Undefeatable – Ch72

Chapter 72 – A Thousand Year Zombie King

“What was that noise?”

Feng Lei raised his head while wiping a mouthful of demonic beast blood essence with his right hand. The current image of him was no different from a child wiping their runny nose. His pair of bloodshot eyes sank as he stared at the gloomy forest and said to himself: “Boss shouldn’t have encountered any danger right?”

“No way!”

“This one should go take a look!”

Immediately after…

Feng Lei lifted up his huge machete and started running towards the noise.

Behind him was a large mountain of demonic beast corpses that were all decapitated at the neck. There was so much blood that it had formed pool on the ground.

The ferocious looking beast on the back of his bald head had undergone some minute changes.

Two fierce looking fangs were revealed making the image even my terrifying to behold – it was like an ancient ominous God had appeared.




Luo Tian was hiding his own aura while shuttling through the forest. He wanted to see what kind of huge monster was capable of killing all three of his iron puppets in mere moments of each other.

He was extremely pissed that three of his killing machines had been broken!

He was anticipating his three machines to continue reaping experience for himself. One of the main reasons for entering the Ghostly Mountain Range was to repair them so that they could continue supporting his growth.

Who would’ve thought they would be instakilled!

Like a shadow blending in with the wind, he was shuttling through the forest at high speeds.

In about two hours…

Luo Tian started slowing his speed down.

It’s not that he didn’t want to maintain his fast speed, but he wasn’t able to.

As he got closer, his mind and sea of consciousness was being affected by the strong killing intent. This killing intent was similar to an oppressive pressure that was trying to crush his body. It was extremely uncomfortable to endure.

To the point where…

Luo Tian was able to hear the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s ringing sound of excitement.

The World of Slaughter – Myriad blades shall slaughter and destroy everything!

This was the world of slaughter within the Blood Devouring Wild Blade. The type of atmosphere where a myriad of blades struck through the nine heavens, and the momentum of cutting all living beings was extremely majestic causing fear to any existence.

When Luo Tian started recalling the piles of corpses stretching thousands of meters high like a mountain, and the blood that flowed like a river, his heart couldn’t help but start trembling.

It wasn’t exactly fear but a sensation beyond his imagination!

The killing intent he was experiencing right now was a bit different from the killing intent released by the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

The former contained a trace of cruel violence.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s murderous aura was due to its domineering nature where it portrayed itself as the world’s number one.

The two were different but it didn’t affect the resonance formed between them. In simpler terms, one could say that the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was like a tiger shark that smelled the scent of blood and started greedily absorbing the killing intent from the depths of the forest.

Luo Tian was trying hard to restrain himself from focusing on the Blood Devouring Wild Blade because he was afraid that his mind would once again be trapped in the blade’s world of slaughter. He currently still lacked the ability to destroy the blade’s will so once he enters its world, his mind will most likely be taken over making him a mindless killing machine.

Thinking about how arrogant and domineering the Blood Devouring Wild Blade was, Luo Tian started becoming excited. “Sooner or later, I will force you to yield to me and by that time, let’s see how you’ll act wildly in front of this daddy!”


Luo Tian gently exhaled as he carefully went forward one step at a time.

He had almost arrived at the source of the killing intent.

He could already hear a loud breathing noise. Just from its breathing, one could imagine how fierce this demonic beast was.

One step, two steps…

Brushing the leaves away, a large open space was revealed.

The surrounding was filled with strands of coagulated blood like a spider web. It covered the trees, the ground, and even the boulders. There were strands of dark red blood everywhere.

This place was filled with the limbs and left over’s of demonic beasts.

This scene was extremely bloody, just like what hell would look like if it were drenched in blood.

Anyone that saw this place would become nauseous. Luo Tian was trying to hold back from throwing up and didn’t dare to make a single move. His eyes then focused on an area not too far away…


Luo Tian became excited!

“It’s a boss!”

“A boss!”

“A rank 5 demonic beast, a Thousand Year Zombie King!”

It was over two meters tall and its entire body was dark colored like fine iron. Beneath its dark skin were bright red veins where one could clearly see the flow of its blood. A pair of fangs protruded out of its mouth that was at least ten centimeters long. The sharpness of its fangs gave off a cold white light. Each exhale of it would produce a burst of white gas from its nostrils, and the leaves the gas touched would start withering before turning into ash.

The white gas it exhaled was filled with poison.

The most noticeable thing was that it had six eyes. The eyes practically covered the entire face which was extremely terrifying to behold.

The killing intent fluctuations from its body were in sync with each time it exhaled.

“The killing intent was actually released from its body.”

“Are zombies even considered demonic beasts?”

“Does it have a demon core?”

Luo Tian was asking himself. He couldn’t help clenching his fists while staring at the Thousand Year Zombie King surrounded by a golden glow. He then said to himself: “I really want to kill it.”

Wanting was one thing, but Luo Tian was absolutely not its opponent at all.

Back then at the battle arena, the Lava Lizard had reached the strength of a rank 5 demonic beast but it was still technically a rank 4 demonic beast. The strength it exhibited and the true strength of a rank 5 demonic beast was still a very big difference.

This time, it was a true rank 5 demonic beast and one that had a strange killing intent.

Someone at the Profound Master 4th rank is definitely not its opponent!

The level difference in strength was too much.

If he were to level up to the Profound Master 5th rank…

Luo Tian grinned and bit his lips as his heart was filled with pain. One of the most painful things in life was looking at a boss that one didn’t have the ability to kill. What f*cking thing was more painful than that to an otaku?

The Thousand Year Zombie King hadn’t detected Luo Tian.

It was currently playing with Megatron’s arm before lightly tearing off its head. It then shoved Megatron’s entire head into its mouth and started chewing.

A big chunk of fine iron was being chewed with loud crunching sounds as if it was eating a hard candy.

After chewing for a while and finding there was no flavor, it spit out scraps of fine iron onto the ground. Luo Tian was perplexed by this and said to himself: “Your damn sister, what sort of toothpaste do you use? How can your teeth be that strong?!”

It picked up what’s left of Megatron’s body and lightly tossed it away.



Megatron, who weighed several thousand jins was easily tossed dozens of meters away before smashing into a huge tree and toppling it. One could see how powerful this zombie king was!

The Thousand Year Zombie King then arrived next to Omega Supreme and started playing with it. When it realized it didn’t taste good either, it angrily started mashing the several thousand jins of fine iron. Omega Supreme was then turned into a big iron ball.

“Too perverted!”

“Its power is way too crazy!”

Luo Tian was originally eager to test this boss out to see its attack power. At least then he could estimate the difference in strength and come back after leveling up to kill it.

But now Luo Tian had completely given up.

The strength of this Thousand Year Zombie King was too perverted.


Luo Tian’s eyes tightened while carefully retreating. He then said to himself: “Just wait for this daddy here, I’ll take care of you in a few days.”

Seeing that he couldn’t kill the boss…

He could only endure for now!

There’s no way Luo Tian will pass over this chance upon encountering the Thousand Year Zombie King. And he was also quite interested in this zombie king’s killing intent.

“I’ll withdraw for now.”

Luo Tian was extremely quiet while retreating. He was just about to leap up onto a tree and quickly leave this place…

When at this time…

Feng Lei ran up with a sweaty face and a foolish grin. He then loudly shouted: “Boss, so you’re here!”

The Thousand Year Zombie King immediately turned and all six eyes to stare at Luo Tian’s direction.

Luo Tian’s heart immediately froze, “SHIT!”

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