Undefeatable – Ch66

Chapter 66 – The Inter-Family Competition

The current atmosphere was like swords unsheathed and bows drawn, a complete powder keg about to blow.

The oppressive pressure Luo Tian gave off had been shattered.

Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong were both experts at the Profound Master 9th rank. The pressure of those two had instantly destroyed the pressure Luo Tian was giving off.

Both of Luo Tian’s mind and sea of consciousness sank.

It was a bit uncomfortable for him but still bearable.

Luo Tian’s formless pressure collapsed, and that Zhu family disciple that had been slapped dozens of times by the disciple guarding the entrance immediately showed an alert expression on his face. He rolled out of the way, down the steps and quickly sprung back up onto his feet. He then rushed back up yelling: “This daddy is going to kill you!”

The guarding disciple’s face changed but didn’t show any fear as he shouted: “Come if you have the guts!”

“Good amount of craziness!”

“You’re indeed a member of my Luo family!” Luo Tian loudly praised.

When it’s the time to go crazy, then one must do it to their heart’s content.

How can they still live in the Jade Mountain City if they were bullied at their own front door?

The Luo family had suffered heavy internal losses and they should be acting low-key during this time. But Luo Tian wasn’t someone that would do this.

There’s a saying that kind people will be bullied by others and kind horses will be ridden by people.

If they endured through things today, tomorrow those beasts will come again to cause trouble.

They couldn’t give in. Fight when they had to, and kill when they had to. Don’t let anyone look down on them!

Luo Tian’s attitude was extremely unyielding which was beyond the expectation of the Zhou and Zhu family. They thought Luo Tian would be afraid of going against them head on and never imagined he would start beating up people upon showing up.

Zhu Yaozong’s expression turned grim as he yelled: “Zhu Chong, stand back!”

Zhu Chong’s face was bruised like a pig’s head. He then angrily said while in pain: “Uncle Patriarch, there’s no way I’m going to spare him today…”

“Stand back first, I will take care of it.” Zhu Yaozong said in contemplation.

An elder of the Zhu family immediately stepped forward to support Zhu Chong before whispering some words of comfort to him.

“Who’s the motherf*cker that dares to bully my brother?”

“F*cking hell, they dare to bully my brother? Watch how this daddy plays him to death!”

Feng Lei shot forth like a cannon as he swept his eyes past the crowd. His burly body came to a stop and an aura of a wild beast exploded out from him.

The image of him gave everyone present a strong sense of visual impact.

Even those with higher cultivation levels than Feng Lei felt a chill in their hearts and a faint trace of fear starting to form.

Feng Lei glared with wide eyes and loudly said: “Whoever it was that bullied my brother, I dare you to stand out in front of this daddy! Watch how I’ll beat the shit out of you!”


Zhu Yaozong coldly humphed before glaring at Luo Tian. He then coldly asked: “Is this the way how your Luo family treats their guests?”

Luo Tian stood up and walked forward.

Feng Lei immediately retreated and stood next to Luo Tian. His eyes were sweeping back and forth at the crowd as he carefully prepared himself.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “When we deal with guests, we would of course welcome them with applause. But for those mad dogs that come running to our door bright and early in the morning, they will be met with our fists!”

“Who did you say were mad dogs?!” Someone in the crowd shouted.

“Whoever responds is the mad dog.” Luo Tian replied with a smile.

The muscles on the corner of Zhu Yaozong’s eyes started twitching as he said with disdain: “You’re already acting so arrogantly when you’ve just ascended the Patriarch’s position… have you thought about the fate of your Luo family at all?”

Zhou Tairan also took a step forward and released his pressure. He then shouted: “Even if your father was still alive, he would treat us with a polite attitude. A kid like you that still reeks of their mother’s milk dares to act crazy in front of us? Do you really think you’re something special?”

Both their eyes were filled with killing intent.

They both released their oppressive pressure that weighed down on Luo Tian’s mind.

With two forms of pressure, the power was as heavy as a mountain.

Luo Tian was internally resisting with all his strength while flames of anger were raging in his heart. He really hated being suppressed by the oppressive pressure and this scene was pissing him off to no ends.

With his spirit, mind, and sea of consciousness being pressured by a large mountain, it was annoying the hell out of him to the max.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Luo family really couldn’t afford to go through anymore trouble, he would of already punched the old wrinkly face of Zhu Yaozong.

For the Luo family and for his brothers, Luo Tian had to endure this for now.

Luo Tian didn’t reveal any emotions on his face and asked: “You guys didn’t come here early in the morning just to say these things right?”

With two forms of pressure, Luo Tian’s expression still looked rather casual. Zhu Yaozong was a bit surprised before saying: “Naturally there’s a reason why we came here to the Luo family.”

Zhou Tairan followed up by saying: “The Zhou family and the Zhu family intends to hold an Inter-Family competition…”

“Not interested.”

Luo Tian didn’t even think about it and refused it.

What dog fart competition? Weren’t they just taking advantage of the Luo family when they knew they were low on talents right now?

They want to use this competition to give the Luo family another blow?

Even if Luo Tian thought with his toes, he already knew what these guys were up to. Was this many people needed to just send them an invitation to the Inter-Family competition?

Of course…

If Luo Tian wasn’t a tough cookie to crack, then there wouldn’t be any so called Inter-Family competition. Those guys would directly force the Luo family to hand over a portion of their territories.

With Luo Tian’s tough attitude, there’s no way he would hand over territories of the Luo family without a fight.

If they were to forcefully take it, the Zhou and Zhu family will definitely suffer some losses.

This will allow the third party Song family to gain all the benefits without doing a thing.

There’s no way these two old guys will allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

That’s why there’s a so called Inter-Family competition

The current Luo family was unstable and there was less than half of the original amount of elite disciples. Just suffering a bit more losses and they will probably collapse on top of themselves.

By then, the Luo family’s territories will belong to the Zhou and Zhu family.

But they never expected Luo Tian to reject it without even thinking about it first.

The faces of Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong secretly darkened as they glanced at each other. Zhu Yaozong then smiled in contempt, “Is the Luo family scared?”

Zhou Tairan immediately went along by saying: “It’s not that the Luo family is scared, it’s probably him that’s scared.”

Trying to incite me?

Luo Tian started coldly laughing in his heart. You old fogeys want to incite me with such a simplistic move? This daddy’s not going to fall for it.

Luo Tian lightly smiled, “If you two don’t have anything else, please return. As for the Inter something family competition, we’re not interested so you two can compete with each other. At that time, I will definitely show up cheer you guys on.”

After saying that, Luo Tian turned around to leave.

Zhu Yaozong and Zhou Tairan glanced at each other with a frown.

Zhou Tairan took a single heavy step out as he released his thick and powerful profound energy. He then roared: “Since Patriarch Luo isn’t participating in the competition, then we shall have a good discussion about our Zhou family’s elder being beaten!”

“Are the Zhou family disciples present?!”


Nearly a hundred Zhou family disciples shouted in reply as the rushed up filled with killing intent.

Zhu Yaozong also roared out: “Our Zhu family’s disciple was beaten so we too need to account for this. Where are the Zhu family disciples?!”


The Zhu family’s disciples also ran up in unison.

Zhu Yaozong shouted: “A Zhu family disciple was beaten so what should we do?”

“Return unto them tenfold!”


The Luo family’s main entrance was so packed that water wouldn’t be able to seep through.

The atmosphere was like a taut string.

This was the last resort.

If Luo Tian didn’t comply, they could only fight it out.

There will be losses but if they didn’t fight now, they would miss this great opportunity once the Luo family rebuilds themselves. Wanting to eradicate the Luo family then would be next to impossible.

Regardless of what Luo Tian chooses, there’s no way he could escape the fate of the Luo family being destroyed!

If he doesn’t participate, they will fight immediately. The Zhou and Zhu family elites were present so there’s no way the Luo family could resist them.

If he participates in the competition, those two families will definitely join hands to take down the Luo family. Whichever Luo family disciples that steps onto the stage will definitely die one at a time. By that time, they whole family would lose morale and will eventually lead to their own demise.

With eyes like torches, the Luo family disciples also rushed up together and stood behind Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s fiery rage rose up as he released a chilled killing intent. He then coldly said: “Looks like we don’t have a choice?”

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