Undefeatable – Ch671

Chapter 671 – Fierce Guy


They disappeared from their spot and their aura was untraceable.

Soul Hall’s Grand Elder instantly sent out his senses out over a million kilometers. He furrowed his brow and said: “I can’t sense their auras… this is impossible!”

Suddenly, a dark red glow appeared on his body. His spiritual senses surged into the sky and spread out over a million kilometers once more, but he still wasn’t able to detect Luo Tian and Murong Bai’s aura. It was like those two had disappeared from the face of this world.

No matter how fast they were, it was impossible for them to fly over a million kilometers in a blink of an eye. Even a Profound God Sovereign wasn’t capable of it.

So naturally, it was impossible for Luo Tian.

The experts of the ten great immortal sects sent out their senses as well. Just like the Soul Hall’s Grand Elder, they found absolutely nothing. They all revealed an incredulous look while their brows were locked into a frown. “It’s impossible for that kid to be that fast. They must have used some sort of concealment martial skill to hide their auras. Those two shouldn’t have gone far, let’s chase after them!”


“In what direction?”

“Even if it’s a divine grade Stealth Pill, they can forget about hiding from our spiritual senses. Since we can’t detect the auras of those two within a million kilometers, that can only mean one thing – they are already in a place exceeding a million kilometers. The Tianxuan Continent has such a large surface area so where are we going to go to chase?”

“We’ve missed the chance to kill them.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? He’s only at the Profound God 1st rank. A monk can run but his temple cannot. Don’t forget, there’s a little more than a month before the immortal sect disciple competition. If Luo Tian wants to protect Mount Hua Immortal Sect, he has to make an appearance. He can run today but I want to see how he’ll run next time!”

“That makes sense. The day of the immortal sect competition will come soon so we’ll let him live for a few more days. Then we’ll see where he can run off to.”

The Soul Hall’s Grand Elder hadn’t said a word.

There was nothing else he could do.

The sudden change caught him off guard. His voice shook as he roared in anger: “Murong Bai! Luo Tian! Let’s see where you two can run off to! No matter how far you run, the Soul Hall will still be able to track you down! You two just wait for your deaths!”

The voice was similar to thunder that echoed over a million kilometers out.

But Luo Tian and Murong Bai didn’t hear it.

At this moment, “Ptui~, ptui~, ptui~!”

“You’re the one that’s gay! Your whole family are homosexuals!” Luo Tian was squatting beside a small creek while using a stone to scrub his hand. His heart was filled with a shuddering chill because Murong Bai’s weird look kept playing inside his mind. Just thinking about it made him sick to the stomach.

Murong Bai’s expression changed, “I’m not the one that’s homosexual because I have no inclinations towards men. You were the one that came up to me and said you liked me. Luo Tian, who would’ve thought a normal looking guy like you would have such hobbies? It looks like my eyesight has gone askew.”

“Gone askew your ass!”

Luo Tian was near speechless, “This big brother held your hand because he was trying to save you! You were the one holding my hand tightly the moment their attacks were about to land. You had a face that looked like you wanted to die together with me. Just thinking about it makes me all creeped out!”

This was too messed up!

His wee wee shriveled up once more. Luo Tian was really afraid that his little brother won’t be able to rise up anymore after this incident. This traumatic experience was too strong!

Murong Bai froze for a bit before looking around. “What kind of place are we at? Luo Tian, I didn’t expect you to have such a powerful martial skill. I can’t detect the auras of the ten great immortal sect experts and the Soul Hall’s Grand Elder within a million kilometers. Could it be that we’ve escaped from the range of their senses?”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes and said: “Can you take a look at who I am? You think that just based on those people and they can catch up to me?”

Immediately after, Luo Tian was feeling his heartache and said to himself: “Goddamnit, there goes eleven bosses just like that! My heart hurts so much that it feels like it’s about to shatter! They are all bosses in the Profound God realm and a divine artifact will definitely explode from each of them. My divine artifacts, agggggghhhhhhhh!”


Luo Tian’s mouth revealed an evil grin, “This daddy has remembered all of you. If I see you guys next time, I will definitely not spare you. This daddy might not be able to defeat eleven of you together, but you guys can wait for your death once you’re all alone by yourselves!”

The ten great immortal sects won’t let him off?

Luo Tian will definitely not spare any of them either.

He got up and his expression turned serious. “I heard the Soul Hall will also be participating in the immortal sect disciple competition. Do you want to take revenge?”

Murong Bai didn’t hide his anger and replied: “I will join Mount Hua Immortal Sect. I will give them all a good show in the immortal sect competition. I have made so many contributions to the Soul Hall yet I have been suddenly tossed aside like some worthless garbage. Skeleton King, this daddy is not finished with you!”

Skeleton King was the title of the Soul Hall’s Grand Elder.

Luo Tian then said: “Good! From today onwards, you are my little brother. Don’t worry, I will not let anyone touch you. What is the Soul Hall considered? The Soul Hall will eventually be stepped on below my feet as well. So what if I become enemies with all the greatest forces of the Tianxuan Continent?”

“This daddy will stomp them all to death!”

Murong Bai started laughing.

He was a battle maniac so after hearing Luo Tian’s speech, he had a feeling of regret for not having met Luo Tian earlier. His heart started boiling as his desire to battle rose up.




Suddenly, the earth started shaking and all the beasts and birds started fleeing for their lives. Those super demonic beasts were running like they had just seen a ghost. Some of the lower ranked demonic beasts directly prostrated on the spot and started peeing themselves in fear.

“Is it an earthquake?”

Murong Bai’s brows shot up in surprise. His eyes were focused on a nearby distant peak and replied: “It can’t be, the other places aren’t shaking.”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed in shock as well and asked: “Do you feel like we’re somehow getting closer to the sky?”

Murong Bai looked up and muttered: “It really looks like it… how could that be?”

At this moment, the mountain peak they were on kept rising higher like it was being lifted by some kind of force.

Sounds of rumbling kept coming from the mountain.

Rocks kept sliding down like there was an avalanche.

Luo Tian swept his gaze around and found that some of the surrounding mountain peaks were a bit strange. The tip of the mountain was inverted and stabbed downwards like an ice cream cone. This was simply too strange to behold.

“I can feel a powerful energy!”

“Right below the peak!”

Murong Bai sent out his senses and said: “I can feel it too. This kind of energy isn’t from an expert of the Soul Hall or the ten great immortal sects. Isn’t this energy a bit too fierce? It managed to shake such a huge mountain!”

“Even someone born with divine strength shouldn’t be able to do it.”

Suddenly, the entire mountain peak heaved and started turning upside down.

Luo Tian shouted: “Be careful!”

Murong Bai said with a playful smile: “You should be the one to be careful, my lord Sect Leader.”

Two beams of light shot out and landed on another peak. Their eyes were full of shock as they watched a young man as strong as an ox rip up the mountain peak they were previously on. Luo Tian smacked his lips and muttered: “Damn, this kind of strength is a bit too awesome.”

The mountain peak in his hands was like a toy to him.


Way too perverted!

The young man flipped the mountain peak upside down and all the demonic beasts fell out. When he saw all those demonic beasts fall out, he was extremely happy and said: “Ah Niu has some meat to eat now!”

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