Undefeatable – Ch67

Chapter 67 – Want To Play? Then Let’s Play Even Bigger!

If he doesn’t participate, they’ll fight right away!

This was directly forcing Luo Tian to his death.

Zhu Yaozong revealed a proud expression and said: “You never had a choice to begin with.”

Zhou Tairan coldly laughed.

The surrounding disciples of the two families were prepared to go. Once the order is relayed, they would rush into the Luo family like a tidal wave.

There’s no way the current Luo family can resist them!

“Patriarch, let’s just fight it out with them!”

“That’s right, they’re acting too arrogant. I have never seen such bullying in my entire life before.”

“They are still considered major families in the Jade Mountain City yet who would’ve thought they would force us to participate in some sort of inter-family competition? I doubt they have any kind intentions behind it, right?”

“Boss, let’s fight! We aren’t scared; the worst thing is that we’ll die!”

The blood of all the disciples was boiling hot right now.

They were all still young, exactly the age where they all felt they were invincible. There’s no way they would tolerate being bullied by others to this degree.

It was exactly as one of them said – the worst thing is they’ll die!

Death, there’s nothing to fear about it.

But sending themselves to a meaningless death was a waste of life.

Since Luo Tian was the head of the family, and happened to be the youngest Patriarch in history, he couldn’t just ignore the future of the Luo family and his hot blooded brothers.

Once they openly go to war, all his brothers would probably die.

Luo Tian’s eyebrows wrinkled up as clenched his fists on and off inside his sleeves. Back then, Luo Jianshan had already forced him into a difficult position. He never imagined that after getting rid of Luo Jianshan, he would now be forced into another difficult position by the Zhou and Zhu family. This feeling completely irritated the hell out of him.

When will this ever end?


Luo Tian’s mindset changed as the killing intent coming out of him became more powerful.

Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong still had a cold smile on their faces as they awaited Luo Tian’s reply.

No matter what response Luo Tian had, they will definite swallow the Luo family up.

Zhu Yaozong was impatient and asked: “Luo Tian, have you decided if your Luo family is going to participate or not?”

“Hurry up and give us a response since our patience wears thin.”

“Hurry up!”

“Cut the bullshit chatter with them and just directly destroy the Luo family!”

“Don’t say we didn’t give you a chance. We gave you some choices so choose wisely, or else you might regret it later.”

“I really don’t know why the Luo family would allow a piece of trash to become the patriarch. Did the rest of the capable people in the Luo family all die?”


The disciples of the Zhou and Zhu family loudly mocked.

All the Luo family disciples had eyes as wide as lanterns as they glared with fury.

Luo Tian’s anger burned lividly as he took a step forth. He then roared: “Damn your granny, this daddy doesn’t believe he can’t f*ck you guys up…”

“Oi oi.”

“It’s so lively here. Our Jade Mountain City’s three major families are present so how can such a lively atmosphere be missing my Song family?”

Just as Luo Tian was about to go on a rampage, Song Yannan arrived with the elite disciples of his Song family.

The arrival was perfect timing.

Just a second late and Luo Tian’s fists would probably have bombarded out already.

The expressions of Zhu Yaozong and Zhou Tairan became stern, but Zhou Tairan faintly smiled: “Patriarch Song came just in time. This kid committed avunculicide by killing his three uncles: Luo Jianshan, Luo Xiaoshan, and Luo Changshan. If we elders don’t teach this unfilial kid a lesson, I’m afraid that Jianshan’s spirit wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.”

The Song family had arrived as well.

The Jade Mountain City’s four major families were all present.

The expression of the Luo family disciples was inwardly shocked. If the Song family were to join the Zhou and Zhu family, even if the Luo family’s elite disciples along with the elders hadn’t died, there’s no way they could resist these three families.

Zhu Yaozong also faintly smiled and said: “We cannot let the Luo family be destroyed by this trash, and we cannot let brother Jianshan die with regret.”

These two sounded like they were singing a duet with each other as they shoved a large hypothetical bucket of shit onto Luo Tian’s face with a smile.

Song Yannan walked up and smiled: “When I was still far away, I heard you guys were going to hold an inter-family competition. You’re inviting me as well, right?”



Zhou Tairan glanced at him with a slight startelement before laughing unnaturally. “We were going to inform Patriarch Song about this after it was settled but didn’t expect this kid to not give us any face.”

“It is fine if he didn’t give us any face but he even beat up some of my people.”

“He dared to hurt an elder of my Zhou family right in front of me. Patriarch Song, don’t you think that I should teach this kid the rules of being a decent human being?”

Zhou Tairan started smiling evilly.

Song Yannan made a slight frown before saying to Luo Tian: “Patriarch Luo, beating up people is indeed wrong. As one of the four major families in the Jade Mountain City, the Luo family cannot refuse an invitation to the inter-family competition. If you do, that is considered completely disregarding the face of the Zhou and Zhu family. Listen to my advice and just bring the Luo family disciples to the competition.”


Luo Tian looked at Song Yannan as his thoughts were running in fast forward mode.

He owed the Song family a favor.

But it was him personally owing it and not the Luo family.

What was Song Yannan’s hidden intent of having him participate?

Luo Tian had to think this through at all angles. A single decision by him right now could utterly destroy the entire Luo family.

While Luo Tian was still hesitating in thought, Song Yanqun came forth and grinned: “Little brother Luo, just participate. You never know but this competition might make the entire Jade Mountain City recognize the strength of the Luo family.”

The lips of the Zhou and Zhu family patriarchs also curved into a smile.

Luo Tian had a serious expression as he faintly said: “Fine, we will participate. But…”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish speaking, the disciples of the Zhu and Zhou family started becoming rowdy.

“That’s more like it.”

“Should’ve agreed earlier.”

“It’s best if you know what’s good for you.”

Zhou Tairan gave a satisfied smile and said: “Patriarch Luo, you’ve made the correct choice. Hahaha…”

“That’s right.”

“The inter-family competition is for the disciples to learn from each other. It can raise their cultivation and their comprehension of their martial skills. This can be considered a rare training experience for them.” Said Zhu Yaozong with a conceited smile.

The real dialogue inside those two went something like this: “You’ve finally agreed to participate. Watch how I’ll deprive your Luo family of even more elites! So what if you, Luo Tian, are able to grow even stronger? Can a single person hold up an entire clan? Stop dreaming!”

Their evil scheme had succeeded.

Those two were ecstatic inside their hearts but their facial expression remained calm.

Luo Tian had a slight sneer before it changed to a cold smile. He then loudly said: “But since you guys want to play, we should play even bigger!”

Zhou Tairan was slightly startled as he asked: “Play bigger? How should we play?”

Luo Tian continued: “Don’t you people want the territories of my Luo family? How about we use them as gambling stakes?”


Zhu Yaozong almost laughed out loud. Was this Luo Tian retarded?

Was he seeking his own death by gambling with them?

Zhou Tairan was holding down his excitement as he asked: “What do you think Patriarch Song?”

Song Yannan hesitated for a bit before replying: “Since everyone is interested, then this one doesn’t want damper everyone’s joy.”


“Then we’ll bet on it!”

Luo Tian then immediately said: “The Luo family suffered a huge disruption so for a short time, we aren’t able to send any disciples to participate. The competition will be set for a year later.”

“No way!”

“No way!”

Zhou Tairan and Zhu Yaozong both yelled in unison.

One year’s time was enough for the Luo family to recover their strength. They weren’t idiots so how could they allow Luo Tian to push the competition to one year later?

This was impossible.”

“One year’s time is too long.”

“Then we’ll do ten months.”

“You can wait that long but we cannot.”

“Then how long do you guys propose?”

“Let’s do it in one month’s time!”

“Fine, that’s settled! It’ll be in one month’s time.” Luo Tian was actually happy because he can do a lot of things in one month.

What the Luo family lacked right now was time.

With one month of time, he was planning on molding the Luo family into a powerful steel column existence!

Just wait for it!

Watch how this daddy makes you guys lose so much that you can’t even protect your own asses!

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