Undefeatable – Ch620

Chapter 620 – Sudden Change

“I almost pissed my pants in fear!”

“Boss, if you came any later, you wouldn’t be able to see me anymore.”

Eggy started calming down after the shock.

But after noticing the five huge creatures, his expression turned to shock once more. “Boss, these are the strong helpers you’ve captured?”

“Of course!”

Luo Tian sent out his thoughts to the five battle pets and ordered them to go kill. With these five behemoths as his battle pets, he finally had the capital to stand firmly on the ancient battlefield. He then said to himself: “Daoist Tian Xu, you just wait for this daddy. The day this daddy exits this place is the date of your death!”



“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

The five battle pets surrounded and attacked that Tarbosaurus, and its 70 million point health couldn’t handle the violent beating it received.

This was like five high school students ganging up on an elementary school student.

A round of punches and kicks.

The several meter long health bar of that Tarbosaurus depleted very quickly. It wasn’t able to retaliate when facing five other bosses at the same rank as it. Its eyes were filled with confusion – they were the same kind so why were they trying to kill it?

Half an hour later.



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Tarbosaurus. You have gained 5,000,000 experience points, 500,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the blood essence of an ancient Tarbosaurus.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the skeleton of an ancient Tarbosaurus.”

A very simple loot explosion.

It was just like killing a normal demonic beast except the experience for a single one reached five million points. Was the number a little too high?

Luo Tian immediately exclaimed: “One of them is already five million experience points, then what about ten, a hundred, ten thousand, or a hundred thousand? Profound God… Profound God… I’m breaking into the Profound God realm for sure! Once I step into the Profound God realm, I can kill Daoist Tian Xu anytime I want!”


“I still have some Rainbow Lotus on me and I can concoct Experience Pills or Triple Experience Pills. With all these things added together, I refuse to believe that I can’t break through to the Profound God realm! Your granny’s cha-cha!” Luo Tian started boiling with excitement.

Five million experience points were too rich!

The ancient battlefield was vast to the extreme. If this whole place was filled with ancient demonic beasts, it would absolutely not be a problem for him to level up to the Profound God realm. He might even be very close to stepping into the Profound God Sovereign realm!

A Profound God Sovereign was the Tianxuan Continent’s strongest realm!

There are probably only a few people in the Tianxuan Continent that are in the Profound God Sovereign realm. If Luo Tian could step into that realm, he could practically walk sideways if he wanted!

Whatever ten great immortal sects and whatever Soul Hall can all be stomped below his feet!

Luo Tian sent out his thoughts and had his five battle pets return to him. He then locked into a certain direction before giving the command: “Charge over there for me.”

Three Tarbosaurus and two T-rex.

He couldn’t contend with too many ancient demonic beasts with just these guys. His priority right now was to raise their levels. If they all became level 7 pets, they would be able to fight one against seven! Using them to level up would then be super awesome!


Magic Charm’s current level would only allow him to keep them under his control for four hours.

They will revert back to their original nature once the time is up.

He had to grasp the limited time well or else he would be losing out big time.

Luo Tian remembered the time when he captured them and didn’t dare to be a single second off. He then grabbed Eggy and said: “Let’s go!”

Eggy’s expression showed some excitement while asking: “Boss, do you have any more good stuff in your possession? My current cultivation isn’t capable of allowing me to break that damn seal. I might have a chance if I make a few more breakthroughs though. If you have any more good things on you, just go ahead and let me have some first. Hee hee…”

“I think that Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron…”


“Eggy, do you believe that I will beat the crap out of you?”

“That’s the only divine artifact I have left! Believe it or not, if you keep having thoughts about it, I’m going to die in front of you!” Luo Tian started panicking since he was afraid Eggy would really swallow his Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron.

This was the only divine artifact he had that can fuse skills and other artifacts with!

If that thing was eaten by Eggy, his plans on fusing all his skills at the last great perfection stage would go up in flames. He wanted to create a super trump card that could instantly kill! Just like that novel Invincible Upgrade where the main character had the Celestial Sword Strike capable of killing whomever he saw. Now that would be awesome!

Eggy giggled, “Boss, I was just making a casual remark.”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at Eggy before saying: “You’ve already eaten so many of my divine artifacts making my heart nearly shatter. I haven’t even tried out that Sky Dragon’s Divine Sword and you ate it already. You’re definitely trying to eat until I go broke, right?”

When Luo Tian thought of all his good things…

His heart started shuddering in pain. He glanced inside his spatial ring and only saw some leftover pearls and gems. Eggy would definitely have eaten those too if they were valuable in any way.


Since Eggy can level up by eating treasures, Luo Tian suddenly had an idea. “Eggy, do you only need to eat magical artifacts to raise your cultivation, and then you will make a breakthrough after reaching a certain amount?”

Eggy nodded and replied: “Yes, yes!”

If Eggy can break his seal…

He can go berserk in the ancient battlefield and then leveling up would be even faster for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t have any good things on him right now…


He can forge magical artifacts!

He could use the skeletons of those demonic beasts and make them into profound weapons! Their skeletal structures contained a dense amount of profound energy so if he succeeded in forging, the weapon would be at least in the sky grade. Of course, it cannot be compared with divine artifacts but the key is that Luo Tian could forge as long as he had skeletons. Many small increments will come to abundance – Eggy will definitely make a breakthrough with all that power.

Apart from this…

Luo Tian realized there were a variety of spiritual herbs inside the ancient battlefield.

These spiritual herbs were a little different from the outside world where the profound energy contained a trace of the powerful aura of ancient antiquity. They should be classified as ancient spiritual herbs! Luo Tian will be able to concoct many medicinal pills with these herbs, especially the Profound Burst Pill.

Luo Tian had always thought of improving it even more.

But he could never come up with a good method.

Now that he had the ancient spiritual herbs as the foundation, he now had hope in improving the Profound Burst Pill a second a time. If he manages to make one that isn’t restricted to one’s cultivation level, then… Luo Tian had a smug expression on his face while he swept his eyes around. He then muttered: “The ancient battlefield is practically a treasure trove. It’s fortunate that I chose to come to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, hahaha…”

“Tarbosaurus, spray your poison!”

“After spraying the poison, T-rex, you will use your tail and smash it to death!”


Luo Tian brought his five battle pets and killed his way around. He would kill a monster if he found one, walk further if he didn’t find any. Luo Tian would harvest any spiritual herbs during his travels, eagerly awaiting the time to concoct some pills. After half a day, his five battle pets had risen to level 5.

During that time…

Luo Tian had to deal with the first battle pet of his that reverted back to normal.

Two minutes prior, Luo Tian controlled that pet to walk to a remote area. Once that pet reverted back to normal, Luo Tian cast Magic Charm to make it a summoned pet once more. With his maxed out luck, charming the pet once more wasn’t too difficult.

Within an hour, the four other battle pets reverted back to normal and were then charmed once more.

The sky was gradually getting dark.

The eyes of his battle pets seemed to become different and more ferocious.


Seven waning moons started appearing on the horizon!

Seven Lunar Gods?!

Or seven Demon Lords?!

The bosses of the ancient battlefield?!

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