Undefeatable – Ch639

Chapter 639 – Level 9 Berserk

Killing intent charged out!

Luo Tian’s Spectral Eradication also charged out.

Just when the two energies were about to collide, Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a cold sneer as he shouted: “Change!”


Luo Tian’s figure moved, “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift! Level 7,


Luo Tian’s body directly passed through Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s attack made of killing intent. He appeared next to the energy of Spectral Eradication and made a thought. The sword aura disappeared and reappeared above Luo Tian’s head as five round balls.

Spectral Eradication formation!


Heaven and earth lost their colors as these five round balls seem to have sucked out all the light.

They were spinning like crazy and contained power at armageddon proportions!

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s eyes showed shock as he never imagined Luo Tian’s martial skills would be this weird. He thought that it was just some type of sword aura and didn’t expect it could change and suddenly increase in power drastically.

Those spheres brushed past him!

Luo Tian was extremely domineering as the five purple sword auras kept spinning and injuring Seven Moon Devil Sovereign at close proximity.




His health bar dropped quickly.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s face revealed a hint of pain.


But this made him even angrier!

His eyes turned fierce and his blood-colored pupils turned faintly black. His palms came together near his chest and a black flame started forming. The flame then started spinning and the power distorted the surrounding area.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “Black Moon Barrier!”


The black flame flew into the sky before forming a semi-circular barrier. It was similar to a black shield of light that enveloped Luo Tian inside as well.

Under the shout of Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, the black flame exploded.

At this moment, the five purple balls above Luo Tian’s head shot over and also exploded.

Two types of energy were clashing with each other.




The power displayed was too strong!

Even Luo Tian almost peed his pants from fright!

“Ghost Blade’s Spectral Eradication is too powerful. The damage output and the power of the explosion have exceeded my expectations.”


The Spectral Eradication Formation was extremely strong.

Luo Tian didn’t know too much about Dungeon Fighters Online but he understood how powerful Spectral Eradication was now – it was awesome to a complete mess!


The power behind Spectral Eradication Formation was still a tad weaker than the Black Moon Barrier. It wasn’t due to the martial skill but because Luo Tian’s cultivation base was lower than the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. This was the inherent flaw when fighting with someone stronger!

Martial skills could create miracles and kill those at a higher cultivation realm.


The difference in cultivation between them two was too large.

In addition, the cultivation skills of Seven Moon Devil Sovereign were different from Luo Tian. He was an overlord of a certain area in the Ancient World and he cultivated ancient energy. Luo Tian was still powering his skills with profound energy so the grade difference between those two wasn’t comparable.

The moment those two energies clashed…

Luo Tian couldn’t resist for more than two seconds when the power of ten thousand explosions struck his fleshly body.



His sea of consciousness and his mind felt like it was struck with countless thunder strikes. His internal organs and his meridians were wracking in pain.

Pain that couldn’t be described!

The beast king’s killing intent was also inside his body continuously devouring his power.


The power exploded apart and Luo Tian was forced out like a kite with its string cut. He smashed into the ground heavily and created a deep pit. His face was pale white and his whole body was covered in blood. His breathing was intermittent and he looked like a person with their blood inside-out.



“Damn dog thing, you wish to compete with me?! You are still too tender!”

“Maybe if your cultivation and powers were a bit stronger, I wouldn’t be able to kill you at all. But you just broke through into the Profound God realm not long ago so no matter how much of the Profound God powers you can utilize, you still aren’t able to kill me with it.” Seven Moon Devil Sovereign laughed like crazy in a self-satisfied manner.

He also didn’t feel good with the collision of powers.

If it weren’t for Luo Tian’s lower cultivation realm, most likely he would be the one in the ground right now.

Even if this was the case…

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s health bar was decreasing quickly when Luo Tian used Spectral Eradication. He was now left with fewer than ten percent of his health, clearly showing he had suffered a serious injury. If Luo Tian’s powers were a tad stronger, he really wouldn’t be able to hold on anymore.


There was no “if or maybes” in this world.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s gaze was cold and his expression filled with contempt. He coldly stared at Luo Tian in the pit and mocked: “Kid, just go to hell for me. Those five old things have chosen the wrong person, hahaha…”

“If they were still alive, they would definitely be very disappointed in you. It’s a pity that I cannot see their disappointed looks, hahaha…”

Crazy laughter!

At this time…

Eggy’s dragon voice roared out in shock: “Boss!”

“You dare mess with my boss?!”

“This daddy will fight it out with you!”


Eggy activated his Dragon God’s Might to its maximum, but Luo Tian suddenly sent him a sound transmission: “Don’t go over, help me kill those five ancestral demonic beasts instead. Quickly, I need their experience points!”

Experience points!

Luo Tian needed experience points badly at this point.

Based on the power collision just now, he understood what he was lacking.

He was only a little bit weaker when comparing their powers!

His cultivation was lower and that was something he couldn’t fix. The only thing he could do was make a breakthrough when it came to his power.

He wanted to raise the level of his Berserk skill!

He wanted to explode forth with the powers of level 9 Berserk!


He didn’t have enough experience points so what Luo Tian needed the most was more of it.

Eggy didn’t hesitate since he understood what Luo Tian needed as well. He quickly flew into the direction where those five ancestral demonic beasts were located.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign started smiling, “Did you see that insect of yours? He doesn’t care whether you’re alive or not. It doesn’t matter anyway because he would be sending himself to death if he came at me. A descendant of a Dragon God is indeed quite strong since they are a super overlord existence in the Ancient World. But he is still a young dragon so killing him is easier than pinching an ant to death.”

“Luo Tian!’

“If you hadn’t come inside the ancient battlefield, I might eventually encounter you in the Ancient World. It’s unfortunate that you will have to die now.”

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was walking over one step at a time.




“Ding, ding, ding…”


Luo Tian smiled.

He struggled to crawl up from the pit. His mouth was curved into his signature grim reaper’s smile as he said: “This daddy will definitely go to the Ancient World. And you indeed will not be seeing me in the Ancient World because you will be dying very soon.”

“Level 9 Berserk!”


“Do you wish to level it up?”



As he released the powers of level 9 Berserk, Luo Tian’s whole body started burning up. At this moment, he took out his Divine Burst Pill and popped it into his mouth with a crunch. He looked up at the sky and said: “Five seniors, I will now avenge your deaths!”

“Seven Moon Devil Sovereign! Hand your life over!”

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