Undefeatable – Ch649

Chapter 649 – A Crazy Battle

It was during the time they parted.

Leng Hanshuang said that Luo Tian could smack her little butt on the bed!

That day has finally arrived.

The moon was clear and the stars were scarce.

In a secluded valley of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, there was a small courtyard.

Inside the courtyard was a two-story building made of purple bamboo.

A person was standing on the second story feeling the gentle night wind blow by. Her hair fluttered and a light fragrance dispersed into the air.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was standing inside that building.

He was thrilled!

Extremely excited! He had never been this excited before! It was similar to when he first watched Teacher Sola Aoi’s movie in his previous life. He was feeling complicated emotions while his boiling hot blood was about to erupt. The murderous energy in his crotch was soaring up into the sky!

Thick and powerful!

It was indescribably sturdy as it created a tent shape in his pants.

Majestic and filled with spirit, like it was saying this daddy is going to do something big!


Eggy was kicked away by Luo Tian.

No disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect were allowed to take half a step into this valley.

Luo Tian wanted a night of passion and to battle it out until the sun rises.

Leng Hanshuang!

She was standing before a window while clutching the hem of her clothes. Her head was lowered, she didn’t know where to place her feet, and she looked just like an embarrassed girl not knowing what to do. She was mature and delicate at the same time with a fiery hot body. Her proud twin peaks and her tight little butt, basically her entire body was exuding an irresistible allure.

The night wind blew in through the window.

It blew her fragrance right to Luo Tian’s nose. He took a deep breath and his excitement increase one step further. He sucked in his drool and said: “It was you that said it last time. I’m not the one forcing you.”

Luo Tian basically remembered every word that Leng Hanshuang had said that day.

These past few years…

Luo Tian would occasionally think of Leng Hanshuang’s little tight butt.

It made one revel in its fantasies.

Leng Hanshuang was still giving off a cold aura. She was in thought for a while before saying: “I only said that you could hit my little butt, I never said you could do other things to it. Moreover… I have always treated our family’s young miss as my own little sister. If I do this…”

On this wonderful night…

While standing before the man she liked, she had an inexplicable urge even though she was a reserved person.


Leng Hanshuang had reached a ripe age. She wanted a taste of the forbidden fruit and become a real woman.

She had that impulsive feeling inside her as well.

At this time…

Luo Tian stood up and walked over. He couldn’t allow Leng Hanshuang to keep talking or else they would both feel guilty. After all, there was a Li Xue’er in-between them.

The current Luo Tian couldn’t think too much.

It’s hard to get off when you’re already riding a tiger!

His sperms were already swimming in his brains so he wasn’t going to think too much.

Any straight male would have a difficult time staying calm. His mind was only filled with a single thought – he had to have this woman before his eyes. Her body and the deepest area between her legs! The two of them will completely become one.

Enjoying the sensation of the tightness and the mixing of bodily fluids.

Luo Tian was the worst example because he was still a virgin. This made him more impulsive than normal guys!

His theoretical knowledge was probably better than anyone in this world, but when it came to actually doing it…

He wasn’t even considered a beginner!


Luo Tian’s body was burning hot. He swallowed hard as he walked over to Leng Hanshuang. His fingers gently came into contact with her body and it felt like an electric shock. Leng Hanshuang trembled at the touch.


This kind of feeling was simply too fabulous!

Leng Hanshuang didn’t dodge his touch while her large eyes just stared at Luo Tian. She could tell Luo Tian was in heat so this was considered a tacit approval.

He stretched out his arms slowly and wrapped his arms around Leng Hanshuang’s body.

His hands slowly traveled towards her large twin peaks and felt the full elasticity of it. Even though it was through a layer of clothing, Luo Tian could still feel how smooth it was. His hands started kneading the twin peaks and felt how bouncy it was.

“Ennn~…” Leng Hanshuang closed her eyes and moaned.

Luo Tian swallowed his saliva as he felt even more excited. He couldn’t help exclaiming internally: “So, so, so, big! What an awesome feeling!”

He leaned in closer.

The huge monster in Luo Tian’s crotch area was now pushing against Leng Hanshuang’s buttocks!

“Ennn~… ahhh~…”

Leng Hanshuang moaned once more. Her cheeks turned so red that juice would probably squeeze out soon. She was simply too alluring that it would make anyone wish to give it a bite.


“Luo Tian, if we do this, will we…” Leng Hanshuang’s body was burning hot but she still thought of Li Xue’er.

Before she could finish speaking, Luo Tian pulled her face towards his and started kissing her fiercely.

His tongue was extended into her mouth as he copied what couples did in the movies. He started sucking on her tongue and tasted a hint of sweetness from her mouth. This was a feeling one would never forget. His mouth was filled with a mix of love and fiery passion!

At this moment…

The fire inside Leng Hanshuang seemed to have been ignited by Luo Tian’s kiss.

At first, she seemed to be enduring in silence.

But it suddenly erupted.

Her tongue was wrapped around Luo Tian’s tongue as she pushed her way into his mouth instead. She became even crazier than Luo Tian as she sucked on him.

At this moment…

The iceberg had turned into a volcanic eruption!

Leng Hanshuang had completely exploded!



Luo Tian kept hearing soft moaning sounds in his ears. This kind of sound was far more seductive than the forced ones in the movies you watch. The evil flames inside him instantly rose to its highest point! His hands snaked inside Leng Hanshuang’s clothes and started searching and grasping higher.

First were the twin peaks!

He kneaded them roughly.

The tiny points of the twin peaks poked out like two tiny red dates. Luo Tian gave up on Leng Hanshuang’s seductive lips and went straight to kiss the two red dates through her clothes. This caused Leng Hanshuang to tightly hold onto Luo Tian.

Messy hair, red blushing cheeks, seductive mouth, and the occasional gasp and moan.

At this moment…

Everything was turning into flames.

The two bodies were like flames entwining with each other.


Leng Hanshuang couldn’t stand anymore as if her bones had become soft.

Luo Tian lifted her up, looked around before walking over to a large spacious bed.

A great battle had begun!

Love making, heaven-like intercourse, and rolling around non-stop.

Luo Tian thoroughly explored every inch of Leng Hanshuang’s body. Whether it was the towering twin peaks or the quiet grassy valley, Luo Tian went through them like crazy. He had finally gotten to live through the experience he dreamt of.

The battles in movies and the battles in real life were completely different.

One was the sky while the other was the earth.

The battle lasted for a whole hour. Leng Hanshuang was covered in sweat while her face had a delicate red glow to it.

It was the same for Luo Tian, but he was somehow even more energetic than before. He faintly smiled and asked: “My beloved, do you want to do it one more time?”

Leng Hanshuang completely let go and gave an elegant smile. “Sure, do it again. Do you think I’m afraid of you? But I need to call for two more assistants, humph~!”

“Yun Ling, Yun Yi; did you two hear that?!”

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