Undefeatable – Ch65

Chapter 65 – I’m Being Arrogant?

Once Luo Jianshan died, the Zhou and Zhu families immediately brought a large group of people here. This was obviously them wanting to start a provocation!

The Luo family’s main entrance.

Two Luo family disciples guarding the main entrance had foreheads covered in cold sweat. They were blocking the main entrance and with voices without any confidence: “These two Patriarchs, without the order from our family’s master, we can’t just let you go in like that.”

“Oi, oi.”

“When did mere watchdogs of the Luo family become so arrogant?”

“Could it be that you two don’t know who we are?” The burly and thick eye browed Zhou Aoran shouted conceitedly.

As he was saying that, he was also releasing his oppressive might causing the two disciples guarding the main entrance to pale in the face. Their bodies also couldn’t handle the pressure and ended up slightly bent over.

The surrounding crowd started laughing in ridicule.

“If we don’t show them what we’re made of, they’d probably think we’re easy pushovers or something!”

“Luo Jianshan has already died so what qualifications does the Luo family have to maintain their arrogance?”

“Elder Zhou, just go ahead and kill them. We’ll also demonstrate to that Luo something Tian the Zhou family’s powerful might.”

Zhou Tairan was standing off to the side in contempt without stopping the actions of Zhou Aoran.

Since the Zhou family already made a move, the Zhu family didn’t want to look weak.

A young disciple from the Zhu family stepped up and raised his right leg. His foot rested on one of the Luo family disciples chin before pushing him against the wall. The Zhu family disciple then sneered: “Even if Luo Jianshan was still alive, he wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous in front of us. Since you two little watchdogs dare to act like this, looks like you’re tired of living!”

Once Luo Jianshan died, the Luo family had become something like a soft persimmon.

Moreover, apart from Luo Jianshan dying, the Luo family also lost two elders and over half of their elite disciples. The current strength of the Luo family wasn’t even considered a second-rate clan in the Jade Mountain City anymore.

Since the talented ones have dwindled, there was no more support left.

Can relying on a sixteen year old Luo Tian be enough to support such a large Luo family?

No one in the Jade Mountain City would believe this was possible.

The Luo family had an internal strife resulting in heavy casualties, creating a perfect chance for the three major families. Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong happened to come to the same conclusion and joined hands. They originally wanted to invite the Song family as well but were refused by Song Yannan.

This was even better.

For such a delicious big cake, the less people being split amongst, the better.

Secretly, both Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong were grinning from ear to ear and calling Song Yannan a big dumbass.

Of course…

Who were the true dumbassess, eventually… hoho!

They gathered all their elites and quickly rushed towards the Luo family.

Of course…

These people all needed face and didn’t want to be labeled any bad names, that’s why they had to find a legitimate reason.

The disciples guarding the main entrance had their minds and sea of consciousness oppressed.

Their bodies were forced back by someone.

It was extremely uncomfortable for them but one of them still struggled to say: “With… without…. without the consent of the Patriarch, no one is allowed to take a single step into the Luo family grounds.”

The other disciple crawled up back on his feet by using the wall as support. His facial expression was like steel as he used all his strength to loudly shout: “Without the Patriarch’s consent, none of you should think of taking even half a step into the Luo family!”

There was a hint of madness in his voice!

These two guarding the main entrance happened to follow Luo Tian during the hunting contest so they too had an unruly arrogance in them. When facing the Patriarch’s of the two other major families, they still acted this way.

“F*ck their granny!”

“Two watchdogs dare to be this crazy; this daddy wants to see how arrogant you can still be!” Zhou Aoran’s face sank as he took a step forward.


The floor tile under his foot cracked.

Immediately after…

The momentum in his body exploded out as his right palm swept out.


The sound of space splitting apart was heard as the power of a Profound Master swept by.

There were no changes in the expression of the disciple guarding the main entrance. His body squatted into a horse stance to stabilize his center of gravity. He was actually planning on taking the palm strike head on.

“Has he gone nuts?”

“With his Profound Pupil 4th rank cultivation, he wants to resist Elder Zhou’s attack?”

“To think that other than Luo Tian going crazy, even his subordinates have gone crazy too. Hahaha…”

The surrounding crowd started laughing madly.

The face of the disciple still being held against the wall turned grim as he cursed out: “You dare to curse my Patriarch? F*ck your entire f*cking family!”

“You’re courting death!”

The right palm extended out and landed.


A red palm print; cheeks swelling, and several teeth fell out. The power behind this slap was quite powerful. When dealing with a disciple at the Profound Pupil realm, was it really necessary to use this kind of force?

This was a deliberate insult!

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”

Two gentle breezes blew out from inside the Luo family’s main entrance.

“Those that touch my brothers, die!”

With the sound of the cold roar was killing intent that shot to the skies. Accompanying behind the gentle breeze was followed by a powerful tsunami!

The expression on Zhou Aoran’s face greatly changed.

Without time for him to react, a pair of red fists slammed out from the void.


The previous over the top arrogant face was directly smashed into a pulp and the entire body flew off. The body then landed in the middle of the street a laid motionless there like road kill.

The fist wind dissipated and the gentle breeze came to a stop.

A person’s figure stood at the center with eyes filled with anger and killing intent.

“Luo Tian, you truly have guts! You dare to sneak attack an elder of the Zhou family?”

“Too insolent!”

“You’re courting death!”

People of the Zhou family all started cursing in anger.

Luo Tian turned a deaf ear to their curses and coldly said: “This daddy doesn’t have time for you guys.”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian turned to look at the Luo family disciple that was still being held against the wall. Luo Tian’s eyebrows scrunched up as his Profound Master 4th rank power exploded forth into a formless pressure.


That Zhu family’s disciple felt like a mountain had descended onto him and flattening him to the ground. His current facial expression was as ugly as it could get.

Luo Tian had a chilly expression as he asked the disciple guarding the entrance: “How many times did he slap you?”

“Once.” Replied the disciple.

Luo Tian then calmly said: “Pay him back a hundred slaps, and it doesn’t matter if you cripple or kill him. As long as anyone dares to move against you, I will immediately kill him!”

“Thank you Patriarch.” The disciple responsible for guarding the entrance smiled before condensing his strength and viciously slapping with his right hand.


That Zhu family’s disciple was completely pressured by Luo Tian’s power so not to mention reacting, he couldn’t even move.

“Luo Tian, stop acting so arrogantly!” Zhu Yaofeng roared as he took one step out.

All the Zhu family disciples started shuffling forward surrounding the main entrance.

That disciple guarding the entrance slightly hesitated.

“Don’t stop. With me around, if they dare to make a move… heh heh.” Luo Tian picked his ears and sat down right on the threshold of the main entrance. His lips curved into a sneer, “Arrogant? Am I really acting that arrogant?”

“People are causing a ruckus in front of my home and I’m being arrogant?”


“My brother was shoved against my own family’s wall and I’m being arrogant?”


“A great elder of the Zhou family bullied a little disciple responsible for guarding the entrance and I’m being arrogant?”


“When compared to you guys, how can I be considered arrogant?”


Each sentence was said calmly as if without a trace of anger.

But the aura from Luo Tian’s body was like waves from a storm completely filled with killing intent. Just like he said before: Whoever dares to take another step forward will be instantly killed!

Also after each of Luo Tian’s sentence, that disciple guarding the entrance would slap out.

The two of them coordinated with each other rather well.

This scene was absolutely filled with a chaotic mess of arrogance and awesomeness!


A powerful and vigorous pressure sprung forth and the crowd naturally parted ways.

Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong had cold frosty faces as they walked forth one step at a time. Two pairs of eyes were glaring at Luo Tian at the threshold of the main entrance.

Their killing intent was rising up!

It was also at this time that Feng Lei rushed over with the entire clan filled with murderous intent!

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