Undefeatable – Ch623

Chapter 623 – Killing Until The Sky Breaks

Mount Hua’s old ancestor?!


Luo Tian’s mind seems to have short-circuited.

He wasn’t too knowledgeable when it came to the history of Mount Hua Immortal Sect and he only learned some information on the ancient battlefield from Xu Shan.

Back then, ten Profound Emperor Elders entered the ancient battlefield but only one managed to escape from it. And shortly after, that Elder died as well while leaving instructions that no one was to enter the ancient battlefield. So after ten thousand years, the ancient battlefield was slowly forgotten by most people.

As for those nine Elders, they had been long forgotten.

Everyone thought they were dead already.

Luo Tian thought the same thing as well. But now that he found out that one of Mount Hua’s ancestors was still alive, it would be false to say he wasn’t shocked. He actually felt rather excited.

After hearing Luo Tian’s reply…

That person’s eyes were filled with doubt. He looked at Luo Tian’s chest and asked: “You say you are a disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect but you aren’t wearing the uniform of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Within Mount Hua Immortal Sect, it doesn’t matter if you’re a disciple, an Elder, or the Sect Leader; there should be a symbol of Mount Hua Immortal Sect on the chest of your clothing. And you don’t have it.”


Luo Tian smiled bitterly and replied: “I indeed don’t have a uniform. Mount Hua Immortal Sect has never treated me as a disciple. I ran all the way to this place because the Prime Elder was trying to kill me. I’m not afraid to tell you the truth – Mount Hua Immortal Sect is no longer the original Mount Hua Immortal Sect of the past. It has already become rotten to the point of being unable to get more rotten. It can’t even protect its immortal sect status anymore. In my estimates, the current Mount Hua Immortal Sect will probably be divided up by other immortal sects in less than a year.”


That person’s expression became angry.

His body suddenly released an unbelievably strong aura.

Luo Tian’s body couldn’t endure it and was immediately forced backward. That aura wasn’t focused on him but his sea of consciousness and his mind received a strong shock. He couldn’t help hiddenly swallowing some saliva and saying internally: “What a strong aura! His aura is definitely stronger than Daoist Tian Xu so he might really be an expert at the Profound God realm, right?”

“Back then…”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect was the strongest and the leader of all immortal sects. Even if all nine great immortal sects joined hands, they still wouldn’t be our opponent. I never imagined Mount Hua would have fallen to such lows in just ten thousand years… sigh~…”

“The blame is on us….”

“We were the ones to blame…”

That person’s eyes were wet while he revealed a look of heartache.

Luo Tian couldn’t help asking: “Senior, why are you guys living here and fighting with the demonic beasts? That person over there should be a senior of Mount Hua Immortal Sect as well, right? Why does it look like you guys are trying to kill each other?”

They were definitely apprentice-brothers.

They should be even more united inside the ancient battlefield, so why were they fighting each other?

That person’s eyes sank as he looked up towards the blood-colored waning moons. His eyes contained a deep sense of hatred. He clenched his fists while saying in a low voice: “We were forced to do this because we no longer control our lives. We are being controlled by him.”

While saying that…

He pointed at the waning moons up in the sky while his face turned depressed.

He had a helpless look in his eyes.

Luo Tian’s mind sank, “Sure enough, something fishy is going on.”

Luo Tian then asked: “Senior, have you and the others never thought of getting out of here?”

“Get out of here?”

“Hahaha…” The old man laughed in bitterness. His expression turned even more helpless as he said: “If we ten didn’t join forces to fight back then for a little bit more time, there’s no way the eldest senior brother would’ve been able to escape from here. All ten of us can forget about leaving here.”

“Little brother, you can forget about leaving after coming into the ancient battlefield.”

“The four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead you used has been absorbed by him. Within one month, his cultivation will have taken another step forward. Even if all the demonic beasts inside the ancient battlefield joined forces, they still aren’t able to kill him.”

The old man then looked at Luo Tian while asking: “After eldest senior brother escaped this place, didn’t he leave behind a decree saying no one is allowed to come in here?”

It was quite difficult for them to gather the four regions’ blood back in their era, so it should have gotten even more difficult ten thousand years later. Since Luo Tian obtained all those required items, he should be clear on what’s going on inside the ancient battlefield. The old man was puzzled why this kid would still run in here under such conditions.

“Cannot leave this place?” Luo Tian’s expression suddenly froze.

The old man chuckled bitterly and said: “Not only can you not leave, but that person will also come looking for you after he refines the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead. You will become his slave. At that time, you will be in command of a group of demonic beasts to provide killing intent for him. Sigh~…”

The ancient battlefield…

A place dominated by a single person.

You can forget about leaving after coming in here. You will either become his slave or you will die!

Luo Tian already assumed there would be a strong boss inside but he was thinking it would be some type of strong demonic beast boss. What he didn’t expect was that there would still be people inside the ancient battlefield. And what he never imagined was that the boss here would be called the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign!

Luo Tian refused to believe what he heard and asked: “Is there really no other way?”

The old man replied: “Over ten thousand plus years, we have explored every corner of the ancient battlefield but haven’t found anything. The aura, power, demonic beasts, even the trees and grass are all from the Ancient World. We are unable to break through the hundred times gravity spatial field and we’ve tried every possible way.”

“There’s only one thing we haven’t tried.”

Luo Tian looked over and immediately asked: “What?”

“To kill him!”

A thick killing intent appeared when the old person said those three words. But the killing intent evaporated before the sound of his voice had faded. They were all absorbed by the seven waning moons up in the sky, not even a single trace was left behind!

The old person then smiled bitterly before saying: “You saw it, right? We are unable to use any killing intent because that type of power has been sealed by him. We aren’t unable to break through into the Profound God realm either. Even if all of us apprentice-brothers joined hands, we aren’t his opponent at all.

They would have attempted it already if they could kill him by joining forces.

All these years, they couldn’t even kill themselves!

They were like puppets being controlled to command demonic beasts to slaughter each other every day. All they did was farm killing intent for him. All these years, they constantly dreamed of killing the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign but their powers were too weak when pitted against him.

They can forget about it without a Profound God cultivation!

The old man became silent in thought.

Luo Tian also stopped talking and was in thought.

Even these old ancestors weren’t that guy’s opponent, which meant there’s no way he was that guy’s opponent.


Luo Tian had to get out!

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were waiting for him.

Fatty, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman Liu, An Chunchun, and the others were waiting for him.

Li Xue’er was waiting for him.

No matter what, Luo Tian had to leave this place!


Luo Tian thought of a very important skill, “Teleport!”

Inside Legend of Mir, the skill can be used in any map or any dungeon. The user will directly fly out and appear outside somewhere. Would the skill’s function work the same way here?

Luo Tian immediately opened the system interface. He was planning on using his Teleport skill that was at the great perfection level when he found out…


“The map is not available!”

“Damn it!”

“You guys are forcing me!” Luo Tian’s eyes turned fierce as the last glimpse of hope was shattered. Now, he only had one option left.

At this moment…

Those half-dead demonic beasts on the battlefield had finally died, and all the experience points went to Luo Tian.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound Emperor 4th rank!”

Luo Tian’s mouth turned into a sneer. He looked up with an evil expression and said: “Then let’s kill until we break the sky open!”

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