Undefeatable – Ch628

Chapter 628 – The Plan To Level Up

Luo Tian’s expression was similar to someone looking at a flyer stuck to a utility pole that says an old chinese doctor that can cure all complicated diseases like impotence, premature ejaculation, and anal abscess. He instantly felt everything was rather beautiful in this world.

“Eggy, there’s a cure for your illness!” Luo Tian almost shouted this out loud.

Far away, Eggy was munching on the profound weapons that Luo Tian had forged for him. He suddenly sneezed several times, “Achoo~, achoo~, achoo~…” He was sneezing so hard that saliva splattered everywhere. He then muttered: “Damn it, who the hell is cursing me? It definitely can’t be anything good.”

Five great ancestors of Mount Hua.

They controlled the five types of demonic beasts inside the ancient battlefield. Those beasts will be gathered together to allow them to kill each other.

Luo Tian will sit around and reap the benefits of a fisherman.

If he was alone by himself, his leveling speed would definitely be quite slow. But if Eggy was added to the equation, then the whole thing will be completely different.

The cultivation realm of these demonic beasts was all below the peak of the Profound Emperor realm.

It is very easy for Eggy to kill them.

Leveling would be much more relaxing if he had a sharp weapon like Eggy.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian asked: “Seniors, can one of you help me save someone?”

Daoist Jin Ling then asked: “Aren’t you the only person that came in? There’s actually someone else as well?”

Luo Tian then replied: “Accurately speaking, he’s not really a person but a dragon.”

“A dragon?!”

The five of them instantly became dumbstruck.

Half an hour later.

The five ancestors were standing before Eggy.

They were all rubbing their hands with a little too much excitement. Their expression looked kind of wretched while they drooled. “A dragon… it’s really a dragon! It’s not a lizard from the Sky Palace but a true descendant of the Dragon God. Who would’ve imagined the Tianxuan Continent would have a Dragon God descendant appear here? This is really inconceivable!”

“Back then, master traveled to many planes just so that he could meet a true dragon. He never managed to meet one but we happen to see one here now. Hahaha…”

“Look at the scales on his body. They are all golden in color and he has eight claws. Even amongst the Dragon God clan, he is definitely a high-ranked Dragon God. An eight-clawed golden dragon is simply too amazing! A divine beast that only existed in legends has actually appeared before us.”

“Look at his adorable face, hahaha…”

“Little brother Luo, how did you get him? This is really good stuff! His blood, his flesh, and his divine consciousness can allow anyone to break through quickly. If one manages to fuse with his Dragon God’s bloodline, tsk~ tsk~… now that’s a truly extraordinary bloodline! Nothing in the Tianxuan Continent can compare with such a powerful bloodline!”

Eggy was staring at the five old lunatics.

He couldn’t help start trembling, “B, b, b, boss, who are these people? They’re not going to eat me, right?”


“You five old fogies, you’re not planning on eating this lord right?!”

“Do you believe that I can dismantle your old bones anytime I want? I’ll have you know that I am extremely strong!”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Stop trying to act strong. I’ve already told them about the seal on your body.”

“Damn it!”

“Boss, you’ve sold me out!”

“You are too vicious!” Eggy was like a wilted piece of cabbage before his expression instantly changed to a fawning expression. “Old grandpas, how do you do? My meat doesn’t taste good and my blood is more disgusting to drink than piss. How can you guys bear to eat such a cute and adorable dragon like me?”



The five of them started laughing.

Daoist Jin Ling was the first to speak: “Let’s not waste any more time. The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign might appear at any time. Little brother Luo, the lives of the five of us will be handed to you. Whether you can bring us out of here or not will be all on you.”

The five of them all stared at Luo Tian at the same time.

The eyes were filled with heat!

This was really their last hope. If they couldn’t leave this place, they were really going to die very soon.

Luo Tian nodded in all seriousness and said: “I will definitely do my best to bring you all out of here.”

Since he had said such words, then he had to accomplish it.

Luo Tian had always been like that.

If he wanted to leave this place, it would be impossible without the help of these five.

Daoist Jin Ling faintly smiled and said: “Good!”

Immediately after…

His brows furrowed and a strange power appeared in his palm. This power contained an aura of a Profound God Sovereign. A small droplet of the power then flew out and landed at the center of Eggy’s brows.

Eggy’s body slightly shrunk.

At this instance, the power of the seal on his body quickly disappeared. His powers recovered and the aura coming from him instantly became fierce. His dragon’s aura slowly spread out bit by bit before eventually encompassing a hundred kilometer radius. Anyone in this area would instantly feel an oppressive pressure!


Eggy started roaring in laughter and caused explosions in the sky.

The seven blood-colored waning moons shook.

At this moment, Luo Tian covered Eggy’s mouth with his hand. He then started shaking him violently, “What the hell is up with your arrogance?! We will all die if you keep laughing like that!”

Eggy scratched his head with a grievance, “Okay, I won’t laugh anymore! It hurts! Stop shaking me!”

Daoist Jin Ling and the others received a big scare.

The seven waning moons were controlled by the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s spiritual wills. Apart from using them to absorb killing intent, he used them to monitor every move inside the ancient battlefield.

Luo Tian let go of his hands.

Eggy stretched himself and then said with excitement: “Boss, I have fully recovered. Once we get out of here, I will directly smash that old undying Tian Xu to death with a single pole strike. His granny’s cha-cha, daring to seal this daddy? This daddy will not let him off!”

Right after…

Eggy’s rage soared into the sky and wished he could get out this instant and hang Daoist Tian Xu up for a beating.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at him and said: “Why aren’t you thanking them? They are the ancestors of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If you go out right now and get sealed up once more, it won’t be you killing him and will be him pulling out your tendons and peeling off your skin.”


Eggy was startled by this and said to himself: “That sounds right. I’ll be finished if I get sealed up once more.”

He started smiling while looking at Daoist Jin Ling, “Thank you, old grandpa! Old grandpa, can you pass Heaven’s Seal to me? As long as I cultivate it, once that old bandit Tian Xu tries to seal me up, I can beat the shit out of him and make him eat it off the ground!”

Apart from Eggy, Luo Tian wanted to learn the skill too.


Luo Tian was different from the martial artists of this world. All his skills had to come from loot explosions or be rewarded to him by the system, so there’s no way he can learn a new cultivation through books and such. This was one of the majorly screwed up things for him.

Daoist Jin Ling faintly smiled and replied: “I don’t have the ability even if I wanted to. This is a God Skill that my master comprehended in order to fight against the devil sect. It can only be cultivated by the human race. The devil race, demon race, and other races cannot cultivate it. So naturally, your Dragon race cannot either.”

Eggy felt a bit depressed.

Luo Tian then said: “Don’t worry, just hand old bandit Tian Xu to me. I will definitely play him to death once we get out of here.”

“The most important thing right now is to breakthrough!”

Soon after…

Luo Tian discussed his leveling plan in detail and the five nodded their heads. Even though they didn’t know how Luo Tian could raise his cultivation realm by killing demonic beasts, they still had the desire to fight it out once more. This was most likely their last chance ever.

Luo Tian looked up at the blood-colored waning moons. “Yun Ling, Yun Yi; I will come rescue you two very soon.”

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