Undefeatable – Ch672

Chapter 672 – The Awesome Niu Jingang

What a shocking scene!

Even Luo Tian, who was at the Profound God realm, was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

He had seen the raw strength of the Titan race.

He thought that the Titan race was the strongest race when it came to possessing raw strength, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The strength that this young teen exploded forth with had reached an unshakable realm. Even Luo Tian felt inferior when compared to this teen.

It was the same with Murong Bai as he said: “What a perverted strength. I think not even a Profound God 5th ranker would have this kind of strength.”

After that, he continued saying: “Luo Tian, aren’t you looking for disciples? This kid doesn’t seem too bad.”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Tian was already nowhere in sight.

Luo Tian already had such thoughts before Murong Bai spoke.

How could he let such an awesome youth pass him by without recruiting him?

He was a piece of uncut jade. An uncut jade that no one has discovered yet. Even without cutting and polishing, the shiny light coming from him was still so incomparably bright.

Luo Tian’s heart was already moved the moment he laid eyes on the youth.

Luo Tian instantly moved and landed on top of a demonic beast not too far from the young teen.

The young teen furrowed his brows as he raised his awareness. His two innocent-looking eyes stared at Luo Tian as he asked: “Are you trying to snatch my meat?”

Luo Tian shook his head, “Nope.”

The young teen immediately smiled and relaxed from his tense state. “These and those are all my prey. They are all the meat that belongs to me, Ah Niu.”

He was saying this happily like an innocent child.

The young teen looked at Luo Tian and thought he looked a bit exhausted. He licked his lips and then said: “Today, I have hunted a lot of prey so I will give a portion to you. It looks like you’re hungry too. Their meat is really tasty.”

At this moment, the young teen looked like a simple young child while his eyes looked completely innocent.

Luo Tian glanced at the surrounding demonic beasts and said to himself: “There are way too many demonic beasts here. Can we even finish eating them all?”

Luo Tian didn’t say anything else and chose a demonic beast of smaller stature. He pulled out a dagger, disemboweled the demonic beast, cleaned the skin, and removed the tendons in a practiced motion.

He then gathered some nearby dry firewood, circulated some energy into his palms, and ignited the wood. A large piece of meat was sliced off and then placed on a rack above the flames.

A few minutes later, an overwhelming aroma of barbequed meat was spreading outward.

Luo Tian always carried some seasoning packets on him. He sprinkled some salt, then some cumin, and the aroma was simply unparalleled.



The young teen was already squatting next to the campfire at an unknown time. His eyes were slanted into a smile while he kept swallowing his saliva. Even when he was doing this, saliva still managed to drip out from the corner of his mouth. He would then make a deep sucking motion and slurp his saliva back in before giving Luo Tian a silly grin.

Luo Tian was never worried about someone that likes to eat.

It was very clear that this young teen was a foodie.

He definitely had to have this awesome young teen. Luo Tian was a villager in his previous life so based on the young teen’s eyes, he could see his simple and unpretentious personality. The method he used in dealing with Murong Bai would be useless to this youth. Luo Tian had to use his heart to become friends with him.

Of course, Luo Tian also used his heart in treating Murong Bai.

Luo Tian gave the young teen a piece of grilled meat that was still giving off sizzling sounds and asked: “What is your name?”

The young teen was somewhat embarrassed and muttered: “My mother said I cannot randomly eat other people’s food.”

He really wanted to eat it and almost couldn’t hold back his extending hands, but he finally resisted. He then swallowed back his saliva several times while his eyes were glued to the rack of grilled meat. It was simply too mesmerizing.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “This demonic beast was killed by you, so it’s not considered the property of others but your own property.”

The young teen tilted his head in thought before asking: “Really?”

Luo Tian nodded.

The young teen then received the grilled meat in joy. He took a large bite and started hissing and blowing out. Then, another big bite and more blowing. He then managed to speak through a stuffed mouth: “This one has the surname of Niu, and the given name of Jingang. You can call this one Ah Niu or Jingang. I also have a nickname given to me by my mother, called Brisket.


Luo Tian was momentarily stunned before saying: “I will just call you Jingang.”


“Since you’ve made such delicious meat for me to eat, you can call this one whatever you want hehehe…” Niu Jingang giggled while eating like crazy. His innocent smile had infected Luo Tian, so he quickly put another piece of marinated meat onto the rack over the fire.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “Eat slowly, there’s more coming.”

At this time, Luo Tian yelled in the direction of Murong Bai: “Little Bai, quickly get me some more dry wood!”

Murong Bai’s eyes gleamed before he muttered: “Who the hell is Little Bai?”

His brain almost short-circuited.

He then thought of his own name and instantly jumped up in rage. He ran over and cursed: “Who the hell is your Little Bai?! You damn bastard, don’t make up random names for people! You can call me Murong Bai or Young Master Bai!”

Luo Tian ignored him and said: “Little Bai, can you hurry it up?”

Niu Jingang looked at Murong Bai while his head was tilted to the side before saying: “It’s fine to tell me to do those kinds of things.”

He swallowed a large piece of grilled meat before leaping away.

In less than a minute, Niu Jingang was holding onto a huge tree in front of Luo Tian. He giggled: “Is this enough?”

A tree that was a dozen or so meters thick was directly uprooted by Niu Jingang. This kind of strength…

Luo Tian’s eyes shook. He was so shocked that he had become speechless momentarily. He then said: “Little Bai, move over. Jingang, you come here. I have some things to say to you.”

Niu Jingang tossed the huge tree into the air.


That huge tree was directly tossed into the clouds and then disappeared.

Murong Bai and Luo Tian were dumbstruck by this Niu Jingang. His strength was powerful to a complete mess!

Niu Jingang ran over to Luo Tian’s side and squatted down to stare at the grilled meat. His saliva started dripping down with “plop plop” sounds. The grilled meat he had just eaten was the best meat he had tasted in his entire life, so what he was feeling right now was never ending admiration towards Luo Tian.

In his world, anyone capable of making such tasty grilled meat must definitely be an extremely awesome existence.

Luo Tian asked: “Jingang, are you willing to go to Mount Hua Immortal Sect with me?”

Niu Jingang asked: “Are there such tasty grilled meat for me to eat every day?”

Luo Tian was feeling ecstatic as he replied: “There is!”

Niu Jingang’s eyes gleamed while he looked at Luo Tian. Then, another flash appeared in his eyes as he said embarrassedly: “I was just kidding…”

Luo Tian was startled by the reaction, “Uhhh…”

Niu Jingang then said in seriousness: “Once a month. I only need to eat this type of grilled meat once a month and I’ll be content.”

Luo Tian was dumbfounded. When he looked at the innocent-looking Niu Jingang, he said: “No problem. From today onwards, you will be the second disciple of my ten great disciples. This Little Bai is your eldest senior brother.”

Niu Jingang immediately got up and said respectfully to Murong Bai: “Eldest Senior Brother!”

Soul Hall’s Left Emissary!

And Jingang, who was fierce to a complete mess within the deep mountains!

This was way too awesome!

He had struck it rich!

Immortal sect disciple competition, huh?

Bullying this daddy’s Mount Hua that we don’t have any talented disciples, huh?

You guys just wait! Wait for this daddy to f*ck up all ten great immortal sects thoroughly!

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