Undefeatable – Ch669

Chapter 669 – He Has To Die

They’ve come!

The golden glow around each of them was very strong.

The golden halo beneath their feet was blinding to the eyes, so it was very clear that these eleven people were big bosses!

Luo Tian became exhilarated as his mouth unconsciously formed a grin. “The ten great immortal sects really look up to me, actually sending out so many experts to hunt and kill me. Hahaha… there’s no need for you guys to be all secretive and covered up. What do you guys dare not to do here?”

The immortal force around them was so rich that it was useless no matter how much they tried to conceal themselves.

The immortal force around these ten people was different from each other, which meant they were obviously from different immortal sects.

The ten people glanced at each other and weren’t in a hurry to take off the black cloth covering their faces. One of them coldly harrumphed: “Luo Tian, everything that is happening is due to your own fault. It was you that disturbed the order of our immortal sects and it was you that wanted to ruin the wedding of Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er. Those two are the emerging prosperity of our human race. The union between those two is destined by fate, they are a match made in heaven. We cannot allow a country bumpkin like you to ruin it.”

“Luo Tian, you killed your own Sect Leader and killed your own Prime Elder. You have done so many wicked things that getting rid of you is like getting rid of a scourge for all the immortal sects. We cannot let a single mouse dropping to ruin the pot of soup that is our immortal sects.”

“There’s no need to talk nonsense with him. This damn dog thing has sinned too deeply. Who knows what kind of troubles he will create in the future if we don’t get rid of him now?”

“There’s also no need for Mount Hua Immortal Sect to continue existing.”

“Kill him.”

The gaze from all ten of them had cold killing intent in them.

In their eyes, Luo Tian was a wicked bastard guilty of the most heinous crimes.

One that disturbed the order of the immortal sects.

The most important thing was that he had revealed that he was planning on ruining the wedding between Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er.

No matter who it is, this big event cannot be ruined.

This was something the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect couldn’t allow to happen.

Luo Tian looked at ease while his face had a faint smile on it. “Since I have to die, can I see what you guys look like? At least I can tell the King of Hell whose hands I was slain by.”


“What else did you think we were up to?”

“We will let you die in peace then.”

Immediately after, the ten of them took off the black cloth covering their faces. Just as Luo Tian had guessed, they were the Profound God experts sent out by the ten great immortal sects. The strength of each of them was at the Profound God 5th rank or above. One can clearly see how much the ten great immortal sects hated Luo Tian, and how strong their desire was to kill him.

The experts sent out this time had the intention of killing without sparing. Luo Tian was absolutely not allowed to keep living.

We can reflect on this situation.

The ten great immortal sects were afraid because Luo Tian’s abilities were too demonic. In just one year, his cultivation broke through at speeds unheard of. The ten great immortal sects will be in big trouble if someone like this becomes even stronger.

Luo Tian cannot be allowed to continue living!

Another thing…

Luo Tian wanted to show up at Shattered Sky City on the day of Murong Wanjian’s wedding. The wedding between the true dragon and the young phoenix couldn’t be ruined. This was the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the Starsea Immortal Sect, and the Soul Hall’s strongest death order. A death order issued by the continent’s three strongest entities!

That day absolutely cannot be ruined!

Just those two points alone meant Luo Tian had to die.

And the more open his death was, the better.

The only reason they covered their faces was that they didn’t want others to know.

Since their identities had been blown, then there was no need to cover anything up anymore.

Immediately after, Luo Tian went about remembering the faces of each of them. He then said with a faint smile: “I have remembered all of you.”

The assassin from the Imperial God Immortal Sect sneered and said: “Remember it well, and go to hell to tell the Yama King about it.”

After saying that, he made his move and released his Profound God’s battle aura. His body was now exuding a power that gave people a sense that he was unshakable.

Also at the same time, Luo Tian landed next to the man who was about to faint and said: “The opportunity I gave you still stands. Do you want to be the head of the ten great disciples? As long as you nod your head, that will mean you agree.”

“Presumptuous!” The Soul Hall’s Grand Elder shouted before the man could say anything.

He swung his hand through the air and once more slapped the man. “You useless thing! You couldn’t even defeat a piece of trash at the Profound God 1st rank! You can forget about joining Mount Hua Immortal Sect! It looks like you’re tired of life so it may as well come to an end!”

While those words were being said, the man flew up high into the air before landing heavily on the ground. The muscle on his face was twitching while his breathing was as light as silk.

Also at this time, the Soul Hall’s Grand Elder raised his hand and slapped through space once more.

Luo Tian didn’t move and was just looking at the man on the ground. He was waiting!

The man’s eyes showed the heartache he was feeling. He was clenching his fists on and off while his jaws were clenched tight. The heartache in his eyes turned to ferocity before he looked over at Luo Tian and nodded.

Luo Tian started laughing, “Hahaha…”

At this moment, the Soul Hall Elder’s slap was about to land. Luo Tian instantly shouted, “Level 9 Berserk, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise – all come out for me!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Power like the heavens were all released and Luo Tian sent out his own palm to block the strike.


Two strong energies collided and Luo Tian was sent backward violently. The blood beneath his chest started roiling as he felt that he almost couldn’t endure spraying out blood. The power of this Grand Elder of the Soul Hall was higher than his by at least several levels!

The man laughed in self-mockery and said: “Luo Tian, quickly run. The lowest cultivation realm these guys are in is the Profound God 4th rank. The Grand Elder of the Soul Hall’s cultivation has reached the 7th rank so you aren’t his opponent.”

His heart was moved when Luo Tian blocked a slap for him.

At this moment, the man suddenly stood up and said: “Who would’ve imagined that before I die, I, Murong Bai, managed to befriend someone like you. It looks like this life was worth living. Luo Tian, you should leave. I will cover your rear.”

As his voice faded, Murong Bai blocked in front of Luo Tian and a red light started flashing on his body.

“Self-destructing your soul?”

Luo Tian’s expression changed and pulled Murong Bai’s arm. “Damn man, did I allow you to blow yourself up? I am your boss right now. If I can’t even protect my little brother, how am I supposed to keep calling myself a boss?”


“Murong Bai, so what if you’re going to self-destruct your soul?”

“I never imagined a Left Soul Emissary like you would actually collude with this damn dog thing. You have lost all face for the Soul Hall!”

“Murong Bai, my advice is that you don’t do anything stupid.”

“So what if you self-destruct? We can still catch up to Luo Tian even if you blow up your soul. No matter what, he has to die today.”

The Soul Hall Elder’s gaze turned gloomy. He pointed at Murong Bai’s nose and scolded: “What great courage for such a useless thing! Go and self-destruct! Why aren’t you self-destructing? With your measly cultivation, do you think your self-destruction can injure any of us?”

He was disgusted with Murong Bai because he had lost all face for the Soul Hall.

A Profound God 3rd ranker was defeated by Luo Tian. This made him so pissed that he wanted to kill Murong Bai right here on the spot.

Murong Bai’s expression changed as he started laughing like crazy. “Even though I can’t hurt you, an old bastard like you can try coming at me if you have the guts! Even if this daddy has to die, I will pull you down with me. This daddy has worked so hard for the Soul Hall for so long, yet I never imagined that I am considered nothing in your eyes. This daddy is quitting so go f*ck yourself!”

“Go together!”

“Kill him!”

“Don’t let him run!”

The speed of a Profound God ranker was too fast.

They could kill Luo Tian and company in 1/10,000th of a second.

Luo Tian wasn’t an opponent when facing eleven high ranked Profound God experts. But right now, he had a very perverted smile on his face.

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