Undefeatable – Ch641

Chapter 641 – Soul Fragment

Absolute suppression with power!

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign had no strength to resist.

The moment those large purple spheres descended, he didn’t take any actions to resist. He only coldly sneered at Luo Tian like another person was in his body. He then coldly said: “Luo Tian, I will remember you. I am eagerly waiting for the day you come to the Ancient World.”


Spectral Eradication exploded.

Instant kill!

An alert tone sounded off inside Luo Tian but he just roared into the sky: “This daddy will still explode you to death in the Ancient World!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. You have gained 1,500,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Seven Moon Divine Sword.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Black Moon Barrier.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Beast King’s path of slaughter. Will you be devouring it?”


“That’s 1.5 billion experience points!”


Luo Tian’s smile was similar to blooming flowers as he looked at the long string of zeros.

At this time…

Luo Tian couldn’t wait to open the system interface to look up his loot.

Item: Seven Moon Divine Sword

Grade: Ancient gold

Description: Endless power. The user can release as much path of slaughter power limited to what they have.

There was no need to look at the Black Moon Barrier because he saw the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign use it. The last thing to focus on was the Beast King’s path of slaughter. Luo Tian was a bit startled by it as he said to himself: “Even a path of slaughter can come from a loot explosion?”

Before he could finish thinking about this…

The Grim Reaper’s aura started moving without Luo Tian’s permission. It swallowed the Beast King’s path of slaughter in a single bite. The phantom image of the Grim Reaper started becoming taller and wider, and the scythe it was holding also grew several times bigger.

In an instant…

The power of the Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter grew stronger by several times.

Luo Tian was happy but muttered to himself: “Damn it, looks like everyone around me are foodies.”

Before Luo Tian could say anything…

Drool almost dribbled out of Eggy’s mouth. Before he could come over, Luo Tian’s leg already kicked him flying as he shouted: “If you dare randomly eat my things again, this big brother will smack your butt until flowers bloom!”

“It wasn’t easy for an ancient gold grade artifact to drop. You want to eat it before I even get a chance to use it? What kind of unreasonable thing is that?!”

It was fine if there was only one foodie.

Now that there were two foodies, Luo Tian was wondering what he should do in the future?

Last night, a large pile of top grade divine artifacts was eaten by Eggy one piece at a time. Luo Tian’s eyes almost popped out from watching him. Now that this was an ancient gold grade artifact from the Ancient World, it’s a profound weapon that’s even more awesome than the Sky Dragon’s Divine Sword he once had. He should at least use it to kill a few people before Eggy can eat it, right?

It should at least relieve the itch in his hands.

Eggy grinned foolishly and said: “Boss, that is something pretty good. Just let me eat it and I will definitely make a breakthrough. I guarantee that if I don’t make a breakthrough, I wouldn’t care if you smacked my butt until it turns to mush. Slurp~…”

His saliva was like a small stream as he spoke.

It was making “plop plop” sounds as they landed on the ground.

From Eggy’s expression, Luo Tian could tell the Seven Moon Divine Sword was definitely something good. The more Eggy was like this, the more Luo Tian wanted to enjoy using it for a while. He couldn’t let Eggy eat it just like that! He then said: “Like I give a crap whether you can breakthrough or not. I’m going to be using the Seven Moon Divine Sword first, maybe kill a few people before you can eat it. You better be honest for me because if you dare keep randomly eating my stuff, I will not spare you.”

Eggy immediately giggled and said: “Boss, you were the one that said it. Use it to kill a few people and then I can eat it.”


“Damn it, who in this world is more miserable than me?” Luo Tian could only mutter in bitterness.

It wasn’t easy to get an ancient grade weapon yet a foodie kept eyeing it.

Luo Tian shook his head and sighed in helplessness.

At this time…

The energy of the ancient battlefield pulled back. Then, a golden light floated out from the body of Seven Moon Devil Sovereign who had just been killed. At this moment, a huge face appeared in the sky that looked just like Seven Moon Devil Sovereign.

“Luo Tian!”


The mountains and the grounds broke apart inside the ancient battlefield. It was just like an apocalypse that suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

The Ancient World’s divine might landed inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness and instantly forced his body into a crooked position.

Luo Tian couldn’t move his body and could only look up.

The face up in the sky was the real Seven Moon Devil Sovereign!

An overlord in the Ancient World!

His oppressive pressure could directly crush the entire ancient battlefield! His powers were too strong!


This was only suppression.

As long as one endures, the suppression will be unable to kill them.

Luo Tian coldly sneered and said: “What are you calling this grandpa for? You’re unhappy that I killed your clone? Come down here for this daddy if you’re not happy! You damn dog thing, let’s see if I can f*ck your true body over or not!”



Seven Moon Devil Sovereign started laughing arrogantly. “How many years has it been? There has been no one that has dared to speak such words to me. Do you think a lowly ant from a lowly plane like you is very strong? You don’t seem to realize that a Profound God Sovereign in your world is nothing but an ant in the Ancient World.”

“An ant?”

“Then why don’t you come and kill me? Come down and bite me you damn mongrel!” Luo Tian started scolding.

Seven Moon Devil Sovereign didn’t become angry and only said with a cold smile: “I will be killing you soon. Right now, you’re only in the Profound God realm. When you cultivate for another hundred years and step into the peak Profound God Sovereign realm and shatter space to ascend to the Ancient World, that will be the time I will kill you.”

“The higher you stand, the more painful the fall. What I enjoy the most is watching the painful expressions of others.”

Luo Tian coldly sneered back and said: “Who knows who will be the one that ends up in despair by then? One thing I do know is that you’re the one in despair now. Do you think I don’t know what you’re here for? Soul fragment… hahaha! I’m going to destroy it!”


The moment the golden light from Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s corpse was about to float out of the ancient battlefield, Luo Tian had an evil smirk on his face. His whole body was being suppressed but he had a martial skill that wasn’t.

“Heavenly Flame!”

“Green Lotus Core Flame!”

“Purifying Lotus Demon Flame!”

“Attack together! Blow up his remnant primordial soul!”

“Ommm~, ommm~…”

Two Heavenly Flames shot out from Luo Tian’s body and directly destroyed that golden light.

Without a doubt…

That was a soul fragment of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign from the Ancient World. He could be so strong inside the ancient battlefield was all due to this. The moment it floated upwards, Luo Tian could sense the powerful nature of the soul fragment. Seven Moon Devil Sovereign could reappear here was due to that.

“Luo Tian… don’t!”

“I will give you a complete death.”

“You dare to touch my soul fragment?!”


Before he could finish speaking, Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s soul fragment was smashed into powder.

At this moment…

The ancient battlefield started collapsing. The sky looked like it was being torn apart and the earth started shattering into pieces and falling down to somewhere. It basically looked like a megaquake!

Space was being destroyed?!

Luo Tian had his brows furrowed but a fierce smile on his face when he watched the blurry image of Seven Moon Devil Sovereign slowly disappearing. He then said in disdain: “All the people who have said such words to me have all gotten the shit beaten right out of them! Humph~!”

At this moment, an alert tone sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind.


Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

“Something’s happening!”

“The sealing array has been broken! Luo Tian is coming out!”

Daoist Tian Xu’s eyes turned fierce before he coldly sneered: “Damn dog thing, so you’re finally coming out. Notify all the Elders from the ten great immortal sects and have them come here!”

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