Undefeatable – Ch64

Chapter 64 – Let Things Happen Naturally

He gave her a kiss…

Li Xue’er didn’t avoid it. She lightly closed her eyes as her heart rate increased. Her cheeks were blushing in anticipation like a little bride inside the bridal chamber.

Just a tiny bit more to go…

Luo Tian’s heart rate also increased.

With the mindset of an otaku, his palms were sweating and his heart was beating like wild.

When he was only about a centimeter away from Li Xue’er’s small mouth…

“Cough, cough…”

“Young miss!”

A voice came from the courtyard. Li Xue’er opened her eyes in startlement like a frightened rabbit. She shrunk back from Luo Tian and instantly ran out of the room.

Luo Tian’s head bent forward with his eyes closed. He had an intoxicated look on his face as he said to himself: “Baby, here I come.”

He had already thought of what he would do after.

First they would kiss, then slowly take off their clothes. Then he’ll slowly move down and…


“How come the kiss hasn’t landed yet?” Luo Tian was a bit surprised and opened a slight slit in his eyes. He gradually fully opened his eyes and looked around, “What the hell? What’s going on?”

“Who is it that has no basis of morality?”

“Interrupting me at such a time? What are your intentions?”


Luo Tian was completely pissed right now. A little sheep that was about to enter his mouth had run away. What should a starving big bad wolf like him do now?

At least in his so called past life, he had a blow up doll to solve his urges. There were also several action movies from the island country to accompany him. But now with his erect little brother, what choices have the Gods left him with?

Was he supposed to bring the illustrious occupation of jerking off to this foreign world?

F*cking hell!


Luo Tian deeply breathed out the pent up heat inside him. His heart calmed down slightly and the evil flames in his crotch decreased a bit. He then got off the bed and went outside.

A dark shadow was currently standing beside Li Xue’er.

The person was dressed completely in black without giving off any energy fluctuations. Luo Tian wasn’t even able to detect any signs of life from this person either.

Li Xue’er saw Luo Tian come out and couldn’t help start blushing again. It was due to the darkness that no one noticed her face turning red. As she recalled the previous scene, her heart started thumping quickly like crazy. With a playful laugh: “Big brother Luo Tian…”

Luo Tian returned a smile and made a sound: “En.”

As he said that, Luo Tian glanced over to the expert in black, “Thank you for what happened earlier today…”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish the sentence, the person coldly interrupted: “No need.”

The voice wasn’t loud but it was extremely cold like a towering block of iceberg.

Because the voice was so soft, Luo Tian couldn’t determine if it was a man or a woman. And since this person was treating him so coldly, there was no need for him to be so friendly to someone who didn’t give a crap.

If one doesn’t give me face, why should I give you face?

Li Xue’er lightly laughed and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, he is always like that so don’t mind it.”

Luo Tian replied: “Why would I mind it? An expert would naturally not bother to chat with someone like me, right? Mr. Expert?”

The person in black merely gave Luo Tian a cold glance.

“Young miss, we should get going now.” Said the person in black.

Li Xue’er’s small mouth slightly pouted as she looked a bit sad. She then looked down and said: “Fine…”

After taking two steps, she turned around and giggled. “Big brother Luo Tian, I will come see you tomorrow. You should try to get a good night’s rest.”

Right after, she started skipping like a little cheerful sparrow that gradually disappeared into the night.

Luo Tian watched as her back disappeared before smiling: “Silly girl.”

Luo Tian had figured Li Xue’er’s identity wasn’t simple, but he never expected it to be this powerful. The cultivation of that person in black was probably at the Profound Spirit realm or higher.

Just this person alone would be able to destroy the entire Jade Mountain City.

And from the looks of it, this person was merely an attendant to Li Xue’er.

Just a follower was already this powerful, then her clan…

Luo Tian’s heart slightly tightened as his eyebrows wrinkled. He then looked up into the starry night sky lost in his own thoughts.

A while later…

Luo Tian took a deep breath and said to himself: “We’ll let things happen naturally!”


While walking back…

Li Xue’er asked with a calm looking face: “Why would big brother Luo Tian suddenly faint like that?”

The person in black behind her replied: “I don’t know either.”

Li Xue’er was surprised and said: “Elder sister Shuang, you are an expert at the Profound Spirit 6th rank and also a third grade Alchemist. How could you not know the reason?”

A Profound Spirit 6th rank was already very strong, and she was even a third grade Alchemist. How much more powerful could she get?

Let’s put the high cultivation realm aside for now. The amount of alchemists in the Tian Xuan Continent was so miniscule that every single one of them was considered a supreme existence!

The most important point was…

The expert in black clothing was a girl; a girl as cold as a block of ice.

And usually these types of girls are embodiment of the popular “oneesan” category. It’s unknown whether Luo Tian would reconsider his goals in life if he found out about this because in his past life, he had a dream of pushing down an “oneesan” type girl.¹

The girl in black clothing said: “He suddenly fainted and his body started burning up. And the killing intent inside his heart was extremely strong. This type of violent killing intent is something I’ve never encountered before. It’s similar to those Demon Lords that have determined to follow the path of slaughter. Young miss, it’s best if you stayed away from him. And… and…”

This aura of ruthless slaughter was something where she, a Profound Spirit 6th rank was a bit fearful of.

When she was examining Luo Tian’s injuries, the killing intent he gave off almost disrupted her own mind.

In her heart, Luo Tian was a dangerous character.

He might not be one right now, but he will definitely become one in the future.

She only had a single command while following Li Xue’er out here – kill all threats to her!

The strong killing intent inside Luo Tian’s heart was also considered a threat. As long as there was the slightest threat pointed towards Li Xue’er, she will kill him without hesitation!

Li Xue’er faintly asked: “And what?”

The girl in black clothing replied: “He is not worthy of you. You and young master Dian…”

Li Xue’er’s eyebrows twitched as her tone of voice changed, “Don’t mention him in front of me!”

The expression of the girl in black clothing immediately changed as she shut her mouth.

The two walked in silence – one in front and one in the back towards the Violet organization’s battle arena.


Early morning.

The entire Luo family was in a festive mood as they decorated their manor.

Inside the martial training grounds.

Hundreds of Luo family disciples were standing in rows filled with spirit. Their eyes were bright as they stared towards the center of the stage.

Feng Lei waved his hand once.

Everyone then shouted in unison: “Greetings to the new Patriarch!”

Suddenly, a rustling noise was heard as hundreds of disciples all kneeled down on the ground. This type of scene gave Luo Tian quite a scare!

Luo Tian cleared his throat and glared at Feng Lei once. He then loudly said: “We are all fellow brothers so there’s no need to be like this. Everyone get up!”

Seeing so many people in front of him, he couldn’t help get a bit excited.

The Luo family!

He was currently the boss of the Luo family.

When Luo Tian was unconscious yesterday, Feng Lei made a series of house cleaning moves. All the people close to Luo Jianshan had been removed.

The death of Luo Jianshan to the Luo family was almost similar to a clan destruction.

Three Elders at the Profound Master realm and half the elite core disciples had been killed. Inside the hunting contest grounds, Luo Tian had used the Myriad Thunder Roar to instantly kill many outer sect disciples as well. All this added up had caused the Luo family to enter a state of crisis.

The current Luo family can be described as having many problems present without a fix.

Luo Tian was actually just an otaku who had no abilities to manage an entire clan. Not to mention he had no plans of staying in the Jade Mountain City once he became stronger.

But since he had become the Patriarch, he will still dedicate his time and effort to strengthen the family while he lacked the power to leave the city for now.


“Reporting to the Patriarch: The Zhou family and the Zhu family have brought a lot of people with them and are coming towards the Luo family. They have almost reached our main entrance!”

Luo Tian’s eyebrows tightened, “They want to come here to provoke us?”

At this time, any of the four major families could exterminate the Luo family. All of a sudden, two major families were heading towards them? It looks like they want to declare war!


¹ – In case you readers aren’t aware, there’s a Japanese subculture where people love those older women (18-35 years old) who are considered mature and sexy big sisters.

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