Undefeatable – Ch69

Chapter 69 – The Huge Present From That Girl Xue’er

Night time. The Luo family’s martial training ground was brightly lit.

Luo Tian was standing on the stage of the training grounds. He looked at the ten carefully selected disciples with eyes as large as lanterns staring back up at him. Luo Tian cleared his throat before saying: “I would like to first thank you all for being here. Secondly, I am giving you all the last opportunity to reconsider what we’re doing. We will be entering into the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range which is much more dangerous than the outer periphery. You guys can still quit right now and I won’t stop you.”

In the outer periphery, demonic beasts usually wouldn’t be stronger than rank 3. Rank 4 demonic beasts were extremely rare so there was no need to even mention rank 5 ones.

This was also something that troubled Luo Tian.

The experience from low ranked demonic beasts couldn’t satisfy him anymore.

The current him required several hundreds of thousands of experience to level up. Relying on a few hundred points each time was way too slow, so he had to find a better leveling place.


The degree of damage to his three iron puppet soldiers were at sixty percent now. He wouldn’t be able to use them for much longer before they became scrap metal. These puppets were experience machines to him so he couldn’t allow them to break down.

There’s also the issue with Feng Lei.

Without blood essence, that damn fatty wouldn’t be able to increase his cultivation. And that vicious looking beast on his head looked like it had shriveled up, like it had starved to the point that it couldn’t walk.

Fatty Lei’s potential and talent were unfathomable.

The most important point was Feng Lei was similar to him, their cultivation breakthroughs were unorthodox paths.

He was Luo Tian’s ace for this inter-family competition.

Fatty Lei’s potential had been suppressed all this time so Luo Tian was looking forward to the day that it explodes forth. That day will definitely be a day of Armageddon like proportions!

This was beyond a doubt!

“Boss, we aren’t going to quit.”

“That’s right! Those two Zhou and Zhu families have gone too far! I will definitely make a breakthrough this time and by then, I’ll beat them to the point that they won’t know which direction is north. Let’s see if those two families will have any face left!

“Boss, we aren’t afraid of death. So what if it’s the Ghostly Mountain Range?”

The expressions of those ten people were like steel as their eyes showed their tough and unwavering determination.

Something that was worth mentioning…

Out of the ten people, six were outer sect disciples while only four were core disciples. Their cultivation levels were all around the Profound Pupil 5th and 6th rank.

Their cultivation levels were really low.

It was basically death if they went against those at the Profound Master realm.

Luo Tian didn’t care about that since what he wanted were those with a strong will. Even if they were stronger, if they didn’t have the mentality of “either you die or I die” that’s able to make one fight above their levels, they would still be useless on the stage.

In the street brawls of planet Earth, there’s a saying that: “Normal people feared dummies, dummies feared crazy people, and crazy people feared those that didn’t fear death.”

It was one’s life versus another’s life while on top of the stage. Even if their cultivation wasn’t as good as their opponents, their dominating momentum can overwhelm everything!

If one doesn’t experience the trial of death during their growth, how can they fight with their life on the line?

This was Luo Tian’s reasoning and goal for bringing them into the Ghostly Mountain Range!

Luo Tian faintly smiled before loudly saying: “Good! No matter if you guys manage to come back alive or not, your actions today will be forever written into the history of the Luo family!”

Ten people entering the Ghostly Mountain Range for a month for a life or death training… who knows what would happen in a month’s time?

Luo Tian was looking forward to it.

Luo Tian turned around and walked towards Luo Kunshan before saying: “Uncle Kunshan, I will leave the matters of the Luo family to you. Since I’m not here, you will have to put up with any problems the best you can. If our family happens to experience a crisis, you can seek help from the Song family since they are definitely on our side.”

Luo Tian was extremely worried.

He was worried that the minute he wasn’t around, the Zhou and Zhu family might use secret attacks or even find an excuse to openly go to war with them.

Luo Kunshan replied in a serious manner: “Don’t worry Patriarch, even if it takes this old life, I will definitely protect the Luo family.”

Luo Kunshan was quite emotional.

No one has ever looked up and depended on him like this before. He vowed to himself that he had to protect the Luo family even if it costs him his life!

Luo Tian nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Kunshan then.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian waved his hand and yelled out: “Let’s move out!”

Feng Lei grinned foolishly before throwing a super huge machete at 160 jins of weight onto his shoulder. He then yelled: “Fellow brothers, let’s move out!”


The ten roared out in reply before turning and filing out towards the Luo family’s main entrance.

Luo Tian watched their backs leaving and hiddenly clenched his fists. “Luo family, I’m depending on you guys!”

His gaze tightened as he quickly went to catch up with them.

The Luo family’s main entrance.

A shadow of a person was pacing back and forth. The torch light revealed a portion of her jade like skin and two strands of hair that hung on the side of her face. Her pure looking eyes showed a trace of worry as two little hands fidgeted with her clothes. She had an anxious look on her face and would occasionally stand on tippy toes to look inside the manor. Several times her foot would step in but then she would hesitate and stop herself.

Her mixed emotions and uncertainty was exactly like a little woman.


The sounds of footsteps were getting closer. Li Xue’er calmed her emotions and put on a faint smile that revealed her two shallow dimples. The Luo family disciples coming out of the manor were dumbfounded from that intoxicating smile of hers.

Her all white clothing made her look like a fairy.

A fairy with an otherworldly appearance!

She was so beautiful to the point of suffocating them.

“What are you guys looking at? Quickly greet sister-in-law.” Feng Lei glared at the disciples before foolishly running up with a fawning expression. “Greetings sister-in-law.”


The ten of them loudly yelled in unison.

Li Xue’er’s cheeks turned red as she glared at Feng Lei. She then pretended to be angry: “You damn fatty, watch how big brother Luo Tian takes care of you.”

But her heart was actually filled with sweetness.

Feng Lei scratched his head before looking at the disciple in the lead. He then smacked the back of the disciples head and yelled: “Quickly keep moving!”

Li Xue’er was simply too beautiful when she smiled.

Those disciples originally wanted to look a while longer but quickly ran off upon seeing the angry Feng Lei. They had experienced firsthand how strict this big brother fatty was before.

Luo Tian came up and gave a disheartened smile. “Hey girl, why did you come?”

Li Xue’er went up and grabbed Luo Tian’s arm and gently swung it. She pouted her little mouth and said in a coquettish voice: “Big brother Luo Tian, please bring me along. I promise that I won’t cause any trouble for you.”

She was like a little kitten.

This was simply a complete fatal attack to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it was scratched by a cat.

He really wanted to grab Li Xue’er and kiss her passionately right there on the spot, but he eventually managed to resist the urge.

He was afraid that the mysterious expert would silently appear again.

A burst of resentment resounded in his heart as Luo Tian recalled that night. If it weren’t for that mysterious expert, his virgin body would have been done away with already.

Resentment, super resentment!

Once this daddy becomes stronger, I’ll definitely teach that guy a lesson!

If it were back during his previous life, facing Li Xue’er this cute and coquettish lolita, he would honestly take her anywhere she desired.

He couldn’t muster up any resistance when dealing with Li Xue’er.

But it was different this time.

He was planning on entering the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range, and what if an accident occurs while bringing her along?

Even if the mysterious expert is around to rescue her, how strong were the demonic beasts in the Ghostly Mountain Range? What if he doesn’t save her in time? Luo Tian would definitely blame himself for his entire life.

Luo Tian gently patted Li Xue’er’s nose and smiled, “Silly girl, nothing will happen to me so just obediently stay in the Jade Mountain City and await my return.”

Li Xue’er wanted to keep pushing the discussion but held back her words. With an aggrieved look of a little woman, she then said: “Fine then. Big brother Luo Tian, you need to look after yourself and Xue’er will obediently wait here for your return.”

After saying that…

Li Xue’er took out a parcel from her spatial ring and giggled: “Big brother Luo Tian, this is a present for you.”

“A present? What sort of present?”

Luo Tian received the parcel and opened it, becoming completely dumbfounded!

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