Undefeatable – Ch675

Chapter 675 – Evil Woman, Black Widow

“This is gifting me experience points!”

Luo Tian revealed a smile and said: “Jingang, Little Bai, don’t completely kill these scorpions. Leave them on their last breath so that I can make the killing blow.”

Murong Bai’s sword started moving.

His white clothes and his chilling sword fluttered through the air.

Luo Tian was hiddenly staring at him in disdain as he said to himself: “It’s good that there aren’t any girls around or else he would steal all the limelight.”

Jingang nodded and said: “Order received, boss!”

Murong Bai faintly smiled and said: “Whatever, I just want to kill to my heart’s content.”

Luo Tian was worried he would say something like that.

But the experience points from these Sand Scorpions shouldn’t be too high. Even if there’s over ten thousand of them here, it wouldn’t put much of a dent into Luo Tian’s super long experience bar. Nevertheless, the little bit of meat on a mosquito was still meat. Luo Tian repeated himself: “Just make them half dead.”

After saying that, Luo Tian shouted: “Prepare for battle!”


Suddenly, Luo Tian’s figure sprung into action as he stood in the air with a serious look in his eyes. When he saw the sand being kicked up all over, it really did look like a sandstorm was barreling towards them. This kind of scene was extremely shocking to behold!

Niu Jingang stood on a tall mound of sand. His expression was serious while a piece of half-eaten grilled meat was still hanging out of his mouth.

The three were prepared.

They only had to wait for this group of Scorpion Kings to come, and then they can kill to their heart’s content.

But when the group of Scorpion Kings got closer, Luo Tian realized they weren’t charging towards them. They were actually running for their lives like crazy!

“What’s going on?”

Murong Bai noticed this and said: “Something seems to be chasing after them.”

Luo Tian was feeling heartache. Seeing all those Scorpion King’s falling to their demise, he couldn’t endure anymore and exclaimed: “My experience points! My experience points! No, they can’t just die like that. I need to at least grab some experience points for myself.”

Suddenly, Luo Tian turned into a beam of light and charged forth.

He arrived in front of them in a blink of an eye.

Murong Bai followed right behind.

Niu Jingang glanced at them and said with a foolish grin: “This one can’t allow the boss and eldest senior brother to get injured. This one will go too!”

His legs shifted and started moving like a horse galloping. His speed wasn’t a bit slower than Luo Tian or Murong Bai!




The sounds shook the sky and reverberated throughout the Desert of Death.

In the lead was a Scorpion King.

Its body gave off a faint golden glow, designating it as a small boss.

It saw Luo Tian and the other two come towards it and its rage immediately surged into the sky. Both pincers were raised into the air and it revealed an extremely arrogant expression like it was saying: “You guys better scram away from this daddy. Do you believe this daddy can play you guys to death anytime I want?”

Behind the Scorpion King was a large group of scorpions.

Their group was approaching in a cone shape

At this time, it wasn’t just the Scorpion King but several larger scorpions behind had all released their furious beastly nature.

They were originally running for their lives yet some humans were now blocking their path. How can they not be angry?


Before Luo Tian could make a move, Jingang already shot forth.

His dark tanned skin was shining under the hot sun and his muscles looked like they were cast by the flow of water as it burst forth with endless power.

Jingang leaped over and directly grabbed onto the Scorpion King’s giant pincer. His body then sank downward and his feet touched the ground. The muscles on his arms flexed, and the Scorpion King was raised into the air before being slammed down on its back.


Sand covered the sky as the Scorpion King made an imprint of itself on the sand.

The Scorpion King was scared witless.

Did he forget to read the almanac before heading out today?

He was originally bringing his little brothers out to hunt for food and never expected to encounter the desert’s death hunter Black Widow.

This was the Black Widow whose poison was more poisonous than a scorpion’s.

They were not her opponents. Even if they were fifty thousand strong, they were still not her opponent. They were escaping and had been running for tens of thousands of kilometers. Black Widow kept chasing after them and the road was paved with the bodies of scorpions.

The Scorpion King originally had a belly full of fire. When he saw three humans block his path, his rage had practically reached the sky. He was planning on pinching the three humans to death but didn’t expect that before he could make his move, his body was raised into the air by a tiny human. He was then heavily slammed into the ground!

He had thoughts of committing suicide!

Before the Scorpion King could react, Jingang slammed it onto the ground once more like he was afraid the Scorpion King would suddenly sting him with its tail. Jingang didn’t give the Scorpion King any chances and kept slamming it down, especially where a large number of scorpions were congregated.

It was already chaotic, and now it was even more chaotic.

A messy chaos of scorpions.

Murong Bai’s white clothing fluttered as the sword in his hand turned illusory. Over a thousand flowery sword lights were condensed into sword qi. Then, the scene looked like thousands of arrows were being shot down from the sky.




The swarm of scorpions cried out.

They crashed into each other continuously trying to escape.

At this time, Luo Tian leaped into the air as well. He checked the health bar above the scorpions before shouting internally: “Myriad Thunder Roar, smash them for me!”

Storm clouds started gathering on a clear sky, and then the violent sounds of thunder raged through them.

Under Luo Tian’s command, over ten thousand lightning bolts descended.



Within the lightning field, many scorpions were being instantly killed.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Sand Scorpion. You have gained 10,000 experience points, 1000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Sand Scorpion. You have gained 10,000 experience points, 1000 profound energy…”

Alert tones sounded off like crazy.

Luo Tian was blasting wildly about and a few thousand Sand Scorpions turned to powder. As the sand and dust settled, a bunch of scorpions was seen running while a woman followed behind.

A woman who was holding onto a whip.

An incomparably voluptuous woman that was exuding incredible charm from every part of her body.

There were only three parts of her body that were covered while the rest was completely visible. Her skin was smooth and white against the contrast of the desert. And every pore on her body was exuding this evil charm. This was simply way too awesome!

Luo Tian was thinking of League of Legends’ Evelynn!

The evil charm coming from her was the same as the game character, and the charm was like a black energy that enshrouded her entire body. Except, the woman in front of their eyes was somehow even prettier than Evelynn.

Luo Tian was staring at her.

She stared back at Luo Tian.

The whip in her hand was like a spiritual snake that was slithering around the desert in a lively manner.

Murong Bai’s expression hiddenly changed. He instantly appeared next to Luo Tian and advised him in a whisper: “No matter what, don’t look at her eyes. This woman has some type of evil energy on her so you cannot meet her eyes. The most dangerous thing in the Desert of Death isn’t the demonic beasts, but this woman.”

Murong Bai looked at Luo Tian who was staring at this woman. His mind sank and his sword immediately shook. His Profound God 3rd rank powers exploded to its peak as he shouted: “Let him go! Come at me if you have the guts!”

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