Undefeatable – Ch637

Chapter 637 – Self-destruction Of The Soul

He was all out of options!

The only thing Luo Tian could do was make a breakthrough and enter the Profound God realm.

Only then will he have the strength to fight with the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. And this was only his preliminary assumption.

Based on the sound wave oppression, Luo Tian could sense that the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s cultivation was beyond his expectation. Even if he manages to step into the Profound God realm, it’s not definite that he would be that guy’s opponent. But since he was out of options, he could only count on making a breakthrough.

Eggy received Luo Tian’s command and immediately yelled: “Boss, just hand those small potatoes to me!”

After saying that…

Eggy summoned out the Dragon God’s Pillar and commanded: “Turn bigger, bigger, bigger, even bigger…”




The Dragon God’s Pillar kept becoming thicker and larger and seemed to be stabbing into the sky.

The sound of an explosion was heard coming from above! Eggy then tightly grasped onto the Dragon God’s Pillar before sweeping it out horizontally.

It looked like an autumn wind blowing through some fallen leaves.


“Thump~, thump~, thump~…”

Large swaths of demonic beasts were smashed flying into the air and covered the sky!

“Ding~, ding~, ding~…”

It sounded like the ringing of one’s phone.

Experience points were increasing a little bit at a time. Even though the experience points from these Tarbosaurus and T-rex had become pitiful, even mosquitoes were considered to have a little bit of meat on them. Luo Tian was only missing two percentage points. Since there were no longer any demonic beasts for him to kill, he could only rely on killing these in the valley.

At the same time all of this was going on…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and spread his arms out wide. He then shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar, level 9, Innumerable Thunderbolts! Smash for me!”


Storm clouds gathered quickly and tens of thousands of thunderbolts descended.

When he was at the Profound Emperor 2nd rank, Luo Tian could only fight with a single demonic beast here. Now that he was at the Profound Emperor 9th rank, these demonic beasts before him were basically radishes and cabbages. The powers of a Profound Emperor 9th ranker was naturally strong, so Myriad Thunder Roar was continuously suppressing all the demonic beasts.

His experience bar was increasing.

The ancestral demonic beast army were roaring.

The five element old ancestors were still pale white but there was a faint smile on their faces.

“What a good kid!”

“Kid, just let go and go crazy!”

“We’re all counting on you.”

At the same time…

The five of them glanced at each other before looking at Luo Tian in the air. Daoist Jin Ling smiled and said: “We have a successor for Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Even though we cannot accomplish the mission our master gave us, he can complete it in our stead.”

Daoist Tian Mu also said with a smile: “He won’t disappoint us. With his abilities, it’s only a matter of time for Mount Hua Immortal Sect to rise up once more. He might even be able to bring Mount Hua Immortal Sect out of the Tianxuan Continent and into a stronger and larger world.”

Daoist Lie Yan had a grin on his face, “If one day master and this kid meet, heh heh… it will definitely be a very interesting scene to watch.”

After that, the five of them glanced at each other before starting to laugh out loud.

Eventually, Daoist Jin Ling’s eyes turned serious as he said: “It’s about time now.”

The five nodded at each other in seriousness. Five beams of light flew into the depths of the Seven Moon Valley and disappeared.


“Those five seniors have disappeared into the valley!” Eggy yelled.

Luo Tian had noticed it but he was too late in trying to stop them. He wanted to chase after them so his power exploded outwards to force the demonic beasts away. Unfortunately, the next wave of demonic beasts squeezed through to surround him once more.

There were just too many demonic beasts.

Although they were no longer a threat to Luo Tian, their numbers were simply too large. They were basically trapping him in place so he couldn’t even move from the spot, not to mention chase after the five old ancestors.



Luo Tian roared out in frustration as he felt a sense of unease.

He then heard a voice from one of the five echo back: “Luo Tian, we’ll be handing Mount Hua Immortal Sect to you now.”

“Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, you damn mongrel! Go to hell for us!”

Daoist Lie Yan’s arrogant tone exploded into the air above the valley.

Luo Tian’s eyes widened as he felt like blood was dripping out of his heart. He was very clear about what those five element old ancestors were planning to do. He desperately tried to get to them but another large wave of demonic beasts blocked him. This process kept repeating itself over and over again.

The corpses of demonic beasts were piled up into a mountain behind Luo Tian.



Luo Tian screamed in grief.

There were really too few people who were kind towards him.

These five old ancestors of Mount Hua Immortal Sect treated him extremely well, just like how Venerable Wu Nian was willing to use up his precious Mount Hua’s Divine Token to let Luo Tian stay at the sect. Luo Tian felt extreme discomfort as he watched them try to fight Seven Moon Devil Sovereign without caring if they lived or not.

“Seven Moon Devil Sovereign! If you dare to touch a single strand of their hair, this daddy will f*ck up all eighteen generations of your ancestors!”


“Kill for me!”

Luo Tian’s rage had fully erupted as he screamed those words.

Eggy yelled a reply: “Order received!”

The Dragon God’s Pillar showed its might. Eggy used all his strength as a large swath of demonic beasts died with every strike of his pole. But no matter how fast they killed, they couldn’t catch up to the birthing speed of the five ancestral demonic beasts. In the depths of the valley, demonic beast eggs were packed tightly next to each other. The hatching and the speed of their growth were unnaturally fast. A single demonic beast breaking out of its shell and then becoming a mature Tarbosaurus only needed a little more than ten minutes. This was simply too fast!

Luo Tian kept trying to kill his way forward but it seemed like there was no end!

At this time…

Luo Tian became extremely calm. “We can’t let this continue. I will still be trapped here even if I break into the Profound God realm. Before I can even kill the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, I’ll probably be exhausted to death already! I have to think of a way to go straight into the enemy’s lair!

At this moment…

There was a loud explosion inside the Seven Moon Valley.


The sight of flames soared into the sky and the ripples of energy burst out. The entire ancient battlefield was violently shaking as a result.

“Trying to kill me by self-destructing your soul?”

“It looks like you guys really aren’t afraid of dying.” The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s cold voice echoed out.

Before he could finish speaking…

Daoist Lie Yan’s crazy laughter was heard. “Seven Moon, you damn dog thing! Come with me to hell!”


After that, it was Daoist Shui Ling, Daoist Tu Ling, Daoist Tian Mu…

They were all self-destructing their souls!

Explosions that kept shaking heaven and earth came from the depths of the valley. Peak Profound Emperor rankers that had cultivated for tens of thousands of years… the explosion of their souls was way too powerful!

Upon self-destruction…

One’s soul, spirit, and even their bodies would turn to ashes. They couldn’t even become ghosts anymore!


Luo Tian was clenching his teeth so hard that his gums started bleeding. He was about to go insane!


This was extreme pain!

For him, those five element old ancestors didn’t mind self-destructing their own souls. Those five explosions were like five sharp arrows piercing into Luo Tian’s heart. The pain he was feeling couldn’t be described with words any longer.

Luo Tian heavily stomped down and leaped onto the head of Eggy. He then roared out: “Dragon’s Prestige!”


A joint attack skill! This was a skill Luo Tian could use when he was together with Eggy.

In an instant…

A dragon’s roar capable of terrifying one’s soul exploded out!

Dragon’s Prestige could stun the target for three seconds. But since Luo Tian and Eggy’s level had been significantly raised, those ancient demonic beasts had become weaker to them. Over ten million demonic beasts started bleeding out of their seven orifices before dying!

They couldn’t resist at all!

Also at this time, a melodious alert tone sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind.


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