Undefeatable – Ch644

Chapter 644 – Dragon Energy Bomb


The array broke apart and flames shot into the sky.

An extremely powerful energy then flew out from the array.


“So stinky!”

“What smell is this? Why is it so stinky? Could it be that the ancient battlefield is a large latrine pit?”

“I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Bang~, clang~, ooomph~…”

Out of all the ten great immortal sects’ people surrounding the array, some weaker martial artists started fainting while some were already on the ground with white foam coming out of their mouths. Their eyeballs were rolled up like they were poisoned while their bodies kept twitching.

Some martial artists in the Profound Ancestor realm were seeing stars while they stood there wobbling about.

Even experts at the Profound Saint and Profound Emperor realm had their hands covering their nose and their faces red like they were suffering from intense pain.


Extremely foul smelling!

No one knew why it was so smelly!

At this moment…

The stench around the sealing array was so bad that people couldn’t even breathe.

The moment the array broke apart and a strong beam of light flew out, a person riding a dragon could be seen once the light diminished.

“Who told you to fart?!”

“Who the hell told you to fart?!”

“Your goddamn special move is to stink up the whole place?!”

“Can you please have some self-respect as a descendant of a Dragon God?” Luo Tian gave Eggy’s head a flurry of knocking. Meanwhile, his face was swollen red and his eyes bloodshot. Luo Tian’s face had the most painful and uncomfortable look imaginable!

Eggy was begging for mercy: “Boss, boss, I wasn’t farting, okay?! As an honorable descendant of the Dragon God, why would I do something as nasty as farting? I was releasing dragon energy! It’s the strongest special move of my Dragon God clan, capable of destroying any sealing arrays. You…”

“Still farting nonsense?!”

“Pak~, pak~, pak~… keep farting nonsense!” Luo Tian gave a flurry of knocks once more. His face was going from red to purple as he was in extreme discomfort.

Dragon energy?

You just goddamn aimed your butt at the sky and released a fart!

It was so smelly that words could no longer describe it!

Luo Tian had been enduring the entire time. If they still couldn’t get out, he would rather be devoured by the black hole than being stunk to death by Eggy’s fart.

Eggy’s head was filled with lumps and he could only cry bitterly: “Boss, it was my fault! I was in the wrong! Please stop hitting, wuuu~… wuuu~…”


“Now you know your mistakes?”

Luo Tian stopped knocking his head. When he looked at Eggy’s weak expression, Luo Tian gave him one final glare before raising his nose to breathe in some fresh air. “Fuuu~… fuuu~… this daddy almost suffocated to death.”

At this time…

“Pffft~… psssff~… pfffftt~…”

Eggy released another round of poison gas.

Luo Tian had just taken a deep breath of air, almost eating the brunt of it with his mouth. He never imagined that…

A long black line appeared on Luo Tian’s forehead.

His face turned green.

Eggy had a stunned expression briefly and immediately said: “Boss, I just couldn’t hold it in. I… I… I ate too well yesterday. I didn’t know that I would get such powerful dragon energy after digesting those divine artifacts. Wait, I meant fart, a smelly fart.”


“Cough~, cough~, cough~…” Luo Tian was the closest to Eggy so he almost died from inhaling the fart. His face turned from green to white and he had thoughts of killing himself right there. He could only look up into the sky and sigh, “Oh mighty heavens, why would I have such a douche of a battle pet? Gods above, you might as well just kill me now.”

He was powerless.

At this moment…




A series of alert tones sounded off inside Luo Tian’s mind.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Liu Tian. You have gained 100 experience points, 100 immortal force…”

“Undefeated value +1.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Xu Da. You have gained 100 experience points, 100 immortal force…”

“Congratulations to player…”

Luo Tian turned around and only then realized the area was full of people. A large swath of people were foaming at the mouth and their limbs were occasionally twitching. Eggy’s fart had directly killed them!


Luo Tian was speechless. He shook his head and muttered: “Eggy, do you now realize how smelly your fart is? It can even kill people on contact. I cannot help but salute you for your accomplishment.”

Eggy had a smug look as he laughed: “Boss, do you see how mighty I am? I call it the Dragon Energy Bomb, hahaha… Only us descendants of the Dragon God can do this…”

“Calling yourself mighty?!”

“Very mighty, huh?!”

“Keep calling yourself mighty!”

Luo Tian knocked his head furiously as he shouted: “You made me look so goddamn mighty as well! It’s a stink bomb so just call it a stink bomb, yet you say it’s a Dragon Energy Bomb?! What makes me the angriest is that you don’t even give me a heads up beforehand. You wretched kid, I am completely speechless by you!”

Eggy cried out: “This one is wrong! This one is wrong, okay?!”

“I really couldn’t hold it in.”

“It’s the first time this one used this special move so I didn’t expect it to have such a strong effect. Boss, look at all these people! Do you want me to release a few more Dragon Energy Bombs? Uhh… I meant stink bombs. I could stink all these so-called ten great immortal sects to death! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian looked over and focused on the experts of the ten great immortal sects filled with killing intent. He then coldly chuckled before saying: “Yo, there’s quite a bit of people that have come here.”

“Are you all here to welcome me out of my seclusion?”

“Now that I’ve exited seclusion, you guys can go about and do your own things.”

Seeing how no one in the area was moving, Luo Tian coldly chuckled once more and said: “You guys don’t understand human language? This daddy is telling you all to scram from Mount Hua Immortal Sect and don’t stain this piece of land.”

“Luo Tian!” A sudden shout was heard.

A peak Profound Emperor’s oppressive pressure surged out like a tsunami and viciously crushed towards Luo Tian.

Before Luo Tian could react…

Eggy glared at Daoist Tian Xu with rage and shouted: “Old bandit Tian Xu, I’m going to kill you!”

Luo Tian leaped off Eggy and put his arm out to block him. He then grinned viciously: “Daoist Tian Xu, we meet again. I remember saying last time that the day we meet once more is the date of your death.”

“Since we’re meeting once more…”

“Then go to hell for me.”

After saying that…

His eyes looked up and noticed the visible suppression energy from a peak Profound Emperor ranker. Luo Tian sneered, “Too weak.”

The aura from his body fluctuated.

Profound God’s powers charged out and shattered the pressure that Daoist Tian Xu released.

Daoist Tian Xu’s face darkened. His hands made a grasping motion as he charged over for a sneak attack.

His speed was extremely fast!

His strength was extremely fierce!

His peak Profound Emperor’s cultivation had burst out to its utmost limit!

Luo Tian had a cold sneer as he stared at Daoist Tian Xu charging towards him. He then smiled coldly as his killing intent rose to its highest, “Seven Kills Mystic Art – Seven Killing Fists!”

“The first kill!”

“Break your arms!”


“The second kill!”

“Break your legs!”


“The third kill, shatter all your bones…”

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