Undefeatable – Ch640

Chapter 640 – See Some Shit Explode

Not enough power?!

After leveling up Berserk, it had become level 9 and allowed Luo Tian to release 512 times his base attributes. Is that enough then?

His cultivation realm wasn’t high enough?

Divine Burst Pill, instantly raising the user’s level by three small realms.

This kind of cultivation is enough, right?

If he could use one punch to kill, Luo Tian would never throw a second punch. What he loved the most was crushing his opponent with absolute force!

He would kill and not bother with crippling his enemies!

The five ancestral beasts were killed by Eggy. Once he had enough experience points, Luo Tian immediately leveled up Berserk. He was afraid level 9 Berserk wasn’t enough so he swallowed a Divine Burst Pill as well. This was the only pill he concocted successfully after a whole night of trying.

It ignored the user’s cultivation base!

Anyone using it will instantly raise the cultivation by three small realms.

Every single level in the Profound Emperor realm was like ten thousand miles apart, so it was even further apart when it came to the Profound God realm.

Luo Tian was currently at the Profound God 1st rank, so he then advanced to the 4th rank after taking the Divine Burst Pill. His strength and powers were naturally no longer the same as before!



“The power coming from you…”

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s expression had drastically changed.

He couldn’t understand how Luo Tian could suddenly release such strong powers. And he noticed Luo Tian’s cultivation suddenly went from the Profound God 1st rank to the 4th rank. A trace of inexplicable signs of panic appeared in his heart!

Luo Tian crawled out of the pit with a gaze as cold as a god of death. “What? Seven Moon Devil Sovereign, didn’t you just say my strength and my cultivation realm weren’t enough? How about now? Is it enough now?”

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s face turned fierce as he replied: “Luo Tian, what can you do even though your strength and cultivation has risen? Can you even kill me? You need to understand that I am the Lord of the ancient battlefield. I can control everything inside here. If you want to kill this daddy…”

Luo Tian didn’t wait for him to finish speaking…

He also had no interest in hearing what he was going to say.

For those people who loved acting like a retard, there was only one way Luo Tian would deal with them…

And that was to kill them!


Luo Tian roared internally: “Level 9 Berserk!”


The aura flame around him suddenly surged to a height of ten thousand feet as the power of 512 times his base attributes were released. The amount of power inside Luo Tian was like an out of control giant struggling about, so his fleshly body almost couldn’t handle it.

Luo Tian didn’t care and shouted: “Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise – come out for me!”


“Ommm~, ommm~…”

Three bloodline powers instantly stacked on top.

The phantom image of an Azure Dragon curled around, the Vermillion Bird soared into the sky, and the Black Tortoise stood in front like it was Luo Tian’s giant guardian.

“Profound God 4th rank powers, come out for me!”


The powers of a Profound God 4th ranker exploded forth.


“You are a lunatic!”

“With so many powers added together… you, you, you, aren’t you afraid of blowing up your fleshly body?”

Three seconds ago, Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was without fear and acting arrogant. He confidently believed he was the Lord of the ancient battlefield and Luo Tian’s life or death was completely under his control. But now he was afraid.

He was utterly shocked by watching different kinds of powers stacking on top of Luo Tian’s body.

His blood-colored pupils were trembling.

Fear was rising inside his heart.


“You are a total lunatic!”

“Luo Tian, you, you, you damn lunatic! There’s no way this daddy is dumb enough to fight you.” Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was trembling as he started retreating unconsciously. He started staggering backward as the sense of fear multiplied.

To kill someone…

One naturally needs the strongest power to smash them to death!

What Luo Tian enjoyed the most was this kind of feeling.

He enjoyed using missiles to kill mosquitoes. Upon seeing the terrified look on Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s face, Luo Tian started laughing in arrogance. “Damn dog thing, now you’re scared huh? Hahaha…”

At this time…

Eggy’s worried voice transmitted over: “Boss, you’re going to die if you keep this up. The powers are too strong and your body cannot handle it.”

At this moment…

A multitude of powers were colliding together inside Luo Tian and his fleshly body was merely a balloon-like vessel.

There was no way his body could handle so much power, so his body started becoming swollen.

If he doesn’t release those powers soon, he will definitely end up bursting.

Luo Tian understood this very clearly.

But he was just too enraged.

He was angry at being forced into the ancient battlefield by Daoist Tian Xu.

He was angry at the death of Xu Shan.

He was angry about Han Hua and Zhao Chen being surrounded by tons of people in order for him to retreat.

He was angry that Yun Ling and Yun Yi cried because of him.

The amount of anger Luo Tian endured on the outside had reached a point of almost driving him insane. He originally thought everything would go smoothly inside the ancient battlefield. He planned on killing his way out after leveling up a few times and didn’t expect the five element old ancestors to appear.

They used their life to fight for him.

One needs to understand…

Self-destructing one’s soul means you can’t even become a ghost after death. This was the truest form of forever disappearing from the world.

Watching them die one at a time in front of his eyes, Luo Tian’s heart felt extreme pain beyond words could describe. The rage inside him was erupting at unprecedented heights!

Everything happened because of him!

Still not strong enough?!

Get stronger and stronger!

Ever since Luo Tian transmigrated to this world, his goal had always been to become stronger. Strong enough that he could protect the ones he wanted to and strong enough that no one could touch them. In order to attain this goal, he had been trying his best and fighting day and night for it.


There were still people dying for him.

This made Luo Tian hate himself.

His body was swelling up and he could clearly feel that every cell inside him was in pain. He wasn’t in a rush to release the power. He was experiencing the full onslaught of pain like he was punishing himself.


“Don’t come over, don’t come near me!”

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign was being suppressed by the energy radiating from Luo Tian’s body.

The killing intent coming from him was also being suppressed.

He couldn’t release even a tiny bit of it.

Five hundred plus times the base attributes was simply too powerful!

In an instant…

Luo Tian’s eyes turned serious and a fierce gleam of light appeared. He then shouted: “Seven Moon bandit! Weren’t you just very arrogant? Didn’t you look down on the Tianxuan Continent? Didn’t you call yourself an overlord within the Ancient World? Motherf*cker, come bite me!”


Luo Tian’s voice exploded outwards.

His voice had become a type of energy that surged out.

One can easily see how strong the power inside Luo Tian was.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign glared at Luo Tian and said with viciousness: “Luo Tian, don’t think you’re all that. If it was his honor, Divine Monarch Seven Light here, you would’ve died ten thousand times already. Don’t act arrogant in front of me. If you dare to kill me, you can forget about establishing yourself in the Ancient World. Lord Divine Monarch Seven Light will never let you off. You and your entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect can just wait to go to hell, hahaha…”

“F*ck you ancestors!” Luo Tian cursed out as his rage was burning high.

Immediately after…

His brows furrowed and he shouted: “Spectral Eradication!”

“Become ashes for me!”


Five large purple spheres appeared in the sky of the ancient battlefield. Its powerful energy seemed to be enshrouding the entire spatial dimension. The ancient battlefield could be considered a small plane in itself yet it was now shaking non-stop.

The world couldn’t handle that amount of power!

Luo Tian didn’t wait for the five purple spheres to start spinning and just directly attacked with them.

“Go to hell!”

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s pupils enlarged as he screamed: “Luo Tian, just you wait! The moment you enter the Ancient World is the time of your death!”

“Explode for me!”

“Let me see some shit explode out of you!”

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