Undefeatable – Ch648

Chapter 648 – It’s Time To Lose My V

How can someone not be angered when insulted like this?

At this time…

Before Starsea Dharma King could blow his top, Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Grand Elder Tian Yang coldly sneered, “What high sounding sentiments! A mere Profound God 1st ranker dares to not place us ten great immortal sects in his eyes? If you made a few more breakthroughs, wouldn’t you be standing on top of the entire world?” The Grand Elder of the Imperial God Immortal Sect stood forward while saying this.

The number one and number two immortal sects had stood out, so the other eight great immortal sects also stood forward to denounce Luo Tian.

“You’ve just become the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect and you’re already not placing us ten great immortal sects in your eyes. How would you see us in the future if that’s the case?”

“That’s right!”

“A kid that doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Do you really think you’re all that just because you’re at the Profound God 1st rank?”

“Which one of our ten great immortal sects doesn’t have experts at the Profound God realm?”

“Kid, you should stop acting so arrogantly!”

Various mockery and criticism were thrown out.

Even if Luo Tian had stepped into the Profound God realm, the overall strength of Mount Hua Immortal Sect was too weak. Just him alone cannot support the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

At this time, Luo Tian should have his tail tucked in when dealing with others and develop in a low-profile manner.

Only when he had enough strength can he stand out. But what no one expected was how high-profile he was acting and didn’t put the ten great immortal sects in his eyes. He was completely disregarding them!

Luo Tian pulled up his sleeves and sneered: “Oh? The number one Imperial God has jumped out. With you in the lead, all the other immortal sects are stepping forward as well. That’s great, but what’s the use with just running your mouth?”


“Come beat up this daddy!”

“Try and touch this daddy and see whether I can beat the shit right out of you or not!”

Starsea Dharma King’s eyes turned fierce as condensed a powerful energy in his palms.

He was also an expert at the Profound God 1st rank.

He had already cultivated in the Profound God 1st rank for over a hundred years, and he felt that he was much stronger than Luo Tian who had just entered the 1st rank. How could he endure when Luo Tian kept provoking him? His palms grasped out and materialized thousands of palm prints in the air before sending it down.

Luo Tian glanced up without any fear. He then said in disdain: “Is this all the power you have? Simply weak to the max!”

Luo Tian wanted to kill the Starsea Dharma King to establish his might, and to show whoever dares to touch Mount Hua Immortal Sect will end up dying.

But suddenly, Leng Hanshuang stood forward and blocked in front of Luo Tian. She then said to the Starsea Dharma King: “Grand Elder, my young miss told us that whoever from the Starsea Immortal Sect dares to harm Luo Tian, she will immediately charge out of the Star Array. She will no longer take even half a step into the Starsea Immortal Sect ever again, so you need to think carefully on it!”

Leng Hanshuang was worried about Luo Tian.

Was Luo Tian injured when he came out of the ancient battlefield?

Was he injured after fighting with Daoist Tian Xu?

She didn’t know.

But what Leng Hanshuang was clear on was the strength of this Starsea Dharma King. Apart from the Prime Elder in seclusion and the current Sect Leader of Starsea Immortal Sect, he was the strongest person out of the entire immortal sect. He had cultivated in the Profound God 1st rank for over a hundred years and his powers had reached a terrifying level.

Even if he can’t kill Luo Tian, many innocent disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect will end up dying from the collateral damage.

This will affect Luo Tian’s status inside Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Leng Hanshuang’s brains were filled with many questions and solutions. Her main goal in coming here was to help Luo Tian, therefore she was very considerate when it came to his personal interests. The current Mount Hua Immortal Sect was too unstable and couldn’t afford any more blows.

Once experts at the Profound God realm make a move…

Their powers will definitely be at the level of destroying heaven and earth. Mount Hua Immortal Sect is already in a state of devastation and cannot withstand any more blows.

Starsea Dharma King’s eyes tightened. His attack was about to smash down so his figure started retreating as he pulled his powers back. He then coldly grunted: “Humph~!”

Leng Hanshuang’s expression told him that the words she had spoken were absolutely not false.

The young phoenix had always been true to her words.

The most important thing was that she was the favorite of the Prime Elder. He treated her like she was his everything. Even the current Sect Leader wasn’t as favored compared to her. All the cultivation resources of the Starsea Immortal Sect were given to her first. If he were to offend the young phoenix, that meant he was offending the Prime Elder. For the rest of his life, he was going to have a hard time staying inside the Starsea Immortal Sect.


“That works as well?” Luo Tian revealed a brief smile. His expression was calm on the outside but his heart was moved on the inside. “Xue’er’s influence has exceeded my calculations. It looks like she has become an extremely strong presence.”

A single person can influence a behemoth-like immortal sect!

This was indeed a powerful existence.

Starsea Dharma King had an ugly look on his face as he coldly shouted: “I will report to the Sect Leader about everything that has happened today! Leng Hanshuang, you will be responsible for everything you’ve said!”

Immediately after…

Starsea Dharma King forcefully flicked his sleeves and said with displeasure: “Let’s go!”

Luo Tian sneered and said: “Careful on your way out, I won’t be seeing you off!”

Without waiting for Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Tian Yang to speak, Leng Hanshuang continued saying: “Grand Elder of the Imperial God Immortal Sect, you should be clearer than me when it comes to the relationship between my family’s young miss and Murong Wanjian. Therefore, you should know what to do even if I don’t say it out loud, right?”


Tian Yang frowned as he clenched his fists. He then relaxed them and said with a cold smile: “Today, I will give the young phoenix some face. Luo Tian, you better act honestly from now on. Two months later will be the immortal sect competition between the disciples. At that time, I want to see how you’re going to protect Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s status as an immortal sect. Humph~!”

Afterward, the Imperial God Immortal Sect also withdrew from Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

And after that, the other eight great immortal sects left as well.

During this half a month, it can be considered that a layer of skin had been scraped off Mount Hua Immortal Sect by them.

The foundations of the Library Pavilion were destroyed.

The Spiritual Treasure Pavilion had been emptied.

Many of the other Halls had been raided.

In less than a month, Mount Hua Immortal Sect had gone through two periods of cleansing. Tens of thousands of years of heritage as an immortal sect had practically vanished in less than a month. Now, Mount Hua Immortal Sect was only left with the identity of an immortal sect.

Even the immortal force in this area had become extremely thin.

Immortal force would increase according to Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s fortunes, and decrease as it weakens.

The current Mount Hua Immortal Sect was on the verge of being reduced to a normal martial sect.

Having thin immortal force meant that the speed their disciples cultivated at would be slower than the disciples of other immortal sects. At this slow speed, the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect would be slowly dragged to its own demise.

After the people of the ten great immortal sects left, Luo Tian looked at Leng Hanshuang and tried to not ask too much. He softly asked: “Is she doing well?”

Leng Hanshuang didn’t reply to that question and explained: “There are over a hundred things to do in Mount Hua Immortal Sect right now and the sect can’t afford any more waves. If you kill all the Elders from the ten great immortal sects today, there will definitely be even stronger people killing their way over tomorrow. No matter how strong you are now, there’s no way you can beat those experts at the peak Profound God realm. There’s even a possibility of Profound God Sovereign’s showing up.”

“The next thing to do is to stabilize the situation. The immortal sect disciple competition in two months’ time is the best opportunity to rise up.”

Luo Tian looked at Leng Hanshuang.

He just stared.

He kept staring with his hot fiery gaze. Seeing the expression Leng Hanshuang was making while speaking, his gaze lowered to the tall twin peaks of her chest and just stayed there without moving.

The annoyed looking Leng Hanshuang said coldly: “What are you looking at?”

Luo Tian revealed an evil smile and said: “I remember someone saying before they left that they would let me smack their little butt. Let’s do it tonight!”

It’s time to lose my virginity!

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