Undefeatable – Ch634

Chapter 634 – Five Element Angry Buddhas

“Kill me and you all will have to die as well!”

“Little bastard, try touching this daddy if you dare!”

The man in blood-colored clothing originally had a ferocious expression on his face, but it became even more arrogant when he heard the sound coming from the Seven Moon Valley. His two blood-colored eyes glared at Luo Tian without blinking.

Luo Tian viciously spat a glob of phlegm on him before shouting: “Screw your sister, go to hell for me!”

His Profound Emperor 9th rank powers exploded forth.

Under the stimulation of his powers, Luo Tian viciously chopped down.


The man in blood-colored clothing was directly chopped into two and instantly died.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the Guardian of Seven Moon Valley. You have gained 8,000,000 experience points, 800,000 profound energy…”

There wasn’t any loot explosion.

There were only experience points and profound energy.

Of course…

That guy wasn’t a boss or an elite monster. Luo Tian was already rather satisfied with so many experience points.


“What a good kill! What a satisfying kill! Little brother Luo, my evaluations about you weren’t wrong. This motherf*cker seriously injured one of my junior brothers back then so I promised myself that I will have him killed one day. His granny, now he finally died today!” Daoist Lie Yan started laughing heartily.

Daoist Jin Ling furrowed his brow and said: “Be careful everyone, the Seven Waning Moons are coming out soon. Their cultivation realm is much higher than the guardian of the Seven Moon Valley. Second junior brother, you protect Luo Tian. The rest of the junior brothers will fight them with me.”

“Order received!”

“I can finally kill to my heart’s content!”

“I haven’t been able to tolerate them for a long time already! Hahaha…”

Their goal was to help Luo Tian breakthrough into the Profound God realm.

No matter what price they had to pay, they had to help Luo Tian. The worst case was that they ended up dying.

Before Luo Tian breaks through into the Profound God realm, they didn’t want Luo Tian to suffer any injuries. Their own cultivation had been sealed up and couldn’t break into the Profound God realm. Luo Tian was their only hope so they would fight with their lives on their line even if they can’t get out!

For their brothers who have died!

For the future of Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

This was their determination!

Luo Tian’s emotions sank and just when he was about to say something…

Daoist Tian Mu interrupted: “We are fighting for our honor. Luo Tian, if you manage to leave this place, please don’t forget the things you promised us. You have to support Mount Hua Immortal Sect and make it reach its peak once more. This is what we promised our master. Since we aren’t able to accomplish it, we are now relying on you.”

After saying that…

Daoist Tian Mu blocked in front of Luo Tian like an angry buddhist warrior.

Luo Tian didn’t know what to say.

He looked up at the sky and sent a sound transmission to Eggy: “Protect the other four seniors.”

Eggy replied: “Boss, I would’ve done it even if you didn’t ask me. I ate a lot of their divine artifacts so if I can’t protect them well, then I, Eggy, can forget about living this life anymore. With how handsome I am…”

“Stop blabbing nonsense and go do it.” Luo Tian interrupted Eggy from flattering himself.

At the same time…

Luo Tian’s mind tightened as he looked up how much experience he needed to level up Berserk. His thoughts became serious and wasn’t in a rush to level it up.

Berserk was already at level 8.

If he were to level it up to level 9, he could release five hundred plus times his base attributes. But the problem was that his Profound Emperor body may not be able to endure the strain.

He would only end up harming himself if he couldn’t control the power.

Luo Tian then said to himself: “I won’t level it up unless I’m at my last resort.”




Seven waning moons landed at the entrance to the Seven Moon Valley.

At this time…

They were no longer the waning moons from the sky but had turned into phantom images. Ones that actually looked like real bodies. They were actually puppets refined by the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign using his will. They were extremely powerful and controlled the ancient battlefield on his behalf.

The stronger the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was, the stronger they would become as well!


“You guys are truly tired of living!”

“The Divine Lord spared your dog lives yet you don’t cherish it. Since that’s the case, you all can go to hell for us.”

As the voice faded…

The sky seemed to be sinking as the gravitational force increased by another hundred times!

The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign controlled everything inside the ancient battlefield so its gravity was naturally counted amongst it. Even though he didn’t make the move himself, the seven waning moons actually had that ability as well.

In an instant…

The body of the five ancestors suddenly bent forward as if a mountain was pressing down on top of them.

Small beads of cold sweat appeared on their foreheads.

“Very strong!”

“Too strong!”

Luo Tian licked his lips internally while his eyes showed how excited he was. “Boss! Seven bosses! They are all divine grade bosses so something good will definitely burst out! I have to f*cking explode them!”

Daoist Jin Ling started forming seals with his hands and the brand between his brows flashed. His whole body turned golden and then an angry-looking buddha descended from the sky.

At the same time…

The other four did the same hand seals and four angry-looking buddhas descended.

“God Skill!”

“Five Element Angry Buddhas!”

“Power of the Gold Wheel.”

“Power of the Fire Wheel.”

“Power of the Water Wheel.”

“Power of the Earth Wheel.”

At this time…

Daoist Tian Mu then said: “Luo Tian, get ready to take action. Even if they can resist the powers of the Five Element Angry Buddhas, they will still be injured in the process. This is your only chance so you have to grasp it.”

As his voice faded…

Daoist Tian Mu’s body disappeared and another angry-looking buddha appeared in his place. He then shouted: “Power of the Wood Wheel!”




Power kept exploding in the area! The strength of this God Skill was beyond Luo Tian’s imagination!

And this happened to be a God Skill with the power of the five elements, so it was naturally even stronger than normal.

The Five Element Angry Buddhas was a God Skill the progenitor of Mount Hua created for his five disciples. Even if it was him casting such a skill, he wouldn’t be able to fully release the powers by himself. Only the five of them were capable of wielding its full powers.

Luo Tian was dumbstruck from witnessing its powers. “God Skill… now that’s the power of a motherf*cking God Skill!”

Five angry buddhas appeared.

The power of the five elements exploded forth.

The expression on the seven waning moons changed. They never imagined the five old geezers could explode forth with such destructive powers.

In an instant…

The seven waning moons started to make their moves.

“Wooden Wheel Cage, control them!” Daoist Tian Mu was faster than them. Giant vines started protruding from the ground. The giant vines quickly intertwined with each other to form a cage and trapped the seven waning moons inside. Spiritual light then started flashing above the giant vine cage.

“Gold Wheel Opens The Sky!”

“Earth Wheel Explosive Burial!”

“Fire Wheel Burns The Sky!”

“Water Wheel Floods The Sky!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

The power of the five elements smashed around inside the cage.

The seven waning moons had no time to react and were beaten up by the five elements. Ten thousand years ago, these five didn’t reveal the Five Element Angry Buddhas so the seven waning moons weren’t prepared for it.

It was due to this that the seven waning moons were caught off guard.

Luo Tian’s figure moved. When he saw the health bar above the Seven Waning Moon drop, he roared out: “Azure Dragon’s power, Vermillion Bird’s power, and Black Tortoise’s power, activate for me!”




Three different roars were heard, and three different divine beast phantom images superimposed over Luo Tian’s body.

His bloodline powers exploded out like crazy!

The power of Luo Tian’s bloodline had increased according to his cultivation base. The three divine beast phantom images looked even more real now as they roared with ferocity.


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