Undefeatable – Ch627

Chapter 627 – Eggy, You Can Be Saved

Who are the ancestors of the five elements?

They were the direct disciples of Mount Hua’s progenitor.

After the progenitor’s ascension, they were in charge of the ten plus halls of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The Ancestors of the Five Elements entered the Profound Emperor realm when they were about a hundred years old. Mount Hua’s progenitor once said that they would soon break into the Profound God Sovereign realm and ascend to a higher plane to continue their adventures.

But unexpectedly…

They were trapped inside the ancient battlefield for over ten thousand years.

Between the five of them, Daoist Jin Ling was the eldest senior brother.

Daoist Jin Ling’s eyes widened in shock as he thought he had heard the wrong words. He then asked: “Junior brother, what did you just say? He can bring us out of here?”

Daoist Lie Yan said in excitement: “This little brother said that he can bring us out of here! Eldest senior brother, you didn’t see it just now. He…”

“Bring us out of here?”

“Just based on him?”

Daoist Jin Ling immediately interrupted Daoist Lie Yan and said: “You guys have seen the strength of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. Based on what you’ve seen, we aren’t his opponent even if we all joined hands together. He even sealed up some of our powers. Now that tens of thousands of years have passed by, one can easily imagine how much more powerful he has gotten. Just based on his Profound Emperor 5th rank strength and he can bring us out of here? It looks like you two wish to leave this place so badly that you have now lost your minds.”

“That’s right!”

“Second senior brother, there’s only one way if you want to leave this place – kill the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. All of us combined aren’t his opponent yet you’re saying he is? Stop joking around. The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign hasn’t bothered with him since the moment he stepped into the ancient battlefield. That means he isn’t putting this kid in his eyes, a form of complete disregard. There’s no way he is an opponent for the devil sovereign.” Daoist Tu Ling said in all seriousness.

Daoist Lie Yan immediately retorted: “Eldest senior brother, junior brother, don’t be in such a rush to jump to conclusions. We haven’t finished speaking yet. He… right, little brother, what’s your name?”

Luo Tian replied: “Luo Tian.”

Daoist Lie Yan then continued saying: “You guys don’t understand how powerful little brother Luo is. In order to break through, the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign needs us to help him refine killing intent from the demonic beasts. His cultivation realm would rise through the absorption of the killing intent. But do you know what little brother Luo relies on to make his breakthroughs?”

“Killing demonic beasts!”

“He can make breakthroughs just by killing demonic beasts!”

“Three hours!”

Daoist Lie Yan became agitated as he continued: “He only needed three hours to break through from the Profound Emperor 4th rank to the 5th rank! Let’s not compare his speed to us, but even our master cannot accomplish that. The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign thinks his cultivation speed is fast but he is weak to the max when compared to little brother Luo!”

“Breaking through to the Profound Emperor 5th rank in just three hours?”

“Junior brother, are you joking with us?”

“That’s impossible.”

“I refused to believe it even if you beat me to death. Even though we’ve been stuck in the ancient battlefield for over ten thousand years, we still haven’t become muddle-headed to that extent. In order to break through from the Profound Emperor 4th rank to the 5th rank, it needs at least several years of cultivation.”

They refused to believe it!

No one would believe it unless they witnessed it themselves.

Daoist Lie Yan didn’t believe it originally either, and he was still a bit stupefied about it right now while his brains couldn’t fully process the situation. But he believed in Luo Tian. The more he looked at Luo Tian, the more he felt he was unusually calm and wasn’t someone who would speak random nonsense.

Daoist Jin Ling looked over at Daoist Tian Mu.

Daoist Tian Mu nodded and said: “It’s all true. He indeed used less than three hours to step into the Profound Emperor 5th rank from the 4th rank. Senior brother, this might be our last chance. Our lifespan has already reached its limit.”

“If we cannot make a breakthrough, our lifespan will be over in less than a year.”

“Instead of waiting for our deaths here, why don’t we…”

Daoist Jin Ling didn’t really believe in Daoist Lie Yan’s words, but he was convinced by Daoist Tian Mu’s words. Amongst the five of them, Daoist Tian Mu was the most steady and calm. Daoist Jin Ling became silent in thought after hearing his words.

Daoist Tian Mu only looked at him.

The other three were staring at him as well.

Luo Tian was also looking at Daoist Jin Ling. From beginning to end, he only said his name and then stayed silent off to the side.

Luo Tian was feeling rather nervous.

If Daoist Jin Ling isn’t willing to risk helping him, there’s no way he can accomplish what he planned on!

Whether he could leave this place or not required the cooperation of these five people.

They can control the five types of demonic beasts inside the ancient battlefield. If all these demonic beasts were gathered together, Luo Tian could kill them all more easily. The experience points and his leveling would be similar to sitting on a rocket. He would be able to break through into the Profound God realm in a very short time!

Luo Tian was feeling very anxious.

If anything happened to the twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi, he really wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. Luo Tian’s heart would ache every time he thought back to the scene of them crying.

He had to go back as soon as possible.

The interior of the cave turned quiet.

A single second felt like a year.


Daoist Lie Yan couldn’t bear it anymore and asked anxiously: “Eldest senior brother, we are running out of time. Let’s just fight it out since there’s no way for us to escape death. Instead of dying of old age, why not fight it out with the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign once more? I refuse to believe we can’t take him on.”

Daoist Tian Mu added: “Senior brother, this might be our only chance.”

One’s lifespan would increase as their cultivation realm rises, but they hadn’t made any breakthroughs for over ten thousand years. The lifespan of a person at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm was coming to an end, and they most likely will die within a year’s time.

Daoist Jin Ling glanced over at Luo Tian and asked: “Did you really use three hours to break through into the Profound Emperor 5th rank?”

Luo Tian nodded and was feeling very excited, but his expression remained calm as he replied: “Yes.”

Daoist Jin Ling clenched his fists once before relaxing and saying: “If you’re given enough demonic beasts, how long will it take for you to break into the Profound God realm? Our time is limited. Once the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign finishes refining the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead, he will come looking for you. If you haven’t broken through into the Profound God realm by then, you will definitely end up dying.”

Luo Tian asked: “How long do we have before he comes out looking for me?”

Daoist Jin Ling replied: “Half a month at most.”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he felt half a month was too short.

Leveling up from the Profound Emperor 4th rank to the 5th needed three hours, but the experience needed from the 5th rank to the 6th rank was four times as much. And the experience from the demonic beasts was two million less, so it will need a lot of time before he can breakthrough into the Profound God realm.

If there was someone that could assist him with the workload…

Luo Tian’s gaze swept past the five of them as he asked: “Five seniors, do you have any divine artifacts in your possession? The more the better.”

“What do you need those for?”


Luo Tian’s expression changed as he laughed at himself, “I’m really an idiot! Mount Hua’s ancestors are right before me so why would I need divine artifacts for?”

He wanted to use their divine artifacts so that Eggy could break the seal over himself, but he forgot that these old ancestors before him were the disciples of the progenitor. There’s a high chance that they’ve cultivated the secret skill Heaven’s Seal! Luo Tian immediately asked: “Five seniors, have you guys ever cultivated the God Skill created by the progenitor called Heaven’s Seal?”

“Heaven’s Seal?”

“That’s a God Skill created by our master so we’ve naturally cultivated it.”

“And here I was thinking what difficult matters could it be.”

“We five have cultivated it before. Back then, we participated in sealing up the devil sect experts.”

Luo Tian smiled and said in excitement: “Eggy, you can be saved!”

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