Undefeatable – Ch677

Chapter 677 – This One Doesn’t Want It

A knife was stabbed into Murong Bai’s chest and blood splattered everywhere.

A long sigh while staring up at the sky.

He couldn’t make half a sound anymore.

Luo Tian waved his hand, instantly killing the scorpion next to Jingang.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Scorpion King. You have gained 100,000 experience points, 10,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Scorpion Tail.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Soul Pearl.”


“Only a little pearl exploded out?” Luo Tian was stunned by this. Shortly after, he walked over to Black Widow and asked: “Are you interested in following me?”

Black Widow smiled seductively and said: “That’ll be great, sire. I will do whatever you tell me to. I will do anything.”

That gaze, and that flirtatious expression.

It was like a tickling itch that ignited one’s evil flames.

Moreover, this woman will definitely take your life on the bed. Not to mention 108 styles, she could probably come up with 18,000 styles for you. There will be no repeating styles and she will not stop unless you’re completely dry.

Cannot afford to provoke!

Luo Tian didn’t wish to invite a disaster.

But Luo Tian wanted to pull her into their group. Her abilities were definitely not ordinary since she didn’t put Murong Bai, a Profound God 3rd ranker in her eyes.

This was the first feeling Luo Tian had towards Black Widow.

Seeing how she didn’t give up and kept trying to use different evil moves, Luo Tian smiled and said: “You should give up when it comes to me. I don’t have that much interest towards you and I’m not your type either.”

“No fun!”

Black Widow instantly lost her spirit and sat down on the corpse of a scorpion. Her long nail gently scratched against the shell of the scorpion and caused a metallic noise. She then asked: “Are you really a man?”

There was some frustration in her tone.

There has never been anyone that was capable of resisting her evil charm.

Even experts at the peak of the Profound God realm fell to her moves, not to mention Luo Tian who was only at the Profound God 1st rank.

Murong Bai felt like this was his chance. He got up from the ground and used his sleeve to wipe away the blood from his nose. He then said in an ingratiating manner: “Beautiful girl, he isn’t a man and he doesn’t like women. I am a man, a true blue man…”

Before he could finish speaking, Black Widow glanced coldly at him and said: “I have no sexual interest in you.”

It was sexual interest and not just plain interest!

Murong Bai shivered before sitting down in defeat once more.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “I am naturally a man, and your charm is irresistible to men. I am no exception but I cannot allow it because the wives at home won’t agree to it.”

This was just one of the reasons.

Another reason was that Luo Tian couldn’t accept the personality of Black Widow.

He leaned to the conservative side when it came to things like this.

Black Widow was too liberal.

Black Widow’s brows faintly furrowed and asked: “Your wives won’t agree? I really wish to see what your wives look like. I want to see what qualifications they have to compete with me. You are the man that I have my eyes on, so you will become mine.”

While saying that, Black Widow’s eyes faintly narrowed and her mouth curved up into a smile. “You won’t be able to escape from my hands.”

Murong Bai looked at Luo Tian. He was carefully observing him and didn’t let a single pore off. Eventually, he came to a conclusion – no matter if it came to looks or cultivation, this thing couldn’t be compared to himself. So, how did he lose out to Luo Tian?

Luo Tian became happy as he said: “Based on your words, you’re planning to follow me?”

Black Widow smiled flirtatiously and replied: “Of course. I’ve been living in this Desert of Death for so long that I’ve grown tired of it since a long time ago. I have been waiting for the day that a capable man can bring me away from this desert. The day has arrived.”

As she was speaking, Black Widow leaned against Luo Tian’s chest and gently rubbed herself against him.

Her firm and upright buttocks were touching against Luo Tian’s crotch area.

“She’s killing me!” Luo Tian cried out internally. He desperately tried to endure the best he could but no matter how hard he tried, his little brother wouldn’t listen to his commands. In just an instant, killing intent exploded from down there.

A tent popped up!

Looking like it was trying to support the sky!

There was actually a momentum behind it that seemed like it was trying to penetrate through the sky!

Black Widow giggled coquettishly and said: “Sire, your thing is touching me. You’re so bad. This one almost can’t resist anymore.”


Luo Tian had been enduring for so long yet his little brother didn’t listen to him at a key moment. Luo Tian’s face turned a shade red, wanting to cut off that little disobedient thing of his.

Black Widow was happy.

Extremely happy.

She felt like she had taken down another fortress.

Luo Tian heavily exhaled before saying: “If you keep acting like this, aren’t you afraid I’d do something to you?”

Black Widow pretended to look scared. She was like a child clinging to Luo Tian’s body while gently rubbing her peaks against his. Luo Tian could clearly feel two pointy dots through his clothing rubbing him.

The evil flames in his groin became unstoppable.

Black Widow then said: “Come. Sire, come and ravage me. Ravage me as fiercely as you can.”


If this continues, Luo Tian will definitely go berserk.

His figure retreated back as he pulled out the Soul Pearl that exploded out from the Scorpion King. “Is this the reason you were chasing the Scorpion King?”

During this time, Murong Bai’s heart had shattered countless times. He was squatting off to the side and drawing circles in the sand while muttering some curses.

Ah Niu tried to comfort him but realized Murong Bai’s expression was getting uglier. Eventually, he sat down next to Murong Bai while continuing to eat his meat and saying: “Eldest senior brother, you will definitely find a village girl who will love you so don’t worry. Do you want me to give you a share of grilled meat?”

Black Widow’s body softened and leaned against Luo Tian. “This one is actually looking for you. Sire, please accept this one.”

Even though she said such words, her eyes were actually staring at the Soul Pearl in Luo Tian’s hand.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “If that’s the case, I’m going to throw it away.”

When he said he was going to throw the Soul Pearl away, Black Widow was startled by it and quickly grabbed onto Luo Tian’s hand. “Sire, you are such a bad person. It will be a great pity to throw away such a good thing. Please save it for this one.”

Luo Tian then said: “I’m fine with giving it to you, but can you act a little more normal?”

Black Widow was delighted by those words and said with a delicate smile: “Sire, has this one made you that uncomfortable?”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at her and replied: “Any straight man, even those playboys will be played by you to the point that they can’t resist. I will give you this pearl but we need to maintain a one meter distance from each other.” Luo Tian felt this woman could practically steal one’s life away.

No straight man could resist her!

After receiving the pearl, Black Widow quickly swallowed it and the evil charm coming from her became denser. She nestled deeper into Luo Tian’s body like she was trying to fuse together with him. “This one doesn’t want to.”

This kind of voice… Luo Tian’s bones were about to melt.


Luo Tian couldn’t handle it.

Murong Bai gave Luo Tian a resentful look before throwing up another mouthful of blood.

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