Undefeatable – Ch611

Chapter 611 – Huge Crisis

Even dogs would jump over walls when they were cornered, so what would a human do?

A single pole strike from Eggy made Daoist Tian Xu see stars already, so what would happen to him if he suffered another pole strike?

Descendant of the Dragon God!

A descendant from an Eight-clawed Golden Dragon! His dragon’s might was too terrifying. Even if Daoist Tian Xu was at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm, he still couldn’t resist that kind of power. The only outcome for him was being tortured to death!

Without being in the Profound God realm, there’s no way he would be Eggy’s opponent.

Even the Ancient World’s Soul Sovereign’s will was shattered by a single pole strike from Eggy, so there’s no way Daoist Tian Xu was his opponent.


No matter what, Daoist Tian Xu was someone that had lived for over six thousand years and had experienced a lot of things. Even though he was suppressed, his expression remained calm without a trace of being flustered. This was something Venerable Yun Ji wasn’t capable of.

The eyes of Daoist Tian Xu shook as he clenched his teeth.

Watching Eggy charge towards him in rage, a very strange energy started surging out from his body.

Luo Tian’s mind sank as he immediately shouted: “Eggy, watch out!”

It was too late.


Eggy had been stored inside Luo Tian’s body since the beginning. Once Daoist Tian Xu appeared, he had been suppressing Luo Tian the entire time and treated Luo Tian as just a tool to refine inner cores. Eggy had remembered everything that had happened. He had promised himself that he would show Daoist Tian Xu a thing or two one day.

Now was his chance.

Even though Eggy detected a dangerous aura approaching him, he still continued charging forward without a thought. Eggy then shouted: “Little kid Tian Xu, this daddy has been tolerating you for a long time already! Those that have bullied my boss will only have one outcome – death!”

As the word death was said, the Dragon God’s Pillar started manifesting thousands of pole shadows.

Eggy released all his powers and merged his dragon’s might with the pole. The pole then smashed down with the strongest power possible!

A power that was capable of destroying the world!

The sky lost its color and the earth started shaking.

The entire Tianxuan Continent darkened as if Eggy’s pole strike had blocked all existing sources of light!

Too powerful!

Powerful to the point that words couldn’t describe!

Those below the Profound God realm were suppressed to the point of being unable to breathe normally. It was extremely uncomfortable even though they were over ten thousand kilometers away. They were feeling this indescribable suppression because they were watching through the void and their sights were focused on Eggy.

Extreme discomfort!

“Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise – all three divine grade bloodlines have assembled together in a single person’s body. Now he has a little brother that’s a descendant of the Dragon God. What kind of background does this Luo Tian kid come from? Even if he is in the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, there’s no way he could be this lucky and strong.”

“Humph~! I really don’t understand what those damn outer sect envoys were doing when recruiting new disciples! They didn’t even recruit such a genius… did they all grow up eating shit? Are their eyes blind? I think those people need to all be replaced! If a person like him becomes a disciple of my immortal sect, how can we not become the leader of the ten great immortal sects?”

“Luo Tian… it doesn’t matter if he can live beyond today or not because his name will enter the annals of history and be forever remembered in the Tianxuan Continent!”

“So what if he’s strong?”

“Daoist Tian Xu managed to cultivate the God Skill from their old ancestor. Heaven’s Seal – not to mention the little dragon, even a mature dragon would be instantly sealed up by this heaven-defying martial skill. One would be hard-pressed to live on when your powers have been all sealed up.”

God Skill!

Tianxuan Continent’s strongest grade of martial skill.

A martial skill created by a Profound God Sovereign and contained the essence of the Profound God Sovereign’s powers.

Back then…

The devil sects looked down on this world and many old devils ran rampant doing whatever they wanted.

The immortal sects were completely suppressed by them.

Mount Hua’s old ancestor used his essence blood as the catalyst in order to comprehend Heaven’s Seal. One person against thousands of devils – he managed to seal up over a hundred old devil experts who were at the peak of this world’s cultivation and imprisoned them in the Soul Refining Array.

Even until now, the seal on those old devils couldn’t be broken.

Heaven’s Seal was extremely powerful!

After the ascension of Mount Hua’s old ancestor, everyone thought that God Skill had disappeared with him. No one imagined Daoist Tian Xu managed to cultivate it!

This made all the immortal sect experts shocked!

With the appearance of this God Skill, none of the other immortal sects will dare to provoke Mount Hua Immortal Sect. The display of power from a God Skill was too terrifying!

Daoist Tian Xu revealed a cold sneer as the strange power from his body continuously grew stronger. His hands started forming seals while he recited a mantra. Dots of lights appeared around him and started getting brighter until they formed a Six-pointed Starlight Array.

“A God Skill!”

“A true God Skill!”

“The God Skill left behind by Mount Hua’s old ancestor! Daoist Tian Xu really managed to successfully cultivate it!”

“It looks like the dragon is going to die and that kid Luo Tian won’t be living beyond today.”

Those experts were all chatting away within the void.

A God Skill was really strong!

Luo Tian became anxious. He charged over like crazy as his mind sank and a sense of hopelessness rose up in his heart. He suddenly felt that he was such a useless guy! “Power, abilities, cultivation! F*ck! When can this daddy truly be able to protect the people around me?!” He screamed internally.

At the same time…

Luo Tian screamed out once more: “Eggy, it’s very dangerous! Don’t go there!”

He could clearly sense the Six-pointed Star power coming from Daoist Tian Xu’s God Skill. This kind of power was something he had never seen or felt before. Even Tai Long, who was in the Profound God realm, the power he exploded forth with couldn’t be compared to what Daoist Tian Xu was now exuding!

Eggy had no thoughts of retreating as the images of Luo Tian being bullied was playing in his mind. He became even angrier as he smashed down the pole, “Go to hell for me!”

At this moment…

Daoist Tian Xu’s figure started floating above the ground. His hands suddenly formed a strange hand seal before his mouth sprayed out some essence blood. His face turned a shade paler but his expression became even more ferocious.

His hands formed a palm stance while he pushed them towards the sky. His eyes were locked onto Eggy before shouting: “Heaven’s Seal, seal him up!”




A humming sound resounded out through the nine heavens!

Within the void…

Including the surrounding airspace and even from beyond the nine heavens, a powerful energy started rushing towards them.

The power was like an incoming tide as it flowed into the Six-pointed Starlight Array

Immediately after…

The six-pointed star burst out in brightness, and then became a beam of light that shot towards Eggy who was only a few meters away from Daoist Tian Xu. The light started wrapping around Eggy!


A series of humming sounds reverberated throughout the area.




Eggy was roaring out in pain while his body kept thrashing about. The six-pointed star had charged into his body and sealed up his powers at incredibly fast speeds!

From his head to his tail, the seal had immobilized him!


The Dragon God’s Pillar dropped down.

A bright light exploded and the dragon might around Eggy’s body disappeared. His huge long body then started plummeting to the ground from high in the air.

He had been sealed!

He couldn’t use his powers anymore!

Daoist Tian Xu was gasping for air but still managed to laugh like crazy: “Hahaha… damn beast, go to hell for me!”

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