Undefeatable – Ch621

Chapter 621 – I Need To Go Level Up

Ever since Luo Tian entered the ancient battlefield, he felt there was something weird about this place.

These ancient demonic beasts looked strong and fierce, but not many of them took the initiative to attack him.

Their cultivation realm was equivalent to someone at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm, so their senses allowed them to detect anyone within a radius of ten thousand kilometers. How can a foreign aura evade their detection? And there happened to be tons of T-rex’s just a few hundred kilometers away.

Most of them were like docile sheep.

They didn’t exude a ferocious aura.

Whether it was the Tarbosaurus’ or the T-rexs’, they coexisted peacefully and rarely fought with each other.

This was definitely an unusual situation.

Demonic beasts were born aggressive, and they would continuously fight and kill in order to survive. Some of them even ate their own children, yet those kinds of incidents were unseen here.


Seven red waning moons appeared over the horizon and everything suddenly changed.

Their eyes gradually turned bloodshot and the blood eventually seeped into their pupils making them turn dark red. All the ancient demonic beasts were looking up at the sky like they were worshipping the waning moons. A faint red flame outline started appearing around their bodies.

The aura flame slowly rose up into the air and was absorbed by those waning moons.

Those waning red moons turned even more terrifying as if they were covered in blood.

After that…

The sky went dark and the whole place instantly changed.

The demonic beasts became agitated, more ferocious, and the scent of blood permeated the air. In a ten thousand kilometer radius, all the demonic beasts entered an enraged state.



“Awuuu~… awuuu~…”

The Tarbosaurus’ and the T-rex’s started howling and roaring.

The five battle pets behind Luo Tian started struggling like they were trying to break the hold that Magic Charm had over them.

Their natural violent aura kept getting stronger.

Level 5 battle pets reached the strength of a peak Profound Emperor 9th ranker. If they escape the control over their consciousness, Luo Tian and Eggy would most likely be instantly killed by them.

“Boss, they… what are they doing?”

“I don’t know!”

Luo Tian jumped away and stood at a relatively safer location with his brows furrowed. He wasn’t sure if Magic Charm was capable of keeping the minds of his battle pets under control. Based on the Legend of Mir game, the charmed pets would never revert back to normal until the time is up.

But this place wasn’t a video game.

Anything could happen here, so Luo Tian didn’t dare to believe Magic Charm would continue to have absolute control over them.

At this time…

Luo Tian continued to observe the seven waning moons in the sky. The moons were very mesmerizing and their positions seem to be the pattern similar to the Big Dipper stars. Somehow, Luo Tian had a feeling that these moons were under the control of some mysterious force that was not related to the ancient demonic beasts.

“Could it be that there are still people here in the ancient battlefield?”

“It can’t be some overlord from the Ancient World, right?”

“Damn it!”

“If that’s the case, how am I going to continue messing around here?” Luo Tian’s mind darkened. Just the will of the Soul Sovereign from the Ancient World was so strong, wouldn’t that mean the real body of such a deity would be an absolutely terrifying existence? The Soul Sovereign was an overlord of a territory, so if that person in the ancient battlefield had the same strength…”

“No way!”

“No matter what he or she is, I’ve come all the way here to level up!”

“My goal is to level up.”

No matter how wild and arrogant Luo Tian was, he wasn’t an idiot.

If it was really an overlord from the Ancient World, he would have no chance of surviving.

Even Eggy wouldn’t be that person’s opponent.

“Boss, boss, they’ve stopped.”

“It looks like they can’t break it.” Eggy quickly said.

Luo Tian finally relaxed after staring at his battle pets. He could only mutter with lingering fear: “It looks like Magic Charm’s mind control isn’t too bad.”



Sounds of collision were suddenly heard all over.

Then sounds of slaughter.

This place truly turned into a battlefield, one dominated by ancient demonic beasts! Luo Tian was like a speck of dust to them. Hearing those sounds, Luo Tian’s mind tightened, “Them fighting each other is a huge opportunity for me!”

“I need to get out of this place as soon as possible!”

“I don’t know if Han Hua and Zhao Chen are still alive or not, but Yun Ling and Yun Yi are definitely still alive. They might be all suffering from some kind of torture right now. I cannot let anything more happen to them.”

Just imagine…

When two sides battle, there would naturally be countless injured and many who are at the edge of death.

They would only have a few hundred to a few thousand health points left. If Luo Tian appeared at such a time and helped out by giving them an extra stab, wouldn’t his experience bar soar to the sky?

This was an ideal opportunity to make a fortune off the dead!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian sat down cross-legged, brought out the Green Dragon Cauldron, and started concocting the Triple Experience Pill.

The Triple Experience Pill was something extremely hard to concoct.

It used up a lot of one’s mental energy.

Luo Tian failed the first time.

Luo Tian’s heart ached when he wasted a large piece of the Rainbow Lotus. Seeing how there was only a bit left, he tried to calm himself down. He pushed all distractions out of his mind, took some deep breaths, and started the refinement process once more.

Even if he had Xiao Yan’s alchemy skills…

Even if he had the passive success rate and his maxed out luck, the success rate still wasn’t at a hundred percent. If he had that hundred percent success rate, then that would truly be a perverted cheat.


“Concoction success!”


Luo Tian finally relaxed. He didn’t stop and continued to concoct the regular Experience Pill.

Half an hour later.

Luo Tian changed to forging weapons.

The skeleton of these ancient demonic beasts was extremely tough, so the weapons he forges will definitely be super strong. And the ribs of the Tarbosaurus were especially suitable to forge a Tang Blade. With a huge Tang Blade in hand, the perfect skill to kill the Tarbosaurus was his Dragon Slayer skill.

When it came to weapons, large blades were definitely more domineering looking.

Apart from this, Luo Tian wanted to forge some rations for Eggy so he could break through the seal on his body. At least then, Eggy could move freely about and have the ability to protect himself.

In order to completely undo the seal on Eggy, they would have to deal with Daoist Tian Xu.

As long as Luo Tian can explode that old fogey and Heaven’s Seal drops, he can completely release Eggy from the seal. When he goes back to Dark North City and undoes the seals of those old devils inside the Soul Refining Array, he would undoubtedly have a large force of troops backing him.

When Luo Tian leaves this place, he not only will be facing against Daoist Tian Xu.

He will have to deal with the ten great immortal sects as well!


The wedding day of Li Xue’er and Murong Wanjian was getting closer. Luo Tian had to make his own force stronger. It will definitely be extremely difficult for him to deal with the ten great immortal sects by himself, so he needed enough brothers to back him up!


“Forging successful!”


“Forging successful!”


“Forging successful…”

Continuous successes.

His forging skill was rising like crazy and those large Tang Blades were accumulating next to Luo Tian’s side. Eggy was drooling so much that “plop plop” sounds could be heard. He then said with an excited smile: “Boss is too handsome! Even though the grade of these profound weapons isn’t high, they all still contain a very strong power inside them. That’s already quite delicious to me, hahaha…”


“Forging successful!”

Luo Tian finished his forging with the last piece of skeleton. His body was covered with sweat and his clothes were drenched. He randomly picked up one of them and played around with it. “This weapon feels quite nice when holding it. Eggy, the rest will all belong to you. Stay here and do your thing while I go level up!”

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