Undefeatable – Ch612

Chapter 612 – Luo Tian About To Lose His Mind

God Skill!

Way too fierce!

The only God Skill left behind by Mount Hua’s old ancestor. It was the only martial skill that was able to defeat Tianxuan Continent’s devil sect. Its powers were already beyond words to describe.

Eggy was only at level 4!

He could only be called a cub dragon yet the powers he exploded forth with were already quite fierce. But he still couldn’t escape from the sealing powers of Heaven’s Seal. He also didn’t try to dodge it since he was too enraged. The only thing he was thinking of was to take revenge for his boss!

Because of this…

He was instantly sealed up by the six-pointed starlight.

The powers inside him were all sealed up.

He couldn’t even fly through the clouds anymore so his huge dragon body started plummeting.

The worst thing of all…

Daoist Tian Xu instantly made a move and charged towards Eggy with a strong killing intent. His eyes were filled with greed as he grinned, “Damn beast, go to hell for me!”

His voice shook the sky!

Eggy’s eyes didn’t have any traces of fear but still showed his anger. He then said in a fiery manner: “Old bandit, undo my seal if you have the guts! I will definitely be able to beat the shit right out of your ass!”


“Damn beast, just obediently lie there for me.”

“Enjoy the last few seconds of your wonderful life.” Daoist Tian Xu was excited about the outcome. He then continued speaking to Eggy: “The essence blood of a Dragon God… now that’s definitely some good stuff. Since a piece of trash like Luo Tian can fuse with three types of bloodlines, I refuse to believe I can’t do the same thing. Once I fuse with the Dragon God’s essence blood, who will be capable of stopping me in the Tianxuan Continent? The old ancestor of the Imperial God Immortal Sect? The supreme expert of the Starsea Immortal Sect? Everyone can scram aside for me! Hahaha…”

He was feeling ecstatic inside his heart!

The essence blood from a Dragon God was a step higher than the essence blood from a True Dragon!

Once he merges with it…

He would then become an existence capable of destroying the world!

Eggy was still a young dragon yet he was already this strong. His dragon’s might was capable of suppressing all experts below the Profound God realm. If the powers hidden inside his essence blood were all stimulated at once, what kind of terrifying power would that display?

One wouldn’t dare to imagine that.

Daoist Tian Xu walked over one step at a time. The smile on his face intensified each step he took as if he could already see himself suppressing the ten great immortal sects. This kind of scene was something he dreamed of day in and day out.

“Old bandit!”

“Little kid Tian Xu, undo this daddy’s seal if you have the guts! If you have the ability, come fight me fair and square!”

“You’re a damn shameless old thing!”

Eggy was struggling on the ground and didn’t even have the strength to stand up. He had been completely sealed up and the feeling was extremely uncomfortable. He kept trying to circulate his powers to charge at an invisible barrier but it felt like he was bound up and being delivered to death row. No matter how much he attacked the seal, he couldn’t break past it and this completely pissed him off.

Daoist Tian Xu started laughing smugly before saying: “Little beast, do you think I would do something like that?”

He now stood in front of Eggy.

Seeing Eggy’s entire body glowing gold, Daoist Tian Xu swallowed down his saliva and said: “The Heavens are treating me quite well. I couldn’t break into the Profound God realm and didn’t expect you to send me a descendant of a Dragon God. As long as I ingest your essence blood, I can use the power within your blood to break through into the Profound God realm even if I don’t gain the Dragon God’s bloodline. Hahaha…”

The Dragon race had been hiding themselves in the Sky Palace.

The main reason being that their essence blood having an extremely strong power. Even if a human cannot fuse it with themselves, it can still help them make great strides with their cultivation. Your average Dragon race was already quite useful, not to mention an Eight-claw Golden Dragon like Eggy. The essence blood inside him will definitely contain a stronger power than the normal ones.

It wasn’t just Daoist Tian Xu.

Within the void…

Those experts from all the other immortal sects had greed in their eyes. The unfortunate part was that they were over ten thousand kilometers away or else they would definitely fight for the prize.

There were also experts from the devil sect.

Everyone was staring at Daoist Tian Xu.

And at this time…

Everyone was ignoring Luo Tian, including Daoist Tian Xu.

Daoist Tian Xu was staring at Eggy struggling on the ground and revealed an evil grin. He reached out with his right hand and condensed an energy vortex at the center of his palm. He then said ferociously: “Suck out the blood essence for me!”

Eggy’s body started convulsing and turning crimson red.

His body was immobilized and being sucked up by a power from Daoist Tian Xu’s palm. Eggy’s expression turned angrier as he shouted: “Old bandit, I won’t let you off! I won’t let you off even if I have to die! You just wait for me!”

At this moment…

The air behind Daoist Tian Xu started distorting.

A human figure charged out from the void! His body was crimson red from releasing all his strongest powers. His fists were like meteors as he shouted: “Those who mess with my brothers – death!”

Those fists punched out like a cannon!

They smashed out with extreme violence!



The air around them instantly changed as if it was being drained.

Daoist Tian Xu’s brows merely furrowed slightly but he didn’t panic. He then sneered with disdain, “I almost forgot about this dog thing. Based on your Profound Emperor 1st rank, you… Huh? You made a breakthrough?”

Now his expression turned to one of slight shock.


Daoist Tian Xu still didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes and still continued to say in disdain: “A mere Profound Emperor 2nd ranker dares to act presumptuously in front of me? This daddy broke through to the Profound Emperor 2nd rank three thousand years ago, so you can just scram away from me.”


Daoist Tian Xu flicked his sleeves and his peak Profound Emperor 9th rank battle aura surged out. A single hand formed a palm stance under his sleeves as he met Luo Tian’s fist.


The two different powers collided and caused a chain of explosions.

Luo Tian was directly smashed flying!

The blood inside Daoist Tian Xu’s chest was roiling but he held it in so that it wouldn’t come out. But even though this was the case, he was still forced to step back a dozen steps or so before he could stop himself. He then said internally: “A Profound Emperor 2nd ranker could actually explode forth with the strength of a Profound Emperor 4th ranker! No wonder Yun Ji was killed by him. The talent of this kid is most likely above the younger version of Mount Hua’s old ancestor. I cannot let him live beyond today or else he will definitely become a walking catastrophe in the future!”

The power Luo Tian demonstrated made him incomparably shocked.

Because of this…

Daoist Tian Xu wanted to kill Luo Tian even more!

He switched his target!

Daoist Tian Xu coldly harrumphed and said: “You guys keep your eyes on this little beast while I take care of the trash Luo Tian. Remember – whoever dares to touch the Eight-clawed Golden Dragon, I will make it so that they don’t even have the chance to become a ghost.”

His voice was especially icy cold.

Daoist Tian Xu then leaped into the air and flew towards Luo Tian.


Luo Tian landed heavily and the ground gave away and created a deep pit. His face instantly turned pale like paper.

The powers of someone at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm were too strong!

Luo Tian wasn’t his opponent even though he had already activated all his powers. He wanted to level up Berserk but because he had just recently leveled up, he didn’t have enough experience points to use. He wanted to escape by using Teleportation at the great perfection stage but if he did that, what was going to happen to Eggy?”

He was feeling enraged!

Just when he was climbing out of the deep pit, he noticed four people standing next to it.

It was Han Hua, Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and Zhao Chen.

Luo Tian’s expression turned to shock as he yelled out: “You guys have lost your minds! Quickly run! Run!”

The four of them turned their heads together and revealed a faint smile.

Daoist Tian Xu was already killing his way over!

Luo Tian was about to lose his mind!

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