Undefeatable – Ch638

Chapter 638 – Sword Skill, Spectral Eradication


A heavenly sound went off inside Luo Tian’s mind.

But he had no time to bother with it!

The moment the ancient demonic beasts were stunned, he used all his strength to charge into the depths of the valley while screaming: “Don’t do it!”

At this moment…

The depths of the Seven Moon Valley was in a complete mess.

In the center of the valley, a large blood-colored body mixed with a shadowy form was standing there like it was shouldering the heavens.

Very strong!

Above his head was a long health bar Luo Tian had never seen before.


The health bar was only about half full right now.

The self-destruction of the five element old ancestors’ souls had seriously injured Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. They knew that even if Luo Tian could break into the Profound God realm, he still wasn’t the opponent of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. They didn’t tell Luo Tian a thing because they had already decided to die.

Self-destruction of one’s own soul.

With their soul as the catalyst, they blew up the cultivation they had accumulated their entire lives.

This kind of power was too terrifying!

And these were four experts at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm. The explosion of power cultivated from tens of thousands of years was infinitely huge! Even the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was seriously injured by it!

“Luo Tian!”

“Remember what you promised us!”

“You have to lead Mount Hua Immortal Sect to a new peak of its glory!”

After saying that…

Daoist Lie Yan started laughing like mad. Seeing how Luo Tian was rushing over, he started muttering: “I hope all the things we’ve done are worth it. Master, he will definitely accomplish the task that you have set out for us. I completely believe in it!”


Daoist Lie Yan turned around and the ring on his finger shot out. He then said with a smile: “Luo Tian, consider this a gift from all of us. I hope you can use these things to bring Mount Hua Immortal Sect to greater heights.”

After saying this…

Daoist Lie Yan’s eyes turned serious. He then pointed at the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign and roared out: “Bandit Seven Moon, here comes this daddy! Hahaha… hahaha…”


Crazy laughter to vent his feelings!

Proud and extremely happy laughter!

There was no trace of fear or regret. He was so calm that it looked like he wasn’t facing death but was gaining a new life.


“Senior, don’t do it!”

No matter how fast Luo Tian’s speed was, he couldn’t make it in time. He could only watch Daoist Lie Yan’s body swell up while he madly rushed towards Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. Luo Tian’s heart sank to the abyss as he clenched his fists on and off.

“Aggghhhh~!…” Luo Tian roared into the sky.

He felt so much pain that it felt like he was suffocating.




As Daoist Lie Yan charged at Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, sounds of explosions rocked the sky. The energy shockwave knocked over everything that was standing. Large trees were uprooted and the whole valley instantly turned bare.

It looked like a desert right now!

Dirt and gravel covered the sky so Luo Tian couldn’t see what was going on.

One second before Daoist Lie Yan self-destructed, Luo Tian received the ring he had thrown out. There was a Profound God Sovereign mark on the ring, which clearly meant it was a ring that Mount Hua’s progenitor had left behind. This was a spatial ring!

Inside was filled with various spiritual and divine artifacts!

At this moment…

Luo Tian had no desire to examine those things because his heart felt even heavier after seeing so many magical artifacts.


A super-powerful shockwave rippled out and a formless pressure crushed down from the sky. All the dust and gravel were forced downward and the valley became clear without obscurity.

The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign!

An extremely strong-looking and angry Seven Moon Devil Sovereign!

At this time, his two blood-colored eyes were staring at Luo Tian. His body wasn’t moving but his teeth were clenched to the point of cracking sounds being heard. His body was giving off cold killing intent, one that came from the most ferocious primitive beast imaginable.

This was one of the many thousands of paths, the beast king’s path of slaughter!

“They placed all their hopes on you? This is just way too funny!” said the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign.

His expression was filled with rage as his gaze coldly locked onto Luo Tian. “I really don’t understand what they see in you. From the way I see things, you aren’t even comparable to a tiny bug. But they still somehow chose you to be their successor? I think I’m going to laugh myself to death!”

“What a pity!”

“A pity they cannot see how I’m going to personally peel your soul out of your body. I will have you roam and wail in the ancient battlefield through all eternity, never being able to enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

As his voice faded…

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s eyes widened as the rage inside him roared out.

He was angry.

Extremely angry.

Those old guys of the five elements pissed him off from their self-destruction. He was going to vent all his anger onto Luo Tian. Since Luo Tian was the successor of those five daoists, then killing him would make him happier once more.

At this time…

Luo Tian roared out: “I’m going to f*ck up all eighteen generations of your ancestors!”

“Level 8 Berserk!”

“Power of the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise!”

“Profound God’s power!”

“Everything come out for me!”

“Boom~, boom~, boom~”

The aura coming from Luo Tian’s fleshly body was similar to flames burning up. The Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was angry? So was Luo Tian! If he could, he would have ripped up the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign into shreds already!

Luo Tian’s Profound God realm powers surged out!

His mind and sea of consciousness seem to possess a power that could control everything. His bloodline powers were stimulated by his Profound God powers like it was some kind of catalytic agent. All his bloodline powers had been pushed to the peak!

Also at this time…

Luo Tian finally glanced at the martial skill that the system rewarded him for breaking into the Profound God realm.

Spectral Eradication!

A skill from Ghostblade, a class from Dungeon Fighter Online!

Luo Tian didn’t know too much about Dungeon Fighter Online and only knew some basic things. All he knew was that Spectral Eradication was quite a strong move. He had no time to be happy and no time to look up the description for Spectral Eradication. He just roared into the sky and then charged forward!

He was using the Tang Blade as a sword!

He then roared out without restraint: “Seven Moon Devil Sovereign! Go to hell for me!”


“Spectral Eradication!”

“Weng~, weng~…”

The instant Luo Tian activated Spectral Eradication, his body felt like all his strength had been completely drained. All the energy had been injected into the Tang Blade in his hands! The aura around the blade was raging about and it seemed like both heaven and earth were being enshrouded by it.

Too strong!

The Tang Blade in Luo Tian’s hand seemed to have been demonized and he could barely endure it. A painful grunt escaped his mouth.

The blade slashed down!

The blade aura turned pitch black as it chopped down at the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign.



Wherever the sword aura passed through, space turned chaotic. It looked like even the space within the ancient battlefield couldn’t endure Luo Tian’s sword aura.

This Spectral Eradication sword skill was powerful to a complete mess!

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s expression hiddenly changed. He coldly harrumphed: “You wish to kill me? You are still too far from that.”

“Blood Moon Sacrifice!”

“Beast King’s Slaughter!”


The blood-colored aura on Seven Moon Devil Sovereign suddenly rose up and formed the image of a waning moon. The moment the waning moon appeared, a beast king’s killing intent appeared at the center of his palm. This killing intent directly transformed into a devil-like apparition as it charged straight for the Spectral Eradication’s sword aura.

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