Undefeatable – Ch613

Chapter 613 – The Twin Sisters Are Very Sad

Luo Tian was about to go insane!

Running out at a time like this was tantamount to courting death, right?


Han Hua and the other three were blocking in front of Luo Tian because they were planning to die.

Using the words from Luo Tian’s previous life…

A true brother of yours is capable of blocking a bullet and dying for you.

Luo Tian was moved by them, but their cultivation realm hadn’t even reached the Profound Saint realm yet. They couldn’t even be cannon fodder by standing out and will only become four extra corpses. Why bother?


“Here comes four more pieces of trash.” Daoist Tian Xu coldly harrumphed as he swept his gaze past Han Hua and the others in contempt. He didn’t put them in his eyes at all.

They couldn’t even be compared to ants in his eyes.

He could kill people like them with just a finger.

Han Hua’s eyes were like torches as he watched Daoist Tian Xu walk towards them one step at a time. She then said: “Prime Elder, you can see what kind of cultivation Luo Tian has. There has never been anyone in the Tianxuan Continent who has managed to fuse two bloodlines together. He managed to accomplish fusing three bloodlines together and they happen to be divine grade bloodlines comparable to Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline. If you give a super genius like him a bit of time, he will definitely be able to step on top of all ten great immortal sects. Mount Hua Immortal Sect will definitely be restored to its peak like its past.”

While saying this…

Han Hua looked at Yun Ling at the corner of her eyes.

Yun Ling faintly nodded like she had received the message. She sent out a sound transmission to Luo Tian: “Team Leader, Elder Xu Shan has died. Before he died, he told us to tell you the location of forbidden grounds once you came back. It’s the entrance to the ancient battlefield. It’s precisely at the foot of the back mountains of Solitary Peak where you were living.”

The main purpose of them coming here was to tell this information to Luo Tian.

Xu Shan didn’t tell them too much and only said that if he happens to die, this information must be told to Luo Tian as soon as he returns to Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Yun Ling and the others didn’t know what kind of assistance Mount Hua’s forbidden grounds had towards Luo Tian.

But they had to accomplish the task when entrusted by others.


The moment they stood out, they didn’t expect to live that much longer. Their lives were saved by Luo Tian. Now that he was in danger, they would stand out without hesitation and didn’t bother with who they were up against!

Luo Tian allowed them to see hope.

Allowed them to see a future.

He rekindled a flame inside their heart that started to burn brightly!

Hearing Yun Ling’s words, Luo Tian’s eyes shook from shock. He clenched his fists before saying to himself: “The ancient battlefield! I need to enter the ancient battlefield! I need to level up! I need to step into the Profound God realm and stomp Daoist Tian Xu to death!”

His heart started beating faster.

Luo Tian stood up and said: “All of you scram aside! I don’t need you to save me! You bunch of hypocritical fraudsters can forget about getting any benefits from me! You want the secrets to how I refine inner cores? There’s no way I’m going to tell anyone!”

“You are all in the same boat!”

“Don’t think that I can’t tell. You’re blocking that old bandit Tian Xu just so you can trick me in telling you the secrets of refining inner ores, huh? Hahaha… you guys are over thinking things. I, Luo Tian, will definitely not tell anyone about it.”


Luo Tian looked like he had a sudden personality change as he started laughing out loud. He coldly stared at Daoist Tian Xu and said: “Old bandit Tian Xu, your acting is quite good but do you really think I will fall for it?”

“You arranged for the four of them to be by my side, right?”

“You want to learn the secrets of refining inner cores from me? You can forget about it!”


Luo Tian didn’t want Han Hua and the others to die with him.

This was the only thing he could do.

And his acting was quite good when his face was full of anger.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi started crying and quickly shook their heads. They cried out: “It’s not like that! It’s not like that, Team Leader! We aren’t the type of people you’re thinking of! It’s not…”

They started crying their eyes out which made any beholder’s heart ache.

Luo Tian’s heart was aching when he saw their tears streaming down but his expression was full of disdain as he scoffed: “Did I uncover the truth? Do you think just by crying that I will believe in you two? Hahaha… What kind of women have I, Luo Tian not seen? Do you really think by making me like you two, you can uncover the secrets of refining inner cores from me? Then, you will tell everything to the old bandit Tian Xu and get rewarded from it? You two are truly vicious! I have never met such vicious women in my entire life!”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi couldn’t tell.


They started crying more miserably, the kind where there’s no way one could fake.

Han Hua’s brows were locked together as she was in thought for a few seconds. She knew Luo Tian’s personality and understood him quite well, therefore she knew what Luo Tian was trying to do – Luo Tian was trying to save them. When she saw Luo Tian’s eyes, she suddenly came up with an idea and said with a sigh, “I didn’t expect that you could see through us. Prime Elder, I was trying to see if I could get the secrets off Luo Tian on how he combined three bloodlines together but didn’t expect him to see through the ploy already.”

“Senior sister, what are you talking about?”

“Team Leader isn’t that kind of person. Aren’t we here to rescue him?”

“Senior sister…”

“Team Leader, it’s not what you think. It’s really not what you think.”

Those two pure and innocent girls continued crying.

Luo Tian’s heart was aching very badly.

It was hurting so much that he was having difficulty breathing. Luo Tian could only clench his fists on and off continuously. His fingernails stabbed into his palms and fresh blood started dripping down. “Old bandit Tian Xu, you just wait for me. I will return everything that has happened today a thousand fold.”

Han Hua coldly chuckled before saying: “Yun Ling, Yun Yi, my junior sisters… I wanted to use your innocence to trick Luo Tian but I didn’t expect for him to discover the ploy, sigh~…”

Immediately after…

Han Hua cupped her hands respectfully to Daoist Tian Xu, “Prime Elder, Luo Tian is now at his wits end so there’s no need for you to personally make a move. Just hand him over to us. We will definitely be able to capture him if we all work together. The Law Enforcement Hall has 1800 ways of punishment so I’m not afraid of him not divulging how he managed to merge three different bloodlines together. At that time, you can fuse with the Dragon God’s bloodline and then look down on this world from high above. Even the achievements of the old ancestor cannot be compared to yours by then.”

Daoist Tian Xu smiled.

He originally had some doubt.


He no longer doubted. He never thought of getting the secret of fusing three bloodlines together but his heart was moved now after hearing Han Hua’s words.

No one has managed to fuse with a second bloodline after thousands of years of history yet Luo Tian merged three of them together and fused with it. There has to be a huge secret involved, right?

He wanted to fuse with Eggy’s Dragon God bloodline.

He wanted it really badly!

And what Han Hua said was correct – Luo Tian was about to die after suffering from his attack. Even if he doesn’t personally make a move, the disciples from Mount Hua Immortal Sect can still capture Luo Tian with some effort. The most important part was that he was injured and rather serious at that. Apart from Eggy’s pole strike that made him unable to tell which direction was north, casting Heaven’s Seal consumed a lot of his energy. His injuries weren’t light and Han Hua’s flattering words were rather effective. Daoist Tian Xu started laughing, “Good, very good! If you hadn’t said it out loud, I would’ve forgotten this matter.”

“My order is for you to command everyone to capture this kid. If you manage to capture him alive, I will directly promote you to an Elder’s position. Hahaha…”

Han Hua cupped her hands and said: “Thank you, Prime Elder.”

Immediately after…

Han Hua raised her hand and said: “You’ve all heard it! Everyone go capture Luo Tian! It is time to show everyone what we’re made of! Everyone move out together!”

At this moment…

Zhao Chen took advantage of the chaos and arrived next to Eggy.

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