Undefeatable – Ch676

Chapter 676 – Hello, Sire!

“Come at me if you have the guts!”

After saying that, Murong Bai blocked in front of Luo Tian. His eyes were even larger than a cow’s as he swept his eyes all over Black Widow’s body. He cleared his throat in an attempt to hide the fact that he was swallowing his saliva, but he had completely failed.

Luo Tian kicked Murong Bai’s butt and shouted: “Who the hell are you trying to fool?!”

He was completely fine.

Well, not completely fine.

The moment Luo Tian met Black Widow’s gaze, he was indeed mesmerized and felt like he had entered an illusion.

But Luo Tian’s immunity was stronger than Black Widow’s expectation.

It only took him a few seconds before he recovered. No matter how much charm Black Widow was trying to cast with her evil eyes and her poses, Luo Tian was indifferent to all of it.

Li Xue’er’s all-around beauty.

Leng Hanshuang’s cold beauty.

Tang Tang’s cute and playful beauty.

Qin Yue’er’s mature beauty.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s twin beauty. Xin Er’s pure innocent beauty. Luo Tian had seen them all, so his immunity towards beautiful girls had been enhanced quite a bit. His body was able to produce antibodies to deal with this Black Widow. But one must mention that Black Widow’s evil charm made people’s hearts beat quicker unconsciously.

Therefore, Murong Bai had been completely captivated. His eyes were staring at the bottomless cleavage of Black Widow while drool kept flowing out. He looked exactly like those stereotypical lustful men right now.

Luo Tian stomped over and kicked him onto the ground.

Murong Bai still maintained a pose he thought was really handsome on the ground and smiled at Black Widow.

Niu Jingang ran over while pulling a Scorpion King at the edge of death. He then said with a foolish grin, “Eldest senior brother, what are you doing? She didn’t look at you at all. The sand on the ground is really hot so you should quickly get up. It wouldn’t be good if you end up burning your body.”


Black Widow couldn’t hold back and burst out giggling. This caused the evil charm from her body to become even more charming, and the aura coming from her was near irresistible now.

When Murong Bai saw Black Widow giggling, his heart started beating faster. He didn’t hear a thing of what Jingang had said.

Luo Tian looked at Jingang and said: “Jingang, use the Scorpion King’s poisonous stinger and stab him with it. Let’s see if he can keep pretending or not.”

Niu Jingang froze for a bit, “Uh…”

Luo Tian then said: “Look at his face. Wouldn’t it be extremely shameful to everyone if he keeps acting like that?”

Niu Jingang nodded to show his agreement. “What the boss says is right.”

While conversing, Jingang grabbed a Scorpion King’s tail and squeezed out the black poisonous stinger before plunging the thing into Murong Bai’s butt.


“My butt!”

“Luo Tian, this won’t be the end of it!”

Murong Bai grabbed his butt and jumped into the air. His face turned pale and his lips turned black. He glared at Luo Tian and said: “You are too vicious! Isn’t it just because a beautiful girl likes me and doesn’t like you? How can you treat me like that?!”

Ah Niu scratched his head and said: “Eldest senior brother, that woman hasn’t even looked at you. She has been staring at boss the entire time, so how can she be interested in you?”

Murong Bai knocked Niu Jingang’s head and said in a bad mood: “You big lug head, why are you speaking so much? She definitely likes me and just hasn’t revealed it. That’s called being subtle and reserved. Do you understand any of that?”

Luo Tian brought out an Antidote Pill and threw it over to Murong Bai. “Stop acting cocky. Your lips are turning black so quickly eat the Antidote Pill. If you look at yourself, you will see that your face is turning black as well. If you don’t detoxify the poison soon, you won’t be able to pull off that handsome pose of yours. Your face might even become damaged beyond repair.”

When he heard that his face might become damaged, Murong Bai quickly ate the medicinal pill.

At this time, Black Widow walked over while twisting her butt. Because she was wearing so little, it could be described as wearing a bikini or lingerie so her butt was completely exposed. The swaying motion of a near-naked butt was able to evoke the primitive lust of any male primate.

And while she was walking, her chest was faintly shaking.

A wobble here, a wobble there, those twin peaks looked like shaking mountain tops that were capable of shattering one’s heart.

There was a stinging sensation in Murong Bai’s nose before a long stream of blood came out. When he saw Black Widow walking towards them, he struck the most handsome pose he could come up with. He then said with a faint smile: “How are you doing, beautiful girl? This one is Murong Bai, a Profound God 3rd ranker.”

Two long streams of nosebleeds.

In addition to his lecherous grin, his expression was lewd to the maximum.

Ah Niu softly said: “Eldest senior brother, there’s blood coming out of your nose.”

Murong Bai licked his lips. He still looked very calm with a faint lecherous smile on his face.

Ah Niu then said: “Eldest senior brother, she walked past you and didn’t even give you a glance.”

Black Widow sashayed over to Luo Tian’s location and revealed a reserved smile, “Hello, sire!”


“Crack~, crack~…”

Sounds of his heart shattering come from Murong Bai. His eyes turned lifeless like he had died inside.

Upon hearing Black Widow’s gentle voice that could melt someone’s bones towards Luo Tian, Murong Bai’s heart turned into ashes. He just plopped onto the ground while staring up at the sky, “Oh heavens, oh great earth, do you really need to give me such a blow?”

Luo Tian looked very calm.

He was only pretending to be calm though.

A young straight male that wasn’t even twenty years old yet, staring at a gorgeous girl with very little clothing on while she kept giving you flirtatious looks, and an evil charming aura that kept radiating from her body capable of driving anyone crazy. There was no way Luo Tian could hold on.

He was a man!

A man with a normal sexual orientation!

He could barely resist it when he saw Black Widow.

But he resisted with all his might internally while looking very calm on the surface. “Your evil charm is useless against me. You are very beautiful but you aren’t any better when compared to my wives. So, please pull back your evil charm because you’re basically wasting your energy.”

Black Widow was faintly stunned before smiling in embarrassment, “You are the first man to be able to resist me. You are very special.”

While speaking, the evil charming aura coming from her body was pulled back.

“Fuuu~…” Luo Tian exhaled a breath of air. Cold sweat plastered his back and there were traces of blood on his palms. Just then, he was forcing himself to endure like his life depended on it. His nails were stabbed into his fleshly palms just so he could resist that Black Widow’s charm, or else he really wouldn’t be able to hold himself back.

Murong Bai was unwilling to be defeated and said: “Beautiful girl, I am very special as well. Can you take a look at me? As long as you look at me, I’m sure you will be smitten by my looks.”

Black Widow was treating Murong Bai like air.

Murong Bai’s shattered heart felt like someone was trampling all over it. It was shattered to the point of being unable to shatter anymore. His whole person was like a wilted piece of lettuce that couldn’t raise his spirit anymore.

Ah Niu supported Murong Bai up and said: “Eldest senior brother, don’t be discouraged. She doesn’t like you but there will definitely be other girls that like you.”

Murong Bai was moved by this and said: “Jingang treats me the best and still knows how to comfort me. Not like some people here…”

Before he could finish, Niu Jingang then said: “I think many village girls would like someone like you…”


Murong Bai directly threw up blood.

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