Undefeatable – Ch619

Chapter 619 – Super Battle Squad

“Kill it!” Luo Tian ordered.

Right after that…

He grabbed Eggy and ran off to hide behind a large boulder. He then carefully peered out from behind said boulder.

Was the Tarbosaurus stronger or the T-rex stronger?

Luo Tian had no idea.

“Whoever is stronger will be my next summoned pet!”

Luo Tian started watching carefully.

Eggy leaned against Luo Tian and whispered: “Boss, can that guy really fight?”

Luo Tian nodded.

Eggy became excited and said: “This is too awesome! If we can bring a squad of these Tarbosaurus out, we could completely sweep through those dog fart ten great immortal sects! Old bandit Tian Xu will be directly swatted to death!”


Luo Tian didn’t want to explain nor did he have time to explain.

This kind of “charmed” summoned pet had a time limit. Once the time is up, they will revert back to normal and betray the charmer. Even if he was able to bring this type of pet out of the ancient battlefield, it wouldn’t be of much use to him. But… it should be enough to cause some trouble. It won’t be long until the next immortal sect disciple competition. If he were to take out several rank 7 ancient demonic beasts for some fun, then the result will definitely be awesome to watch.



The T-rex smashed over with its raw strength.

It was rather terrifying to watch energy ripple outwards from their clash.

His Tarbosaurus wasn’t afraid and just used its head to smash back in response, and then started spraying out green poison.

“Good!” Luo Tian couldn’t help but scream out.

“Looks like my guy knows some battle tactics. Not bad, looks like the intellect of my Tarbosaurus is a bit higher than the enemy T-rex.”

Before he could finish his thought…

The enemy T-rex grabbed a large tree with its mouth and then smashed it into Luo Tian’s Tarbosaurus.



The T-rex and the Tarbosaurus were smashed backward at the same time. Sand and rocks were blasted outwards and the scene looked like the whole spatial world was about to be destroyed. Luo Tian was shocked by the impact while hidden behind the large boulder. He became even more excited as he watched those two demonic beasts fight it out.


Luo Tian said: “Eggy, stay here and don’t move.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian raised his speed to the maximum before darting over.

The T-rex and the Tarbosaurus should be about the same rank.

Using the lingo from games…

His Tarbosaurus was a caster while the enemy T-rex was a berserker. The abilities of those two were tough to a complete mess. When those two were fighting, it gave Luo Tian a really good opportunity.

Luo Tian silently crept up to the side of the enemy T-rex and quickly cast Magic Charm on it.

“Come on, you have to succeed!” Luo Tian prayed internally.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for the successful summon!”


“An explosion of my good character?! I succeeded at the first try?!”

Luo Tian started laughing out loud.

At this moment…

The Tarbosaurus and the T-rex stopped fighting and stood there staring at Luo Tian with respect while waiting for their next command.

Luo Tian grinned in excitement, “I’m just missing three more!”

With two awesome battle pets by his side, Luo Tian started feeling confident once more. He then yelled over in Eggy’s direction: “Eggy, wait for me there. I’m going to get three more before coming back for you.”

Eggy didn’t want to delay Luo Tian and replied: “Boss, don’t worry about me and just go. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian flew up to the T-rex’s head and looked around. Luo Tian smiled when he saw a lonely Tarbosaurus by itself. “The next target will be you.”


“Summon failed!”


“Summon failed!”

Was his good character points all used up?

His shameless luck was shattered?

There were times where no matter how hard you tried, you would still fail.

When Luo Tian played Legend of Mir and kept failing with his summons, he would attack a few times and then try it again. This will somehow increase the success rate.

Half an hour later.

Behind Luo Tian were five super beasts.

There were three Tarbosaurus and two T-rex.


“I never imagined that I, Luo Tian, would get to show off in Jurassic Park.” Luo Tian grinned and then said: “Let’s go back.”


“Boss will be back soon.”

“Boss will be back soon.”

“Boss, you have to come back soon.”


Eggy was shivering because behind him at a distance away was a huge Tarbosaurus. It was sniffing about like it smelled Eggy’s scent. But because Eggy was too small, it couldn’t find his exact location.

Eggy’s face paled when the thought of how corrosive that green poison was.

He wasn’t afraid of anything…

Except for poison!

There wasn’t a second of fear when his powers were sealed up by that old bandit Daoist Tian Xu. But he was really scared now because that dark green slimy substance was too disgusting and the poison was highly toxic.

In reality…

He was afraid that poison would disfigure his face.

Eggy was a dragon that loved to look good.

He always thought of himself as very handsome. He was afraid the Tarbosaurus’s poison would disfigure his proportionally perfect body. He was even more afraid of the poison harming his face!

“Boss, please come back quickly!”

Tears were almost squeezing out of Eggy’s eyes. Watching how the Tarbosaurus was getting closer one step at a time, he was about to piss himself from fear. “Your granny’s cha-cha! If this daddy’s powers weren’t sealed up, I would’ve beaten you to death with my pole!” Eggy was grumbling those words softly.

Also at this time…


The large tree behind Eggy was suddenly ripped up by the Tarbosaurus and flung away.

Eggy’s thin body was instantly revealed before it.

The eyes of the Tarbosaurus shook, and its saliva dripped to the ground with “plop plop” sounds. Its face looked like it had never eaten meat in its entire life. Looking at Eggy’s small body, its eyes glistened with hunger. Its long tongue licked its mouth and revealed a row of sharp teeth. It then directly chomped towards Eggy!

“Big brother!”

“Your Lordship! My meat tastes extremely nasty!”

“I am not even enough to fill the gaps of your teeth! Please just spare me!”

“How can you bear to eat such a cute and handsome dragon?” Eggy revealed various cute expressions but they were all useless. He then roared out: “Your granny’s cha-cha! Do you know who this daddy is?! Do you know who my boss is?! If you dare to eat me, my boss will f*ck all eighteen generations of your ancestors! Just try it if you don’t believe me!”


The Tarbosaurus stopped.

It stopped just shy of half a meter before Eggy’s face, and its deep breathing seemed to contain a trace of poison. The scent made Eggy’s expression change before he yelled out: “Scared, huh?! Scram away from me if you’re scared! Once my boss comes back, he will directly take your life!”

At this moment…

The Tarbosaurus retreated and started shivering.

Eggy thought it was really scared of his words so he became even more arrogant. He then said with smugness: “Apart from me, my boss is the most handsome human on heaven and earth. He can fuse with three different bloodlines and knows many different martial skills. I will let you…”

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop running!”

“I haven’t finished speaking yet!”

“Your granny’s cha-cha, where the hell are you running off to? This daddy hasn’t finished speaking yet! You have no manners at all!” Eggy said angrily.

He then looked back and realized standing behind him were five large demonic beasts. Luo Tian was in high spirits while standing on the head of one of the T-rex. The scene was domineering to a complete mess! Luo Tian then pointed and shouted: “Trample over the ancient battlefield for me!”

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