Undefeatable – Ch673

Chapter 673 – Desert Of Death

A piece of grilled meat took care of a fierce person!

This kind of business was very profitable.

Niu Jingang had been living in the mountains since his birth. When he was around five years of age, his mother had suddenly disappeared one day.

Disappeared without a trace!

He didn’t go looking for her because he didn’t know where to start.

Luo Tian and Murong Bai’s appearance was basically the first time he had seen another human being.

The very first time!

Apart from his mother, he had suddenly treated Luo Tian as the closest human in his life. The reason was very simple – because Luo Tian was able to grill such delicious meat. This allowed him to see that this world existed such a delicious delicacy.

Murong Bai was looking down on Luo Tian the entire time.

He felt that Luo Tian was cheating Niu Jingang.

And the means was the most despicable of the despicable – he only used a piece of grilled meat!

When those words were spoken out, Niu Jingang became unhappy and said with some anger: “Eldest senior brother, you cannot say such things about the boss. I will become unhappy when you criticize the boss like that. I’m the one that profited from this. With such delicious tasting meat, even ten of me wouldn’t be able to exchange for it.”

Murong Bai almost threw up blood.

Luo Tian started laughing loudly before saying to Murong Bai: “Little Bai, don’t tell me you don’t want the people of this world to witness Jingang’s strength? I would love it if the competition started tomorrow. Jingang’s name will definitely startle the world with his debut. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!”

Seeing how Luo Tian was laughing boisterously, Niu Jingang also started giggling foolishly. Even though he didn’t know what Luo Tian was laughing about, he knew Luo Tian was happy so he felt happy too.

Those three spent several days deep inside the mountains.

The injuries on Murong Bai were mostly recovered.

Luo Tian had been using Regeneration to help him heal these past few days. One must mention that the Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill couldn’t really quite catch up with his footsteps. When it came to the wounds on a Profound God ranker, Luo Tian felt the healing speed was kind of slow. But in the eyes of other people, the healing speed was already very fast.

Murong Bai was rather shocked as he said: “I never imagined that you managed to learn Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill. You have hidden your abilities quite deeply. What kind of secrets do you have left? Quickly tell me all of them.”

Luo Tian gave a mysterious smile and replied: “The secrets I have are beyond your imagination. Just follow me and I will guarantee your life will be very colorful. It will definitely be better than what you’ve been experiencing.”

Murong Bai smirked, “I’m looking forward to seeing it.”



“They escaped?”

“They suddenly disappeared and there weren’t any traces of their auras within a million kilometers? Could this kid Luo Tian have cultivated another powerful martial skill?” Sect Leader Lie Yang of the Imperial God Immortal Sect questioned in a bad mood. He thought that Luo Tian would definitely die this time.

But he still managed to escape.

Lie Yang furrowed his brow and said softly: “Master will definitely not be happy when he hears this.”

“Sect Leader, there’s only a little more than a month until the immortal sect disciple competition. Mount Hua Immortal Sect didn’t participate last year so they have to participate this year. Since our ten great immortal sects sent out a battle invitation, we will have a legitimate reason to surround them if they don’t participate. That kid Luo Tian will definitely participate since he wishes to support Mount Hua Immortal sect. Otherwise, he could have just dropped everything and not bothered with any matters. But he didn’t do that, which means Luo Tian will absolutely participate in this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. At that time… heh heh… he will die for sure!” said Daoist Tian Yang.

Right after that, Tian Yang continued saying: “I’ve already spoken with the Sect Leaders of the ten great immortal sects to create an inescapable net. Luo Tian will not be able to escape and the old master will definitely be satisfied.”

Lie Yang’s brows had lowered as he softly said: “We can only do it this way. We will let him live for a few more days and the immortal sect disciple competition will be the date of his death. We have to kill him then or else we won’t have time to deal with him after the competition.”

“Wanjian’s wedding date will be here soon. When the time comes, our Imperial God Immortal Sect must use all resources to prepare for it. The Starsea Immortal Sect and the Soul Hall will be doing the same. We cannot allow a little mouse shit like Luo Tian to ruin the pot of soup.”

Tian Yang immediately replied: “I understand. He is just a little mouse that is unable to flip the sky upside down.”


It was the same situation with the Starsea Immortal Sect and the Soul Hall.

They had given up chasing after Luo Tian and focused on preparing for the immortal sect disciple competition.

Since the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Starsea Immortal Sect weren’t chasing after Luo Tian, the other eight great immortal sects naturally wouldn’t bother hunting him down either. The date of the immortal sect disciple competition would be here soon, and that’s the top priority for these people.

Their immortal sect will see an increase of fortune if they get good results, and the intensity of immortal force will increase accordingly.

The greater their fortune, the greater the influence their immortal sect will have. And their strength will naturally rise as a result of this.


Devil Sect.

“Lord Sect Leader, this time’s immortal sect competition is a great opportunity for us.”

“The forces behind Luo Tian are quite small but his value as a chess piece is quite high. How about we join hands with him? We’ll cause some chaos amongst the ten great immortal sects and give them some damage. At that time, our devil sect will launch a sudden attack and restore our former glory!”

“The assassins sent out by the ten great immortal sects weren’t able to kill Luo Tian, which means that kid isn’t simple. He can transform into the figure of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, so we can really think about forming an alliance with him. As long as we defeat the ten great immortal sects, we can kick Luo Tian away and the Tianxuan Continent will become ours.”

The brows of the devil sect’s leader were furrowed while he was in thought. Eventually, he said: “This time’s immortal sect disciple competition is definitely an opportunity. Since it will have such a lively atmosphere, we shall attend as well!”

“Heh heh…”


For a brief time, the entire Tianxuan Continent seemed to have become tranquil.

The strongest forces in the continent were all secretly preparing for the immortal sect competition.

This was the calm before the storm!

Luo Tian, Murong Bai, and Niu Jingang used up three days before leaving the mountain ranges. Luo Tian wanted to try using his great perfection stage Teleport to see if he could bring the three of them out of this place. But when he thought of holding hands with Murong Bai again, he felt extremely uncomfortable and no longer thought of trying.

Beyond the mountain range was a vast and endless desert.

Yellow sand that seemed to stretch everywhere.

One couldn’t see where the blazing hot boundary ended.

When Murong Bai saw the sand, he couldn’t help saying: “It looks like we’re going to reach the territories of the Wild Lands soon. This desert before us should be known as the Desert of Death. We have to be careful here because it’s an extremely dangerous area. Even Profound God experts cannot be careless.”

Luo Tian was startled by this information and said: “The Desert of Death that’s ranked number two in the ten forbidden grounds of the Tianxuan Continent?”

Murong Bai nodded and replied: “This is the place.”

Niu Jingang scratched his head since he had no clue what the ten forbidden grounds meant. He stepped onto the sand and said: “Boss, we should hurry up. The sky is about to get dark.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Let’s go!”

Right when they were about to move out, Luo Tian suddenly thought of something. He had been so busy lately and almost forgot about it. He then asked Murong Bai: “Is the Heavenly Plume City’s jade seal with you?”

Murong Bai pulled out a stone that was similar to the Great Tang’s founding jade seal from his spatial ring and replied: “Are you talking about this?”

Luo Tian smiled in excitement! The Geocentric Tower quest is about to be completed!

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