring Wild Blade, he wanted to immediately take it out to play with.

Since the limelight was completely stolen by the mysterious expert previously…

If he didn’t bring out such a domineering blade to steal back some limelight, how could he face himself?


Luo Tian smiled conceitedly and made a thought to bring out the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.


“Warning: You lack the strength so it cannot be used!”

“Huh? What’s going on?”

He tried again and the system gave him the same warning.

“Warning: You lack the strength so it cannot be used.”

“Shit man, this daddy just leveled up so how can it say I lack the strength?” Luo Tian wondered for a bit before looking up the properties of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

He didn’t bother paying attention to the other details because just seeing its weight alone had already made Luo Tian dumbfounded.

“One… one thousand… one thousand eight hundred jins of weight? (2394 lbs)

“Shit man, this blade weighs one thousand eight hundred jins?” Luo Tian almost fainted from the scare. The Blood Devouring Wild Blade looked bigger than what he remembered from seeing on the television. The entirely white blade part reflected a blood red light filled with a slaughter aura. It gave off a feeling that it could suck out one’s spirit and soul, and the malevolent energy it exuded felt like it wanted to drink the blood of everyone in this world.

The malevolent energy was extremely thick!

The killing intent was extremely thick as well!

It was similar to a peerless soldier who had undergone many deadly battles.

Luo Tian carefully scrutinized the blade and his heart inexplicably underwent some changes. In just a mere moment, the anger disappeared from his heart. Instead, his killing intent and violent aura started rising before heading straight for his mind.

Thin traces of blood started appearing within his pupils…

Unconsciously, the aura on Luo Tian’s person started changing.

A thick chilling aura was released that contained a heavy killing intent.

Those disciples that were on Luo Tian’s side had become breathless and pale faced from his killing intent. Even those two elders at the Profound Master realm inside the main hall were trying their hardest to resist this intent as their faces scrunched up in discomfort.

Luo Tian didn’t realize this was happening.

He was slowly losing control of his consciousness…

The worst thing about this was he had no clue it was happening.



Feng Lei’s voice sounded like he was calling out from the bottom of a valley that was filled with echoes. Luo Tian shook his head and everything before his eyes appeared blurry.

Luo Tian’s line of sight began to gradually blur even more as the sky started spinning around…

At this time…

The world Luo Tian was in appeared to be drenched in a blood red color.

He was now in the midst of a boundless battlefield surrounded by corpses. Fresh blood flowed out from those bodies and even managed to dye the sky red. This place was filled with endless killing intent where even a grim reaper might be fearful of.

Not too far away…

A mountain… a mountain piled with corpses where blood flowed out like a creek. At the peak of the corpse mountain was a huge blade reflecting off a bloody light.

A huge blade that weighed one thousand eight hundred jins!

Blood Devouring Wild Blade!


“I, Blood Devourer have appeared once again!”

A mournful ghostly cry suddenly laughed. Luo Tian looked up and mumbled: “Isn’t that my Blood Devouring Wild Blade?”

“Hey kid!”

“Is my world fun?” Blood Devourer madly shouted.

Luo Tian asked with some doubt: “Your world?”

Blood Devourer replied: “This is my world of slaughter – Myriad blades shall slaughter all and everything!”

Luo Tian then asked: “Myriads blades shall slaughter all and everything… these people were all killed by you?”

Blood Devourer smiled madly, “That’s right, are you frightened by it?”

Luo Tian replied: “You lunatic!”

The surrounding area was densely filled with corpses. One could not see the end of those lifeless bodies and Luo Tian estimated there were at least millions of them. This was simply too terrifying!

It’s no wonder that the Blood Devouring Wild Blade had such a strong violent killing intent.

It was basically a murderous maniac.

“Hahaha… Kid, the killing intent in your heart is no less than mine. But this is good too. After killing you, the esoteric behind my killing intent will rise to a whole nother level. Hahaha…” The Blood Devouring Wild Blade started laughing madly.

The blood colored sky started to darken.

The winds started howling like crazy and Luo Tian felt the pressure of the blade’s aura oppressing him. At this moment, he actually felt his time of death arriving causing his heart to feel dismayed.

He turned around and started running.

But this was the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s world of slaughter. It was its world so no matter how hard Luo Tian tried to run, there’s no way he can escape it.


“Kid, just become part of my killing intent.”

A huge earth shaking blade slashed down from the nine heavens. The huge blade aura was like a space rift descending down with a single slash!

“Oh shit!”

“I’m really finished now!” Luo Tian was out of ideas. When facing this powerful energy, he was currently even smaller than an ant!

But he didn’t give up!

He lowered his fists and roared into the sky: “Level 2 Berserk!”


Power immediately burst out from him while his fists started turning red. Luo Tian once again roared out: “Magma Fire!”

“Drip~, plop~”

The hot magma started dripping from his fists giving off “hissing” sounds.

Luo Tian’s eyes twisted into a strange look as he looked up into the sky. He then growled: “You want to kill this daddy? That will depend on whether you have the ability or not!”

“Thunder Tiger Charge…!”

“Thunder Tiger Charge…!”

“Thunder Tiger Charge…!”

His fists were like cannons as he started bombarding the sky with it.

When facing the oppressive blade aura, Luo Tian’s magma fists punched out continuously. The incoming blade aura slowed down and its power weakened, causing Blood Devourer to be quite unhappy.

In this world, he was the King and the Master. How could it allow someone to provoke him like this?


Blood Devourer coldly smiled and growled: “Blood Devouring Slash!”

With that command, the blade aura retreated and the true body sliced down.

It was a fast as lightning.

The momentum of this blade strike was capable of destroying the heavens and the earth! Luo Tian’s mind and sea of consciousness was unable to move a single bit.


Extremely unbearable!

As the blade’s body was only half a centimeter away from Luo Tian, a gentle but loud cry rung in his ears. “Big brother Luo Tian…”


The Blood Devouring Wild Blade was knocked flying and the world of slaughter suddenly retracted.

It was at this moment that Luo Tian suddenly sat up. His whole body was covered in sweat and droplets were still dripping from the tip of his hair. He was currently panting and felt like he had just died and crawled back up from the depths of hell.


Too terrifying!

If it weren’t for Li Xue’er’s cry, he most likely would have died already.

The moment he opened his eyes, it was already deep into the night.

“Big brother Luo Tian, you’re finally awake.” Li Xue’er’s eyes were red as she pounced forward sobbing on Luo Tian’s shoulders. “You scared Xue’er to death, wuuuuu~…”

Luo Tian swallowed hard as he gently patted Li Xue’er’s back: “Silly girl, aren’t I perfectly fine right now?”

He didn’t know why Li Xue’er’s voice was able to scare away Blood Devourer. Luo Tian then proceeded to open up the system interface to look at the Blood Devouring Wild Blade. Just the sight of it gave Luo Tian a lingering fear in the back of his mind.

After secretly clenching his fists, Luo Tian viciously said in his heart: “The day will come when I am able to conquer you.”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s world of slaughter was too powerful.

If he was able to control the world of slaughter…

Just thinking about it started to make his blood boil.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s blood was really boiling as a trace of evil killing intent came from his crotch. This killing intent was somehow ten thousand times stronger than the killing intent from the world of slaughter.

Li Xue’er’s chest was currently against Luo Tian’s chest. Having two soft and bouncy mounds pushed against him, Luo Tian felt this was simply too amazing.

Add in the light fragrant smell from Li Xue’er’s body, Luo Tian couldn’t help but swallow heavily a few times. His body was in heat as he whispered: “Hey girl, the night is long so how about we do some things that people love doing?”

“What is this thing that people love doing?” Li Xue’er got off Luo Tian’s chest and looked at his eyes that were in heat. She immediately realized what Luo Tian had meant by what people love doing at night, and her face blushed red. She lowered her head afraid to look at Luo Tian’s eyes and mumbled: “Big brother Luo Tian, you are really bad.”

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