Undefeatable – Ch71

Chapter 71 – They All Died

The Ghostly Mountain Range.

Early morning.

Luo Tian was leaning against a large tree with his eyes close for a brief respite.

He was somewhat tired from speeding through the forest at top speeds. He had consumed over half his profound energy, but the good thing about this was his Shadewind Steps had risen to level 2.

Its speed was much faster than level 1.

How can a martial skill that Ji Ning cultivated be bad?

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”

The sound of tree leaves rustling was heard.

This was then followed by the sound of a snake slithering. Luo Tian slowly opened his eyes and a brief blue light was reflected off his pupils. He held his breath without moving and quietly waited.

A Blue Patterned Python was cautiously approaching him.

Its two greedy looking eyes stared at Luo Tian below the large tree. It was indulging in an internal monologue since it found a trashy human being, thinking it would have a full meal.

It twisted its body while cautiously getting closer.

Wanting to survive in such a dangerous place, demonic beasts had to be extra careful even when facing opponents that looked very weak. There was no telling if the target or a group of targets were actually demonic beasts stronger than one’s self.

The distance grew closer and closer.

The Blue Patterned Python made a “hiss” sound before shooting forth like lightning.

It opened its bloody mouth revealing a pair of fangs dripping with green venom. Once one was bitten, even a strong opponent would suffer a moment of paralysis.

Within the flash of lightning…

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a smile while a breeze blew by. He then softly roared out: “Shadewind Steps!”

His body blurred into a shadow and immediately disappeared from his spot.

The Blue Patterned Python naturally struck nothing but air. Just as it began to panic, it felt a sense of danger coming from behind.

Its tail unconsciously slammed down as its body shot off like an arrow.

“Level 2!”

Luo Tian softly roared out again as his body once again disappeared. This time his speed was even faster than before, and his aura seemed to have been hidden all of a sudden.

“Level 2 Shadewind Steps!”

His speed had been increased by fifty percent. That’s nothing noteworthy because the most important thing was Luo Tian’s aura would also disappear for a brief moment.

When experts fought, their ability to sense things was very important.

No matter how fast one can become, as long as the aura of you was still around, an expert could lock down your position. A single strike was all that’s needed to end you!

This was the most beneficial part of the level 2 Shadewind Steps.

Martial Skills could be leveled up – something even main characters in the novels couldn’t do. But Luo Tian could, and now he was able to promote Ji Ning’s Shadewind Steps to a much stronger level. This was simply too awesome!

The Blue Patterned Python’s expression greatly changed as it realized it had encountered a difficult opponent.

Dozens of years of experience told this python that this human being was someone it shouldn’t have messed with.

Within an instant…

The Blue Patterned Python twisted in a new direction and started drilling into the bushes.

“You want to escape? This daddy hasn’t played enough yet.”

He was still getting used to the newly leveled up Shadewind Steps. In just a few encounters, Luo Tian was able to mess with this rank 3 Blue Patterned Python big time. This caused him to become extremely excited.

Luo Tian roared out as he watched the Blue Patterned Python try to escape. Why would he let it go?

There was experience and profound energy involved!

Luo Tian coldly humphed before stomping down and leaping into the air. He twisted his body in midair and arched his legs for support, then shot straight down like bullet slamming his heavy right fist down.


His fist accurately slammed on top of the Blue Patterned Python’s head, turning it completely into meat paste.

The Blue Patterned Python’s body curled and twitched a few times before finally becoming stiff.

Instant kill!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Blue Patterned Python. You have gained 600 experience points, 60 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Blue Patterned Python’s blood essence.”

“Ten Thousand Beast Lineage value +1.”

After the system’s tone alert, Luo Tian then glanced at his Ten Thousand Beast Lineage value before checking his Undefeated value to see the amount of points needed to exchange for the Azure Dragon bloodline. His expression couldn’t help but look like a frozen eggplant at this time.

His current Undefeated value was 97 points.

The Azure Dragon bloodline required 2000 points.

The difference was too motherf*cking big!

He then went back to the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage value and realized that it would become more difficult to increase the Lineage value because a lot of demonic beasts were technically from the same lineage. Wanting to gain new bloodlines will require him to kill different types of demonic beasts.

Luo Tian had killed so many demonic beasts yet his lineage value and Undefeated value were both under a hundred points. Thus two thousand points was an extremely large number right now.

But that’s normal…

Since how can it be easy to gain such a powerful Azure Dragon bloodline?

You think this bloodline was something that can be bought at the marketplace?

In other words, the more difficult it was to get a bloodline meant it was much stronger. What Luo Tian had was time right now so eventually he will one day amass those points.

Not only was he going to exchange for the Azure Dragon bloodline, he was going to get the Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger. Grabbing all four bloodlines and then fusing all four divine beast bloodlines together was an idea beyond exciting!

Luo Tian’s mood became great again after thinking of this.

He made a thought and then sensed the direction where Megatron was currently at.

Immediately after…

With a stomp, his body became blurry as he blended in with the wind. Luo Tian was already dozens of meters away as his speed could cause one’s vision to become disoriented.

The inter-family competition will be a tough battle.

The Zhou and Zhu families have joined hands which meant there would be many experts abound in the competition. And when they were stuck in a dangerous situation, those two Patriarchs will definitely take action.

There’s no way Luo Tian was capable of dealing with someone at the Profound Master 9th rank with his current cultivation, not to mention there were two of them.

He had to carefully plan everything out.

He had to plan something where he can kill them both at the same time.

No matter what, those two were bosses were at the same rank of Luo Jianshan.

Although they would no longer be considered the last boss in the newbie village with extra rewards, killing them will still give him a lot of experience. It’s even possible that some awesome equipment might explode forth from their corpses.



His body leapt from one large tree to another, creating an air piercing noise behind him.

The proficiency level of Shadewind Steps was also increasing one point at a time…

Luo Tian would occasionally see the rotting corpses of demonic beasts on his path, which meant that he wasn’t far from where Megatron was located at.

In a short few days, Megatron, Omega Supreme, and Bumblebee had been killing nonstop. They were similar to beings that if God was blocking them, they would kill God; If Buddha was blocking them, they would kill Buddha.

Three puppet soldiers with the power of a rank 3 demonic beasts were existences that could walk sideways in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range.



A loud collision noise was heard not too far away.

A wave of energy rippled outwards into the surrounding hundred miles.

The most bizarre thing was…

Within the wave of energy flowed a killing intent that was extremely thick and strong with a trace of blood thirst.

This was definitely not a killing intent that humans were capable of releasing.

Was this the killing intent from a demonic beast?

Were demonic beasts even capable of releasing killing intent?

Luo Tian’s mind was shocked as he said to himself: “What a powerful energy and killing intent. This guy is definitely not simple and might even be some head honcho super demonic beast!”

It was also within that loud “boom,” an alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Your puppet soldier Bumblebee has died!”


Luo Tian frowned and before he could process this, the system made another alert tone.


“Your puppet soldier Megatron has died!”

Right after that, another alert…

“Your puppet soldier Omega Supreme has died!”

In a short moment, all three of his iron monsters had all died. This…

Luo Tian couldn’t imagine what had happened.

With their combined strength, they should be able to fight against a rank 4 demonic beast. But they were all killed in a moment’s time so how could this be possible?

Could it be that they encountered some peerless rank 5 demonic beast?!

Luo Tian’s stared wide eyed into the dark forest. He then clenched his fists before disappearing with a “whoosh.”

He was dashing straight for the location where the loud noise came from!


(T/N: In case no one paid attention to my post, there were some major mistakes by the author in this chapter so I had to change a couple of paragraphs.)

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