Undefeatable – Ch68

Chapter 68 – To Cripple Or Kill

The crowd dispersed.

The Luo family was plagued by an emotional dark shadow.

They had no choice but to participate in the inter-family competition amongst the four major families.

Luo Tian had no other choices.

One month’s time was extremely short for a martial artist. It was so short that nothing much would change and their cultivation level would barely see any increase.


What were they going to compete with?

The current Luo family barely had any disciples qualified to get on the stage. If what left of these people were to suffer any accidents, then the Luo family will definitely be at the brink of destruction.

Many people in the Luo family started questioning the decision that was made.

No matter what, he was just a sixteen year old so he was still considered a child in the eyes of many people. It was because of that, that many people didn’t accept his leadership.

Luo Tian had just taken over the Luo family. If he didn’t want people to question his authority, then he had to display his strength. This inter-family competition could be considered an opportunity for him to settle this issue.

If he were able to win this competition, then no one in the Luo family will ever question his authority.

Inside the main hall.

Everyone was frowning with an anxious look without saying a word.

Luo Tian had an indifferent expression as he was thinking of many methods to increase their strength.

He was completely clueless when it came to cultivation. Whether it was perceiving the profound energy of heaven and earth, or comprehending the esoterics of a martial skill, he was completely ignorant of it.

His cultivation method was to kill people and monsters. If the Luo family disciples were the same as him, he only had to bring a group of them into the Ghostly Mountain Range for a training session.

“The Ghostly Mountain Range?”


Realizing how the inter-family competition in one month’s time was going to turnout, Luo Tian’s heart skipped a beat as he said to himself: “Those two Zhou and Zhu families are definitely going to go for killing blows. It’s going to be either life or death on top of the stage. Rather than have them increase their cultivation level by a tiny bit, I might as well let them experience a trial of life and death. When one fights with all they have between the line of life and death, this will allow them to calmly face the oncoming challenge.”

Walking the fine line between life and death.

The experience of traversing the path of life and death will greatly improve a person’s heart and mind.

It’s fine if they don’t make a move, but once they do, the only outcome will only be death!

“Cough, cough~…”

Luo Tian cleared his throat and said: “Uncle Kunshan, please choose ten disciples that are either strong in cultivation, mental will, or that they have a lot of talent.”

Luo Kunshan replied: “Yes Patriarch, but what are you going to do with them?”

Luo Tian then said: “You can tell them that this will be a life and death training. I will be placing them in the Ghostly Mountain Range but I don’t need them to kill any demonic beasts, they only have to survive for a certain amount of time. If there are people unwilling to go through the training, there’s no need to force them. I, Luo Tian, will never force anyone to do something against their will.”

“The Ghostly Mountain Range?”

“Patriarch, this…”

Everyone was startled.

The Ghostly Mountain Range was extremely dangerous with the rampant demonic beasts. Putting the elite disciples of the Luo family there… wouldn’t that be equivalent of sending them to their deaths?

The elite disciples of the Luo family are like budding flowers that needed careful nurturing. How could they treat them like that?

The people inside the main hall couldn’t understand what was going on.

Feng Lei was scratching his head and asked: “Boss, the Ghostly Mountain Range is extremely dangerous. Having them go there to train is basically sending them to their deaths right?”

Luo Tian replied: “One month’s time is too short; wanting them to have big breakthroughs in their cultivation is simply impossible. As long as they go through a trial of life and death, their hearts will naturally be different from before. And their fighting capability on the stage will be greatly increased by this trial.”

Some of the people here were still concerned after hearing Luo Tian’s explanation. What if they all perish in the Ghostly Mountain Range?

“Uncle Kunshan, you must make it clear that they have a choice to opt out of it and won’t be forced. Feng Lei and I will lead the training group while you and Uncle Yushan will manger the affairs of the Luo family.”

“Back then, only disciples with contributions were allowed to enter the Library Pavilion. Now it will be free to all.”

“Also, all our Luo family’s supply of Foundation Building pills and similar ones will be given out. Right now, we have to tackle the inter-family competition with all we’ve got.”

Let’s do this on an epic scale!

Since they were going to participate, they’ll put everything on the line!

Those two Zhou and Zhu families have to be crippled or killed!

The Library Pavilion was to be opened to everyone and pills will be dispensed to all. Such a thing has never happened to the Luo family before.

There were some Luo family disciples that were still practicing martial skills bought from the street markets. There were also some Luo family disciples that have never seen a medicinal pill in their entire lives. A lot of them will feel their blood starting to boil because of Luo Tian’s action!

The hearts of the people will be moved!



Outside the main hall, a Luo family disciple quickly rushed in.

“Reporting to the Patriarch, the Song family had someone deliver a large chest.”


“Little brother Luo, this old brother has come to see you.” Song Yanqun grinned as he walked over. Behind him were four Song family disciples carrying a large chest.

Luo Tian quickly walked forth and smiled in greeting: “I heartwarmingly welcome you here.”

Song Yanqun waved his hand and said: “This is a small present my elder brother has sent to little brother Luo.”

After saying that, the chest was opened and a bunch of glittery weapons were seen.

There were all Grade 1 weapons!

There were over thirty of them with a value of over ten thousand taels of gold!

Good weapons were exactly what the Luo family was currently lacking. With these Grade 1 weapons, the overall strength of the Luo family would definitely rise up to another level. The Song family was basically sending coal to them during a snowstorm. Luo Tian was extremely grateful inside his heart so he owed the Song family another huge favor!

Luo Tian cupped his fists and said: “I won’t be polite then so many thanks to Patriarch Song. Please tell Patriarch Song when you return that Luo Tian gratefully accepts this generous gift. I won’t continue droning on with thankful words but when the chance comes, I will definitely repay this favor with my utmost ability!”

Song Yanqun laughed out heartedly and said: “Little brother Luo is too polite. I’m not going to bother you further so once the inter-family competitions are over, I will come again and have a good drinking session with you.”

Luo Tian then said: “At that same, I will definitely treat you to the best alcohol.”

This time he will definitely cripple or kill them!

Zhou family.


“The Song family actually sent them a bunch of Grade 1 weapons for free? What is Song Yannan planning?” Zhou Tairan was startled by the news but then his lips curved into a cold smile. “Oh Song Yannan, Song Yannan… you crafty millennial fox. From my point of view, you will soon become a dead crafty fox. Hahaha…”

“Elder brother, it’s obvious that the Song family is planning to form an alliance with the Luo family.”

“Did Song Yannan’s brains become fried? Why would he form an alliance with the Luo family that’s about to be destroyed?”

“Song Yannan has been brilliant his whole life but suddenly made confused choice now. This time he definitely made a huge blunder.”

“Elder brother, this time is our chance. The chance to occupy the entire Jade Mountain City in one fell swoop!”

Zhou Tairan laughed excitedly: “It’s good that the Song family is participating since we can use this opportunity to suppress them as well. Once we take over all the territories from the Luo family, that’s when we can focus all our effort on dealing with the Song family. By that time… the entire Jade Mountain City will belong to my Zhou family! Hahaha…”

All the Zhou family members present had excited looks on their faces as they laughed out conceitedly. It was as if they could already see their Zhou family solely ruling over Jade Mountain City.

Zhu family.

When Zhu Yaozong received the news that the Song family had gifted a bunch of Grade 1 weapons to the Luo family, he too was startled before coldly laughing.

Looking outside of the main hall and at the darkening sky, Zhu Yaozong rested his hands behind his back with a conceited expression that was difficult to mask.

A while later…

Zhu Yaozong asked: “Old Three, how long before Changfeng comes back?”

Zhu Yaozhu smiled, “About ten more days. I received a letter yesterday and Changfeng said he will be bringing back two apprentice brothers with him.”


“Changfeng as indeed not let me down.”

“It was worth our Zhu family grooming him all these years.” Zhu Yaozong had an excited look on his face as he softly spoke to himself: “The entire Jade Mountain City will soon belong to my Zhu family, hahaha…”

Zhu Changfeng used to be a super genius in the Jade Mountain City, an existence that no one in his generation could compare to. Five years ago, he had quietly entered the Azure Cloud Sect.

The Zhu family had told the outside world that Zhu Changfeng had left and went off towards an unknown direction.

This was the Zhu family’s hidden super ace. Zhu Yaozong had decided to use him at this critical and opportunistic time.

With the Azure Cloud Sect as their backing, who else was capable of being the opponent of the Zhu family?

In a certain courtyard of the Zhu family.

Zhu Mei was ecstatic as she said to herself: “Big brother is coming back? He’s coming back soon? Luo Tian… Luo Tian you damn piece of trash, your doomsday will soon be here!”

She was quite depressed these past two days but now her smile was like a flower blooming!

“This time you will die no matter what!”

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