Undefeatable – Ch651

Chapter 651 – The Progenitor’s Spatial Ring

Refreshed and invigorated!

After battling for a whole night, Luo Tian felt unusually energetic.

Luo Tian walked on the path towards Mount Hua’s main hall with a smile on his face.

“His granny!”

“This daddy is now a real man! Even if I die later, it is considered that I haven’t come to this world in vain.” Luo Tian said with joy to himself. Losing his virginity had always been something that bothered him but now there was no longer any pressure regarding it. Except, his responsibility in protecting someone had increased.

Especially after the companion system appeared, Luo Tian could feel the pressure of greater responsibility.


“Boss, this one has come!”


Eggy rushed over like the wind. Before Luo Tian could give consent, he had already dove inside his body and ate up the two divine artifacts that exploded from Daoist Tian Xu.

A toothpick from an unknown place was sticking out of the corner of Eggy’s mouth as he said unhappily: “That’s so lame, there wasn’t any flavor at all. Boss, when are you going to let me eat that ancient artifact Seven Moon Divine Sword? Even though Daoist Tian Xu wasn’t directly killed by the sword, he can still be considered dying under it. So you’ve already used it to kill someone…”

Luo Tian widened his eyes while he had the urge to start kicking Eggy. “You damn foodie, I haven’t even reprimanded you for eating my divine artifacts yet you keep eyeing my Seven Moon Divine Sword? Do you believe that I will pull out all your teeth so that you can’t eat anything in the future?”

He really didn’t know what to do with this foodie!

Always eating and only eating the good stuff.

If they aren’t at least in the divine grade, he wouldn’t even glance at it. This gave Luo Tian a huge headache.

Back then, he had thoughts of giving Eggy a huge pile of stuff so that he could eat until he dies. But ever since he witnessed the kid eat all the large piles of divine artifacts from the five element old ancestors, Luo Tian no longer dared to have such thoughts.

Luo Tian then shouted: “No matter what, you’re still a descendant of a Dragon God! Can you at least have the temperament of a Dragon God? All you think about day and night is eating. And you keep thinking of my divine sword that I use to scare my foes. Can you at least be a bit more promising?”

Eggy replied with a foolish grin: “Boss, this one’s ancestor was also a foodie. Now he is considered the real perverted one. I am considered nothing when compared to him. He actually ate an entire world once. He wouldn’t even be bothered with a world like the Tianxuan Continent.”


Luo Tian became speechless.

The original Dragon God was also a foodie?

And he can eat an entire world? This…

Could it be that the entire Dragon God clan were all foodies?

Luo Tian was truly speechless this time.

Around this time…

Zhao Chen saw Luo Tian and quickly came over to say: “Sect Leader, the ten great immortal sects have sent over a battle invitation. This time, we can’t even back out of the immortal sect competition even if we wanted to. All the Elders are waiting for you at Mount Hua’s main hall to discuss the issue.”

They had just left yesterday and there’s already a battle invitation today?

This kind of speed was really not ordinary.

An immortal sect’s battle invitation was a way for immortal sect disciples to challenge each other.

Once the invitation is sent, it’s impossible for the recipient to not participate. If they didn’t participate, Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be directly removed from the ranks as an immortal sect and can never step into the immortal sect rank ever again.

Luo Tian understood this and replied: “Let’s go. We’ll talk more once we’re in Mount Hua’s main hall.”

The current state of Mount Hua Immortal Sect was nearing a collapse.

The only thing remaining was a shell. Apart from a few thousand disciples and a thinning immortal force, there weren’t even any cultivation resources left.

All the spiritual herbs had been taken from the Pill Hall so pills couldn’t even be refined.

The profound metals in the Forging Hall had been scraped clean, so no weapons or armor could be forged.

The Taming Hall was the same.

All the Halls looked like they had been flushed clean by a flood, and there just happened to be tens of thousands of bottles of detergent poured in. All the Halls within the immortal sect were cleaned out!

Not only did Luo Tian have to deal with the oppression of the ten great immortal sects, but he also had to face a few thousand outstretched hands looking for cultivation resources!

All those people entered immortal sects because immortal sects had huge amounts of cultivation resources to supply them.

Secondly, it was related to protecting the immortal sect.

If Luo Tian cannot bring out sufficient cultivation resources for them, the cultivation speed of those disciples will definitely slow down. In less than half a month, at least over half of them will leave Mount Hua. In less than a year, most likely Mount Hua wouldn’t even have a person sweeping the grounds available.

It was fine if they left.

They only had to recruit new disciples.


The number of disciples is related to the fortune of an immortal sect. The more disciples they had, the stronger the collective strength. The fortune of the immortal sect will become stronger and the immortal force will become denser. That’s why Luo Tian had to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Mount Hua’s main hall.

A dozen or so Elders were bickering endlessly.

“Resources! Cultivation resources! Without any more resources, even I can’t hold down the disciples from my Hall.”

“All cultivation has stopped. If we don’t solve the cultivation resource problems soon… Even if the ten great immortal sects haven’t destroyed our Mount Hua Immortal Sect, Mount Hua we will end up destroying itself very soon. The density of immortal force in our Mount Hua Immortal Sect is probably worse off than the foothills of other immortal sects.”

“What’s the use in arguing about this? The most important thing right now is the immortal sect’s disciple competition in two months’ time. You guys are arguing about cultivation resources? What kind of resources does the current Mount Hua even have? They have already sent us the battle invitation and all you guys can think of are resources. Humph~!”

“Immortal sect’s disciple competition?”

“Humph~! Do we even have the ability to participate? Do we even have disciples qualified to participate? We are basically asking to be abused if we participate. After so many things have happened, the ten great immortal sects are treating our Mount Hua Immortal Sect as enemies. Once our disciples step onto the stage, they will definitely be beaten to death and won’t be able to leave with their lives intact. Who will dare to compete with that knowledge?”

“Two months? In my opinion, Mount Hua can’t even hold on for two more days.”


Extremely loud, just like a marketplace.

Luo Tian frowned as he could hear them even though he was a few hundred meters away.

“I am good at killing people but how am I supposed to properly manage an immortal sect? I really don’t have that ability. What can I do to deal with the current situation?” Luo Tian grumbled internally while trying to think of solutions.

At this time…

Han Hua rushed over and said: “Sect Leader, Mount Hua’s main hall is so loud that it sounds like a pot of mixed congee! One is talking about cultivation resources while another is talking about the immortal sect competition in two months’ time. Our first priority is to stabilize the situation. We still have time to deal with the immortal sect competition so now the problem is the cultivation resources.”

Their fortune will become unstable with fewer people inside the immortal sect.

Once the number of people is reduced to a certain level, the thin immortal force they have now might even disappear. At that time, Mount Hua Immortal Sect will truly become a normal martial sect.

Luo Tian frowned even more.

“Your granny!”

“This daddy refuses to believe it!”


Luo Tian’s figure moved and instantly landed inside Mount Hua’s main hall. He then shouted: “What the hell are you guys arguing about?! Isn’t it just cultivation resources?! What this daddy has is plenty of resources!”

A large pile of inner cores was inside his spatial ring.

He then pulled out another spatial ring.

The ring was shaking while floating in the main hall.


Someone in the crowd cried out: “It’s the progenitor’s brand! It’s a ring left behind by the progenitor! It has disappeared for tens of thousands of years yet has now appeared here…”

Everyone’s gaze landed on the spatial ring floating in the air.

Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed. His right hand made a grasping motion and pulled the spatial ring back to his palm. He then said to himself: “Damn, I almost forgot about it! There are definitely a lot of spiritual treasures inside! I’m going to be rich!”

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