Undefeatable – Ch636

Chapter 636 – Unbeatable Power

Seven Lights – Seven Kills!

God Skill!

How awesome is that?!

Apart from the Heavenly Flames that evolved, Luo Tian hadn’t cultivated any other God Skills. This was considered his first one!

And it happened to be an all-round attacking God Skill!

It was just like his personality – f*ck them up if they aren’t willing to submit, and kill them if you’re unhappy. I will break your arms, shatter your internal organs, and I’ll even destroy your soul if you piss me off further. This was practically an awesome scale that rose to the heavens!

If the little bosses could explode with such good loot, what about the ultimate boss of the ancient battlefield?

What kinds of things will explode out of him?

Luo Tian instantly became excited. If he could, he would immediately hang the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign up and beat him until he explodes.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s confidence was through the roof!

The loot explosion was a little too good so the happiness level was overboard. He pretty much forgot that he hadn’t broken through into the Profound God realm yet and couldn’t deal with the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. If it weren’t for the five element old ancestors, Luo Tian will definitely have a difficult time killing just one of the waning moons.

He managed to kill all seven waning moons with a single slash!

Daoist Jin Ling could sense the arrogant aura coming from Luo Tian and his brows furrowed. “Luo Tian, you aren’t in the Profound God realm yet so you aren’t the opponent of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. If you try to call him out right now, I’m afraid…”

He started getting worried.

Luo Tian’s slash was a bit too fierce since it managed to chop the Seven Moon Valley into two halves. The bottomless rift had extended deep into the valley, which caused the valley’s aura to become rather strange.

Don’t forget…

There were still five ancestral demonic beasts deep inside the Seven Moon Valley.

They were extremely powerful existences!

Luo Tian froze for a bit before saying: “I was a bit too excited just now and almost forgot about it. Senior, I’m just missing a bit before I break into the Profound God realm.”

Daoist Lie Yan chuckled and said: “Then there’s only one option now – enter the valley!”

Daoist Tian Mu revealed a faint smile before saying: “Luo Tian, no matter what happens today, fighting together with you was the most pleasurable thing in my entire life. Hahaha…”


“Same with me!”

“Me too!”

“What a great feeling! After being bullied by the seven waning moons for ten thousand plus years, I’ve finally vented everything out today.”

The five of them were smiling very happily.

They hadn’t smiled this happily for over ten thousand years.

Luo Tian smiled as well while looking at them, except he felt their smiles were a little weird. He didn’t think too much about it and said to himself: “I will definitely bring you all out. Mount Hua Immortal Sect will rise up much quicker with you guys around.”

Once the seal is removed from the five element old ancestors, most likely they would all instantly make their breakthroughs.

No other immortal sect would dare to cause trouble with five Profound God experts backing up Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Even the Imperial God Immortal Sect shouldn’t have that many Profound God experts, right? So becoming the number one immortal sect will be a matter of time.

Of course…

Many matters would be easily solved if he could bring these five out.

Luo Tian had no intentions of being the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If it weren’t for the promise to Venerable Wu Nian, Han Hua, Xu Shan, and the others, he would’ve just killed everyone he needed to kill after leaving the ancient battlefield and go straight to deal with the issue of Murong Wanjian.

But he had to finish what he promised others.

A man’s words should be worth its weight in gold.




The earth started shaking and dust filled the entire valley.

Luo Tian almost fell over.

It was almost like a million cavalry were charging over! This was really a magnificent scene to behold!

While floating in the air, Eggy suddenly shouted: “Boss, there’s a huge amount of demonic beasts charging over! There are so many of them! They’re so densely packed together that I can’t even count how many of them there are!”

Daoist Jin Ling looked over and was no longer happy. He was in thought for a bit before muttering: “How could it be like this?”

After sizing up the number of demonic beasts, he should be happy for Luo Tian but he was actually frowning right now.

Luo Tian couldn’t help but ask: “Senior, what is it? Is there anything that doesn’t seem right?”

Daoist Jin Ling replied: “Based on the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s personality, he would have killed his way over once his seven waning moons were killed. You even provoked him with your shouting yet he’s still not here? I wonder what’s going on with him?”


The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was a powerful existence.

People had killed their way to the entrance of his home and then killed his little brothers. Now should be the time he made his appearance.

Daoist Tian Mu’s brows were furrowed. He looked over at his senior brother and said: “There are two possibilities – either the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign is still in seclusion refining the four regions’ blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead, or he is no longer inside the ancient battlefield.”

“Damn it!”

“It can’t be, right? How am I supposed to kill him if he’s not here? How are we going to leave this place?” Luo Tian became depressed because this was a very important question. He then said to himself: “Damn it, who is this daddy going to explode now?”

Daoist Jin Ling then said: “This will be troublesome if he isn’t here.”

At this time…

A voice came out from the depths of the valley. This was a voice that contained a thick amount of ancient aura. The voice was like a rolling wave that swept out with endless disdain. “Don’t worry, I’ve been here all along.”

“Killing my spiritual will? I seem to have underestimated you.”

“Who would’ve imagined that such a talented character has appeared in the Tianxuan Continent? It looks like I made a mistake in despising such a lowly plane.”

While saying that…

Luo Tian was directly shaken by the sound waves. His sea of consciousness was completely suppressed and his mind felt like ten thousand swords had pierced through it.

The faces of the five old ancestors turned pale white.

Daoist Lie Yan couldn’t hold it in and sprayed out a mouthful of black-colored blood. He then shouted in anger: “Seven Moon Devil Sovereign! There are a lot of things you still don’t know about! Your granny, you better scram out here for this daddy! This daddy wants to battle it out with you!”

“Puff~, puff~…”

The other four sprayed out a mouthful of blood as well.

Luo Tian furrowed his brow and said to himself: “Only my sea of consciousness and my mind is being suppressed. They should be able to resist as well…”

Eggy sent a sound transmission: “Boss, they were seriously injured after using that Five Element Angry Buddhas and just didn’t let you know. Their lifespan is already very low so that’s why they can’t resist the sound wave oppression.”

Five Element Angry Buddhas!”

A God Skill that uses up too much of one’s pure essence energy.

Their powers were sealed up so the expenditure of energy had increased in order to use the God Skill. They all held it in because they didn’t want Luo Tian to know about it and worry. The moment they decided to help Luo Tian, they were already determined to die trying.

Luo Tian sealed all his five senses. He clenched his fists and didn’t say anything except shouted internally: “Level 8 Berserk!”


With power surging inside him, his body could finally move a bit.

Luo Tian charged out with all his strength. He then sent a sound transmission: “Eggy, kill all those demonic beasts for me!”

“I need to level up!”

“I need to break into the Profound God realm!”

“No matter what, I have to bring them out of here!”

Luo Tian was screaming hysterically inside his heart as he charged forward in desperation.


I’m only missing two percentage points!

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