Undefeatable – Ch70

Chapter 70 – Fellow Brothers, Just Release To Your Heart’s Content

In the middle of the night.

Including Luo Tian, there were twelve people standing in a line before the towering mountain range. With the terrifying soil of the Ghostly Mountain Range beneath their feet, they looked up at the dark forest that exuded the aura of those vicious demonic beasts. This was something that made people feel fear deep inside their souls.

From the depths of the forest, there would occasional howls that caused their hearts to skip a beat.

At all times, the Ghostly Mountain Range was a stage portraying death. And the law of the jungle was the most accurate portrayal for this place.

Luo Tian turned towards the eleven people and asked with a smile: “Are you guys afraid?”

Feng Lei was the first to reply: “What’s there to be afraid of? I cannot wait to go in there.”


Everyone started laughing.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at Feng Lei and said: “Shit man, you think everyone is as perverse as you? Devouring blood essence will automatically allow you to make breakthroughs? You probably can’t wait to go on a killing spree.”

Feng Lei scratched his head before grinning foolishly.

After arriving at the Ghostly Mountain Range, Feng Lei couldn’t force down the excitement in his heart. It was as if there was a bloodthirsty demon dwelling inside his body that couldn’t wait to absorb the blood essence of all those demonic beasts.

The notion of blood essences from demonic beasts made him extremely excited and beyond happy.

Just thinking that he could soon absorb some blood essence, Feng Lei had to swallow a few times just so the drool wouldn’t seep out.

“I’m scared!”

“I’m very scared.”

Luo Tian calmly said. “We could die inside there at any given moment. I fear death but I fear losing even more. Dying in the Ghostly Mountain Range is not scary but losing on the stage is.”

“Back then when I lost to a beggar, I was ridiculed for several years. The sounds of insult and humiliation filled by ears every day. You guys can imagine what kind emotions I have had to endure all that time.”

“Everyone has a time in their lives that they will lose, but it definitely cannot be this time!”

As that sentence ended, Luo Tian’s voice became serious: “This time we’re using the Luo family as our bet. If you guys lose, the Luo family’s name will be removed from the Jade Mountain City. You are all carrying the hope of the entire Luo family, so that’s why I’m hoping you guys will not let me down.”

The eyes of the ten disciples tightened as they clenched their fists a few times.

They were shouldering the future of the Luo family!

They definitely cannot lose!

Even if they were to die, they cannot lose!

Luo Tian took out eleven xuan stones from his spatial plaque that were shimmering a faint light. He then handed them over to Feng Lei and said: “Hand these out to them.”

“Xuan stones?”

“Patriarch…. these are xuan stones!”

“There’s… there’s… there’s that many xuan stones?”

The person who said this was a core disciple because the outer sect disciples had never seen what a xuan stone looked like. They only knew that xuan stones were extremely precious and required a hundred thousand gold in order to purchase one.


Everyone swallowed down their drool. Their hands were trembling and didn’t dare to receive it.

Xuan stones were simply too precious to them. This kind of item would never be their turn to utilize so how was it possible that they were each getting one right now?

The expression on Luo Tian’s face as he received the xuan stones from Li Xue’er was exactly like these guys right now.

That sister…

All these xuan stones were like cabbage as she gifted them away so easily. What on earth is the background behind Li Xue’er?

And she was quite happy when gifting them out as if it was nothing to her. She was completely treating these xuan stones like pieces of radishes or cabbages!

Luo Tian was immediately curious and asked why she would have so many xuan stones.

Li Xue’er only smiled mysteriously and said she won them.

The craziest part was that this was only a fraction of the stones, and she had saved a larger portion for herself. She said she had to use it to cultivate so she could catch up to Luo Tian, or else she would’ve gifted everything to him.

At that time…

Luo Tian’s mind only thought of one title – a fair skinned and wealthy beauty! ¹

Feng Lei first looked at Luo Tian while his heart was filled with excitement. But he then had a trace of unwillingness since in his opinion; such a good item should be only left for the boss to use.

Luo Tian glared at Feng Lei and yelled: “I told you to hand it out so just hand it out! Why are you hesitating?”


Feng Lei immediately replied before starting to hand out the stones. Each time he gave out a xuan stone, he felt like a piece of his flesh had been cut off making even his heart ache in pain.

After the xuan stones had been handed out, Luo Tian then said: “I’m sure everyone here knows how to use the xuan stone without me explaining it. Apart from this life and death training experience, you all can also increase your strength. Are there any further questions?”



Everyone roared in response. The respect and admiration they had for Luo Tian had now increased as well.

If it was back then, not even mentioning xuan stones, even good medicinal pills wouldn’t be their turn to utilize them.

They were all ecstatic inside their hearts. And at the same time, they secretly vowed they would absolutely support Luo Tian in the future and protect the Luo family with all they had.

This was how their will to battle had been aroused.

Luo Tian waved his hand and yelled out: “Enter the mountain!”


The ten disciples quickly rushed into the forest as if they were hungry wolves entering a pen of sheep.

The ten of them split up into different directions.

In order to fully experience the life and death trial, they had to personally face, resist, and fight in order to comprehend the true mean of life and death.

Feng Lei didn’t move and was standing behind Luo Tian.


“You damn fatty, you’re not planning on just following me right?” Said Luo Tian as he glared at Feng Lei.

Feng Lei scratched his head and smiled, “Boss, sister-in-law told me to carefully protect you.”


“You damn fatty, you want to take advantage by following me around and devouring blood essence without killing any demonic beasts? This time you can quit dreaming of tagging behind me.” Luo Tian kicked Feng Lei’s plump fat ass and continued: “This trial is to test your ability of surviving alone. If you just blindly follow me, it will be very difficult for you to breakthrough and grasp your own power. You are my trump card for this competition so if you let me down, I’m going to slice off all your fat meat one piece at a time!”

Feng Lei laughed in a silly manner and said: “Then I’ll be leaving now…?”


Feng Lei picked up his machete and stomped down. His fat body leapt off into the air agily and had disappeared within a few breaths of time.

Luo Tian had to loosen the reins.

It was time for Feng Lei to mature!

He was like a beast trapped inside a cage, and it was now time to let him loose in the mountain forest. This will allow him to release his inhibitions and go crazy to his desires.

The moment he returns will be the moment the entire world would be in an upheaval!

Everyone had left and the only person remaining was Luo Tian.

Luo Tian looked up into the starry sky. His lips curved into an excited smile as he said to himself: “Fellow brothers, just release to your heart’s content!”

“Just wait for this daddy you two damn Zhou and Zhu families! You dare to bully this daddy? This daddy will make you two pay an extremely heavy price for it!”

“The day I return is the day your two families will be destroyed!”

Immediately after…

A gentle breeze blew by and Luo Tian disappeared from the spot.

His Profound Master 4th rank strength was released, creating a surge of wind to sweep out into the surround area. Luo Tian quickly rushed towards the position where Megatron and the other two iron monsters were located at.


Jade Mountain City, the battle arena of the Violet organization.

In the middle of the arena, Li Xue’er was sitting there cross-legged.

Gathered above her head was a starlight.

The starlight was giving off a white holy light. Around her were over a dozen xuan stones that were also giving off a white light that seemed to be working together with the starlight above her head. These xuan stones had actually been spread around in a very unique pattern to create a profound energy array.

Following along Li Xue’er’s breathing; the profound energy would enter her body.

Her cultivation was quickly rising!

Inside a private room.

A seventy something year old man stroked his long goat like beard while watching Li Xue’er in the battle arena. He then smiled and mumbled to himself: “She is indeed the saintess, her talent for cultivation is simply too extraordinary!”


¹ – Refers to fair-skinned females with wealthy families and good looks. It describes outstanding women, generally ones who are fairly young.

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