Undefeatable – Ch643

Chapter 643 – Inescapable Net

“Damn it!”

Luo Tian became angry after hearing Eggy’s words.

He directly scolded: “You still have a damn special move?! If you don’t use it now, what are you waiting for?! Do you believe that I will give you two huge knocks on the head?!”

Eggy still had a special move?

To tell the truth, Luo Tian really didn’t know a thing.

He did really understand anything about Eggy.

Eggy grinned and said: “Boss, my special move is a little indecent.”

“Indecent your sister!”

“We’re about to lose our lives and you’re talking about it being indecent? Hurry up and do it!” Luo Tian was feeling exasperated. They had reached a point of crisis yet the kid was still caring about his image like he couldn’t mess up his handsomeness.

If they were outside, Luo Tian would’ve stomped on him already.


Eggy finally realized how dangerous the situation was.

His body turned around and his butt was charging up into the sky…

Luo Tian instantly became dumbstruck by the scene!


Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The sealing array near the Solitary Peak kept flashing crimson red. It was as if the array wasn’t able to withstand the impact force below it. Sounds of shaking were heard from within it and even the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect was trembling because of it.

“He’s coming out soon.”

“There’s nothing scary about him coming out but the world beneath the seal seems to be breaking apart.”

“From the looks of things, a black hole has appeared. We cannot let it break through the seal or else Mount Hua Immortal Sect will also be devoured by it.”

“It doesn’t have that much energy to support it so the black hole will only stay within the dimension. I looked through the historical records in Mount Hua Immortal Sect and it says the ancient battlefield is its own plane. No matter how strong the black hole is, it cannot come out and devour the Tianxuan Continent.”

The ten great immortal sects.

They looked like they were mobilized for a war!

Ten strong experts were guarding at the edges of the sealing array.

They didn’t know that there was a small dimension beneath Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Now this made all the immortal sects envious.

The main reason they came was that they wanted to know what this ancient battlefield was all about.

If this was really a small spatial dimension of the Ancient World, then the profound energy inside would be very abundant. Cultivating inside will definitely be better than cultivating in Heaven’s Boundary. Maybe Profound Saint experts all the way to Profound God experts can increase their cultivation speed by a hundred times there!

This was the main reason they came.

If it wasn’t because of their curiosity towards the ancient battlefield, they would have never cared whether Mount Hua Immortal Sect survived or not.

Another thing they were interested in was Mount Hua’s progenitor who created the God Skill – Heaven’s Seal. All the immortal sects were shocked after Daoist Tian Xu used that move, and the ten great immortal sects who had attacked Mount Hua Immortal Sect started regretting their actions.

No one knew Mount Hua’s progenitor had passed down that God Skill.

If they were able to learn Heaven’s Seal as well, then…

The devil sect will definitely perish!

In other words – whoever learns it will gain another move to protect themselves.

Amongst these people was a dark figure with her brows frowned as she seemed to be the most worried out of them all.

Leng Hanshuang!

She was ordered to come here.

Li Xue’er was at a critical juncture of her seclusion, trying to break into the Profound God realm. If something bad happened to Luo Tian at a time like this, she will definitely be affected. There were people who didn’t want Li Xue’er to personally come, such as her mother and the Hall Master.

Another person that didn’t want her to come was the Starsea Immortal Sect’s Prime Elder.

Li Xue’er was extremely angry about this. She was worried for Luo Tian but there was nothing she could do. She understood that there was no way for her to escape from their control with her current cultivation realm. She could only have Leng Hanshuang go to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and save Luo Tian no matter the costs.

No one was allowed to touch Luo Tian!

Leng Hanshuang stared at the sealing array that was shaking violently before whispering to an elderly person: “Grand Elder, you promised our young miss that you cannot move against Luo Tian or allow anyone to touch him.”

The elderly person’s brows faintly quivered but he didn’t say a word. There was a slight curve to his lips as he revealed a cold smile.

Not to touch him?

Most likely no one here could compare with him when it came to wanting to kill Luo Tian!

During the time at the Ghost Merman Sect within the Dark North Sea…

It was Luo Tian that killed his people. It was there that the sect learned that Luo Tian somehow learned their Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill – Regeneration. Because of these issues, he almost lost his position as the Grand Elder. The main purpose of coming this time was to get rid of this kid called Luo Tian!

Apart from his personal reasons, the Grand Elder was also ordered to kill Luo Tian no matter what!

A person like him shouldn’t be affecting the young phoenix.

He was also unworthy of the young phoenix.

The only partner of the young phoenix was the true dragon Murong Wanjian!

They couldn’t allow anyone to destroy the human race’s most powerful marriage. Once the true dragon and the young phoenix consummate their marriage, their bloodline will be enhanced like never before. This was something that everyone in the human race wanted to see.

Of course…

There was a deeper conspiracy hidden within this.

Apart from the Grand Elder of the Starsea Immortal Sect, the Grand Elder of the Imperial God Immortal Sect had his own agenda as well.

He was under a death order to kill Luo Tian no matter what. This was the same thing as the Starsea Immortal Sect’s Grand Elder, the Imperial God Immortal Sect didn’t want Luo Tian to ruin Murong Wanjian’s wedding. This wedding was the union of three organizations and no one can sabotage it.

Back then, no one paid attention to Luo Tian.

Everyone looked down on him.

Even if he could cultivate quickly, everyone thought he was just a piece of trash with a crippled dantian and someone without an innate bloodline. Starsea Immortal Sect didn’t put him in their eyes. The Imperial God Immortal Sect didn’t, the Soul Hall didn’t, and Murong Wanjian especially didn’t.

But ever since Luo Tian displayed three types of divine bloodlines…

And displayed his close connection to a Dragon God descendant…

All the powerful forces instantly felt a chill. The day after the event, Starsea, Imperial God, and the Soul Hall got together and plotted to get rid of Luo Tian. They never expected Luo Tian to barge into the ancient battlefield so they used this excuse to enter Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

It would be best if the ancient battlefield is destroyed and Luo Tian cannot come out.

But if Luo Tian does manage to come out, he will die beyond a reasonable doubt!

A cold glint appeared in their eyes as the shaking from the sealing array increased.

Daoist Tian Xu had an evil smile, “Luo Tian, as long as you come out, there’s no way you can escape today. We have set up an inescapable net around here. Even if you had a hundred lives, you can forget about escaping. Heh heh…”

The Starsea Grand Elder narrowed his eyes and said to himself: “You killed my people and caused me to lose out on the power of fate. Damn dog thing, today I will let you experience the powers of I, the Starsea Dharma King!”

The Imperial God Elder said to himself: “You wish to fight Murong Wanjian for a girl just based on yourself? Kid, what kind of crap do you think you are?!”


Law Enforcement Hall’s prison.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi both looked in the direction of Solitary Peak. They clasped their hands together and prayed: “Big brother Luo, we hope you’re doing well and nothing bad has happened to you.”

Yun Yi was muttering: “Big sister, he will come to save us, right?”

Yun Ling replied: “He will… he definitely will.”

In another area of the prison.

Han Hua was smiling.

Zhao Chen was smiling as well.

The two were no longer in the same cell but said at the same time: “He’s here!”



The sealing array broke apart and the sound of ten thousand thunders rumbled off in the Tianxuan Continent. A beam of light then shot out into the sky from the array.

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