Undefeatable – Ch633

Chapter 633 – First Kill

Accidental windfall!

Who would’ve imagined that riding a dragon would allow him to comprehend a joint attacking skill?

Luo Tian wasn’t too surprised because this kind of skill had appeared in the games of his previous life.

Outside the Seven Moon Valley.


“It looks like you five old geezers really don’t want your lives anymore.”

“You dare come to the Seven Moon Valley? Don’t you know this is a forbidden area of the ancient battlefield? It looks like you are all tired of living.”

The valley was similar to a waning moon.

It had a narrow entrance to the valley.

There was a huge stone monument erected at the entrance of the valley. The monument was etched with three words – Seven Moon Valley. Above the stone monument stood a person in blood-colored clothing. It was a man exuding thick killing intent but one couldn’t really see what he looked like. The bloody violent aura coming from him had practically turned into flames that seemed to be blazing at a steady pace.

Very strong!

The aura coming from him was extremely aggressive!

Apart from that, the man in the blood-colored clothing had a look of disdain on his face. “You guys are merely the slaves of the Divine Lord. If the Divine Lord wants you to die, he only needs to move his fingers to accomplish it. You old undying bastards better scram as far away as you can. If you make the Divine Lord unhappy…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Daoist Lie Yan couldn’t hold it in anymore and cursed out: “F*ck your granny!”

Immediately after…

The power of a peak Profound Emperor exploded out to the highest point. The power coming from Daoist Lie Yan was the color of flames and it was incinerating the surrounding atmosphere. At this moment, he made his move and shot out a palm towards the man in the blood-colored clothing.

The man in blood-colored clothing furrowed his brows while his face became even more disdainful. “Overestimating your own strength!”

The moment Daoist Lie Yan struck…

That man started moving but his speed and strength were even greater than his. The aura this man was releasing also happened to suppress the aura Daoist Lie Yan was exuding. His oppressive pressure also burst out at the same time, “You guys are nothing but slaves yet you dare to act presumptuously in front of me? You guys are courting death!”

There was a blur of red.

The surrounding air instantly smelled like the pungent metallic scent of blood.

The killing intent made the surrounding cold to the extreme.

The figure of the man in the blood-colored clothing seemed to disperse through the air.


Daoist Lie Yan’s palm strike hit nothing but air. He then harrumphed and shouted: “Grandson, stop running around!”


“I’ve been standing here all along, it’s just that your powers are too weak.”

As his voice was heard…

The blood droplets dispersed through the air silently converged behind Daoist Lie Yan. A figure with a vicious grin could now be seen.

“Watch out, junior brother!”

“Fourth junior brother!”

Too weird.

This was considered cultivation suppression where the other person couldn’t even detect it.

Daoist Lie Yan felt a chill on his back but he didn’t panic. On the contrary, his face remained calm and an arrogant sneer formed on his mouth. “Lie down for me!”

It was unknown when…

The moment Daoist Lie Yan made his move, the other four were moving as well.

They moved towards the position of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Wood. They instantly formed the Five Element Killing Formation!

Everything had been calculated since the beginning.

They were waiting for the man in blood-colored clothing to fall for it.

The man’s expression hiddenly changed as he detected the danger of the Five Element Killing Formation. He then shouted: “You guys want to rebel?! The Divine Lord will not let any of you off! Just wait for your deaths to come!”

“Your granny!”

“This daddy has been tolerating you for a long time already! Even if we have to die, you will be the one dying first!” Daoist Lie Yan yelled out in anger.

His brows furrowed and the fire brand at the center shot out a beam of light. It was the same for the other four, where the elemental brand between their brows lit up and instantly restrained that man.

The surrounding atmosphere drastically changed.

From the pungent metallic blood scent to the scent of the five elements. The aura of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth kept soaring higher until it quickly formed a five element formation. That power suppressed the man in blood-colored clothing and all he could do was struggle against it.

His crimson red aura was surging but his body was still suppressed by Daoist Jin Ling and the other four.

They didn’t plan on killing this man in blood-colored clothing.

They just wanted to trap him in place.

The man in blood-colored clothing realized this and stopped struggling. He then sneered: “You dare to move against me? None of you will have a good ending. Let me go if you know what’s best for you, and maybe I will appease the Divine Lord on your behalf. Otherwise… humph~… you guys should know the consequences.”

He thought that Daoist Lie Yan and the others wouldn’t dare to do anything reckless towards him.

Otherwise, they would’ve used fatal strikes the first time they got a chance.

After thinking to this point, he revealed a disdainful smile on his face. His expression was smug to the extreme as he determined these five people didn’t dare to kill him.

When comparing their cultivation realm…

He wasn’t worse than any of the five. If this was a one vs. one fight, he was stronger than any one of them. But when the five of them joined hands together, their strength was obviously different from before. The power of the five elements can grow stronger with each other in an endless cycle.

This kind of power was not ordinary.

There was no way he can break past it.

“You think we don’t dare to touch you?”

“Heh heh…” Daoist Lie Yan coldly chuckled. He then looked up and said: “The one that’s going to touch you is about to arrive.”

The man in the blood-colored clothing’s expression faintly changed as he said: “Apart from you five old fogies, there’s only that little mouse that entered the ancient battlefield thirteen days ago. You guys can’t be waiting for him, right? Hahaha…”

“Do you really think that a piece of trash at the Profound Emperor 2nd rank can kill me?”

“Even if I stand here for him to use whatever methods to kill, he can forget about harming even a single hair on me. The Divine Lord doesn’t place any piece of trash from the Tianxuan Continent in his eyes. Do you think a little mouse that hides in a dog’s hole can really injure me?”

“You five old fogies are getting worse through age. You are having a piece of trash come kill me…”

This man also knew the moment Luo Tian entered the ancient battlefield.

He didn’t bother with the matter because he didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes. Someone with the cultivation of a Profound Emperor 2nd ranker in the ancient battlefield was simply too weak. There was no need to pay attention to someone that couldn’t even protect themselves if they met a single ancient demonic beast.

As the voice of that man in blood-colored clothing was heard…

Luo Tian arrived while riding a dragon with a golden glow, looking valiant to the extreme!

There was surprise in the eyes of the five old ancestors.

A dragon rider!

Dragons were the most noble species in the entire realm and wouldn’t let anyone ride on top of them. No matter how strong an expert was, they were not capable of making a dragon submit to them. And Eggy was a descendant of a Dragon God so his existence was nobler than your average dragon.

Who would’ve imagined Eggy would allow Luo Tian to ride on top of his body?

The expression of the man in blood-colored clothing drastically changed. “A dragon?!”


“How did that piece of trash’s cultivation…”

Daoist Lie Yan interrupted with his hearty laughter. “Profound Emperor 9th rank? Who would’ve imagined in a short thirteen days, he can break through all the way to the 9th rank. Do you think he is capable of killing you or not right now? You son of a b*tch, you’ve been lording over us like a tyrant for over ten thousand years! Now it’s time for you to go to hell for us!”

“Little brother Luo, go kill him!”

The reason they came here ahead of time was to buy Luo Tian some time.

They understood that Luo Tian could make breakthroughs from killing demonic beasts, so they thought he should be able to break through from killing the man in blood-colored clothing as well. He was just a guard for the Seven Moon Valley and not the Seven Moon Valley itself. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have trapped the guy so easily.

Luo Tian felt moved by their action.

He kept that gratitude inside his heart because now wasn’t the time to dwell on it.

Luo Tian’s figure blurred and he instantly landed. He was holding a long Tang Blade in his hand while his gaze turned serious. Seeing how the man in blood-colored clothing only had a little bit of health left, Luo Tian coldly grinned and chopped down viciously.



“You dare?!”

The Seven Moon Valley started shaking like a giant in slumber that had started to wake up.

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