Undefeatable – Ch650

Chapter 650 – Nine Times In A Single Night

Many times, women were more attentive than men.

Luo Tian didn’t notice any other people around their small courtyard.

Upon hearing Leng Hanshuang’s words, he was surprised and asked: “They’re around?”

Leng Hanshuang replied with a faint smile: “They have been here very early and have been eavesdropping on us.”

Luo Tian started smiling evilly and said loudly: “Why aren’t you two coming in here?!”

The twin sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi had been in another room very early on.

When they heard the sounds of battles between Luo Tian and Leng Hanshuang, their hearts were beating madly like it was about to jump out. When they heard Leng Hanshuang’s voice, they instantly became dumbstruck and stood there without breathing.

They weren’t sure if they should enter the bedroom or run away.

For a brief moment, those two didn’t know what choice to make.

Leng Hanshuang covered herself with some clothing, got off the bed, and went outside.

She was limping a bit when she was walking.

Luo Tian was stunned when he looked at the bedsheets and noticed droplets of blood. He felt pain in his heart as he said to himself: “All I’ve been doing was enjoying the act myself and never thought about how she felt. Luo Tian, you are a goddamn beast.”


It should be rather painful for their first time.

Luo Tian was thrusting like crazy and Leng Hanshuang never complained. She was actually very cooperative with his actions.

Luo Tian was touched by this.

Soon after, Leng Hanshuang was holding one in each hand as she pulled Yun Ling and Yun Yi into the bedroom.

Those two didn’t dare to look at Luo Tian and their faces were almost buried into their own chest.

Leng Hanshuang was like a brothel keeper as she said: “You two girls go and serve him well. I am exhausted beyond words.”

The two girls didn’t move a bit.

Leng Hanshuang continued: “Stop pretending, I can tell what you two are thinking. There are no outsiders here so there’s no need to be shy. Just then, you two saw my bare body already. If you girls don’t serve him now, there won’t be a chance in the future.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi glanced at each other.

Leng Hanshuang smiled and said: “It’s fine if you two don’t want to but from today onwards…”

“I’ll go!”

“I’ll go!”

The two girls said foolishly.

Leng Hanshuang looked at Luo Tian and revealed a “see how good I am to you” expression.

She understood that she hadn’t fully satisfied Luo Tian yet.

She felt like she owed him.

A little woman… Leng Hanshuang had become a little stay-at-home woman.

In the Tianxuan Continent, only the strong were respected.

Having several wives was very normal for the strong and many women would give themselves willingly. There were even some women who were especially prepared for the strong. If Luo Tian hadn’t managed to come back from the ancient battlefield, Yun Ling and Yun Yi would be treated as presents and be gifted to the Sect Leader of the Imperial God Immortal Sect.

There were some women that couldn’t control their own destiny.

Leng Hanshuang had seen through these matters already. Apart from feeling like she owed Luo Tian for being unable to satisfy him, she also felt some guilt towards Li Xue’er. In her heart, Li Xue’er should be the first woman Luo Tian gets together with.

She snatched the first place.


When she left the Starsea Immortal Sect, Li Xue’er said something that she didn’t understand at that time – Follow your heart according to your desires.

Now that she thought about it…

Leng Hanshuang’s mind tightened as she said to herself: “Could it be that the young miss predicted that this would happen?”

During the time in Jade Mountain City…

Leng Hanshuang’s heart only had Murong Wanjian and everything she did was for the Shattered Sky City. For Murong Wanjian, she felt that only he was worthy of being together with Li Xue’er. Apart from him, no one else was worthy of her.

But now, of course, she doesn’t think the same way anymore.

Compared to that time, she had now become a completely different person.

Luo Tian had also noticed this transformation and this made him extremely happy.


Yun Ling and Yun Yi walked forward with troubled expressions.

Luo Tian looked at them and said: “Don’t bother with her nonsense. I like you two but I won’t make or force you two to do anything you don’t want. I am someone that prefers the saying that things will happen when the time is ripe. You two should leave.”

He was speaking the truth.

A melon forcefully ripped from its vine will not taste sweet.

Although the twin sisters were very alluring, Luo Tian was not a beast after all.


Before Luo Tian could finish speaking, Yun Ling already pounced over. Her soft tongue was already inserted inside Luo Tian’s mouth. She then said incoherently: “We are willing, don’t make us leave.”


Luo Tian was about to say something when the huge monster in his crotch area was enveloped by Yun Yi’s mouth.


Dry wood was thrown into a roaring flame.

Lightning snaked inside a volcano!

It was like the sky and earth were splitting apart!

All of Luo Tian’s meridians were erupting. His evil flames suddenly exploded like an erupting volcano!

Leng Hanshuang delicately giggled before entering battle as well. She then managed to say: “My little sisters, let’s knock him down. He mustn’t be allowed to be too proud of himself.”

Endless Spring in the air!

A passionate foursome!

One man and three women started battling like crazy.

Luo Tian didn’t know how many battles he had fought.

He only knew the three women were exhausted, panting on the bed, and the sky was slowly lighting up.

Battling from night ‘til dawn!

After making some calculations, it came out to nine times!

Luo Tian was shocked when he realized it. “So awesome! So I can also do it nine times in a single night! I just didn’t expect to have so much energy!”

His current body can no longer be compared to his previous life’s body from Earth.

He was now someone at the Profound God realm.

All of his characteristics have been increased. The higher his cultivation realm, the stronger his battle power was. Dealing with three girls was not difficult, but doing it nine times in a single night had made him become a horrifying existence. He was simply too strong!

Looking at their half-covered and half-naked bodies, Luo Tian started smiling in happiness.

Around this time, he suddenly received a system alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the Companion System. You are currently at level 1.”

“You may set the brand!”

Description: The companion brand will not leave any scars behind. It is a brand that affects the person’s soul. After branding, the player will know the location of his partner at any given time. When the companion system is upgraded, it can trigger a function of teleporting your partner.


“The companion system was triggered?”

Luo Tian was surprised as he looked at the description. He then said: “Brand them!”

Luo Tian chose to use a heart-shaped brand.

When Luo Tian acknowledged it, a heart-shaped brand suddenly appeared on the forehead of the three girls. The brand was shimmering with lights and gradually disappeared as it directly penetrated into their souls. Those girls had no idea they had received a brand.

The brand was not under the control of Luo Tian. If they no longer loved him, it would disappear on its own.

The moment the branding was finished, the faces of the three girls became rosier and their alluring charm became even stronger.

This brand has made them even more attractive!

Luo Tian was hiddenly stunned as he muttered: “It looks like that when I level up in the future,

they will become even more seductive and beautiful. Awesome! They are going to take this old life of mine! But, I still like it! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian put on his clothes and left the room.

The moment Luo Tian stepped out of the door, the three girls opened their eyes and revealed an extremely sweet smile.

Each one of them looked gorgeous.

The most important thing was that they all had a satisfied expression on their faces!

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