Undefeatable – Ch679

Chapter 679 – Luo Tian Transforms Into A Boss

(T/N: Orc race will be changed to the Beastmen race since the author has never given a description of them. To the Chinese culture, orcs, beastmen, halflings are all the same so it’s very difficult to figure it out.)

Luo Tian wasn’t a God and couldn’t predict things.

He had no clue such matters were happening in Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Even though he had the companion system and Leng Hanshuang, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi had a special brand on them, the brand didn’t send out any signals of danger to him. Therefore, Luo Tian had no idea what was happening.

Murong Bai, Niu Jingang, and now a Black Widow.

Any one of those three were awesome existence in their own right. They will definitely shine when the immortal sect competition comes around.

Luo Tian had invested a lot of effort into this year’s immortal sect disciple competition.

Since they had to participate, then they had to crush all their opponents. This will make those ten great immortal sects who have been acting all high and mighty to have a good look. Whichever motherf*ckers dares to have ideas on Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be courting their own deaths!

Apart from this, Luo Tian’s other goal was Murong Wanjian.

Murong Wanjian was a disciple of the Imperial God Immortal Sect. There was a chance that he might be participating in this competition. If he could kill Murong Wanjian there, then there would be no such thing as a wedding afterward.

He might be able to see Li Xue’er there too.

A girl that he has been dreaming of all this time.

Because of all these matters, Luo Tian gave himself a month’s time. It doesn’t matter if he can gather the talents he needs or not because in one month’s time he will head back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and prepare to enter the Floodplain World. He might even try out the location of the Geocentric Tower.

On this day, the four of them entered a remote city.

A small city inside the Wild Lands.

The structures inside the small city were very rough and the inhabitants of the city were mostly those of the Beastmen race.

The physiques of this race were strong like an ox and they were at least two meters tall. Most of them carried a large wooden club like the ones you would see in the primitive era. There are plenty of those cartoons depicting a man clubbing a girl they like before dragging them back to their caves.

When Luo Tian and the other three entered the city, many eyes were drawn to them.

It felt like the townspeople were staring at four rare species.

Luo Tian, Niu Jingang, and Black Widow didn’t care about the looks they got.

It was only Murong Bai who cared about their gaze. Throughout their journey, he was like a defeated rooster in front of the King Rooster Luo Tian, always in low spirits. He was half-dead from taking so many metaphorical blows that he was hoping to reach a place with people.

A place where people will see how handsome and suave he really was.

Even though this city was small, there were plenty of women around and they happen to be human ones too.

Murong Bai’s confidence immediately soared. The moment they entered the town, he hung a faint gentleman’s smile on his face. He then whispered to Luo Tian: “You see that girl? She has been staring at me all this time. Yeah, that girl wearing white…”


“Luo Tian, now you know my charm is stronger than yours, right?”

Murong Bai had a triumphant look on his face.

His confidence had returned and he started strutting around domineeringly with a trace of idiocy.

Luo Tian joked about, “Yeah, it’s stronger than mine.”

Murong Bai then waved at a girl to the side and said: “That’s of course! I have always been stronger than you. I am the world’s most handsome Murong Bai, given the title of…”

Before he could finish, Luo Tian interrupted: “Titled the Little White Face.” ¹


Black Widow burst out giggling and said in a coy voice: “Sire is truly not ordinary. Even the way you speak is filled with so much humor. This one is going to love you to death for sure. Sire, tonight I will warm your bed.”


Murong Bai felt like his heart was blocked while his eyes turned lifeless. After sighing internally, he walked over to Niu Jingang and asked: “Ah Niu, tell me straight – are my charms stronger than Luo Tian or not?”

Niu Jingang’s mouth had never stopped. Upon hearing Murong Bai’s question, he looked up and answered in joy: “Eldest senior brother, this one said there will definitely be someone out there who will like you.”

Murong Bai immediately laughed out loud before saying: “That’s for sure! Ah Niu, I will bring you to the best restaurant later. You can eat whatever you want and I will pay for it!”

The way Niu Jingang spoke was a little slow and his reaction was a bit slow as well. He continued to finish his thoughts: “This one knows that those village girls will definitely like a man like you. What about it? Eldest senior brother, why are you suddenly treating me to a meal?”

Murong Bai almost fell to the ground. He glared at Niu Jingang and said: “Going to a restaurant? You can go eat a boulder!”

The people on the street were coming and going.

They hadn’t even reached the end of the street and they had passed by many people. The moment Luo Tian and company entered the city, there was a slight pause in traffic before everything went back to normal.

From time to time, there would be someone passing by Murong Bai at a close range.

When he heard that Murong Bai wanted to treat Niu Jingang at a restaurant, Luo Tian said with a smile: “You still want to go to a restaurant? Go and take a look at what’s been stolen. What do you have left apart from your underwear?”


“Who would dare steal my Murong Bai’s belongings?”

“Who would have the courage…”

Before he finished speaking, Murong Bai’s expression changed. “Damn it! My money pouch! My savings for over ten years were all in there! I was planning on using that money for my wedding! Who the hell has the guts to steal things from me?!”

Black Widow said with disdain: “How much savings could you have after ten plus years? Isn’t it just money? Why would someone in your cultivation realm still use mortal things like money?”

Murong Bai turned around and said: “Hey big sister, do you know how hard it is to save some money within the Soul Hall? After many years in the Soul Hall, I managed to secretly save over one hundred taels of silver. I don’t have anything other than that. Apart from basic cultivation resources, you can forget about divine artifacts, profound weapons, or medicinal pills. Even if you kill someone, the belongings you find on them need to be submitted. If they happen to find that you failed to submit it, your ending would be too tragic to talk about.”


Extreme heartache!

One hundred taels of silver was equivalent to his life.

He would kill everyone in the city if he could!

Murong Bai was so angry that cracking sounds were coming from his teeth being clenched so hard. His flames of rage were soaring to the sky and just when he was about to explode, Luo Tian stopped him and said: “This little city is a bit weird. Let’s go eat first. We will go look for the money that was stolen from you later.”

He had a weird feeling the moment he entered the city.

The Beastmen race and the humans were getting along in harmony here.

This was rarely seen.

There wasn’t a single incident of conflict between then, which was near impossible.

The Beastmen race from the Wild Lands were supposed to be very hostile towards humans.

The humans had been treating the Beastmen race as slaves, constantly buying and selling them. But no such conflicts were happening here and everything looked very normal. Everyone was actually looking at his group strangely…

Luo Tian was very familiar with this gaze because it was the same one he has when he sees a boss and wants to explode them.

It was obvious that the people inside this city were treating him like a boss. Previously, the thieves stealing money from Murong Bai was most likely a test. Luo Tian noticed the whole event but pretended he didn’t see anything.

He wanted to know what these people were planning on doing.

“Since they are treating me like a boss, then I have to look like a boss.” Luo Tian was laughing internally while his expression became arrogant and domineering. It was like he was about to win a game of mahjong by self-picking!


¹ – Little White Face is a male gigolo, a boy toy, a guy that relies on his looks to get a sugar momma.

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