Undefeatable – Ch680

Chapter 680 – Sire, Is This One Beautiful?

“Waiter, give me ten portions of your best food and wine!”

“Remember, I want ten portions!” Luo Tian yelled out as he walked into the restaurant. He was acting arrogant and domineering, just like a gangster would. He was just missing a gold chain weighing a few pounds hanging around his neck.

The waiter slightly hesitated as he asked: “Customer, can you finish such a large order?”

Luo Tian acted angry, “This daddy has money! Why do you care if this daddy can finish it or not?!”

After saying that, he pulled out a bunch of xuan stones from his spatial ring.

The waiter’s eyes froze before he smiled apologetically, “I will go take care of it! It will be coming right up!”

Murong Bai looked at Luo Tian and said: “You know there’s something strange with this city so why are you acting so arrogantly? Taking out so many xuan stones? Don’t you know that you can’t expose your wealth so casually like that?”

Niu Jingang chuckled and said: “Eldest senior brother, boss naturally has a reason for acting like this. Don’t worry so much. Didn’t you just lose a hundred or so taels of silver? Boss already said he was going to help you get it back so don’t worry.”

Black Widow’s smile was like a flower, “Sire, you are so mighty!”

This voice…

Damn it!

Luo Tian couldn’t help giving Black Widow’s attractive body a glance from the corner of his eye. She was simply too hot, an absolute life stealer! From the moment she entered the city, all the men, including those Beastmen who didn’t understand the art of flirting, were staring at her like their eyes were about to bulge out of their sockets. They just stared at her while killing intent surged out from their crotch area and drool dripped down. It looked like they wanted to pounce on her right then and there and tear off everything she had on.

It was truly a problem since she was wearing too little clothing.

Luo Tian brought out a xuan stone and said: “Little Bai, go out and buy her some clothes. The style of her current clothing is too high-profile.”

Murong Bai took the xuan stone and his eyes froze for a bit. He then ran out like crazy and came back in less than a minute, holding a top-quality silk dress. He had an idiotic smile on his face while waving about a handful of silver.

Luo Tian handed the dress to Black Widow and said: “Change into it.”

Black Widow didn’t reject it.

In front of everyone, she slipped the black silk dress on and then suddenly tore at it.



She tore off the forearm area, the stomach area, and the thigh area.

Just like that, the dress was ripped up. But… she managed to make it even more seductive. Her twin peaks became even more captivating where you cannot really see but there’s enough to make you want to see.

After the dress went through altering, it became a super short black mini-skirt. Just like those mini-skirts in Luo Tian’s previous life that revealed a glimpse of a girl’s butt. Her long white legs, her flawlessly thin waist, and her butt that was filled with endless evil temptation were all revealed. ¹



Too awesome! Way too awesome!

Awesome to an irresistible level!

Luo Tian didn’t dare to look at her directly as his heart started beating faster. When he sat down on the chair, he had to cross his legs. The monster in his crotch wanted to release a killing intent and shoot straight up to support the sky. Luo Tian could barely hold on at this point.

Everyone in the restaurant, including the women, was staring at Black Widow.

All the men outside the door were staring inside at her.

The sound of people swallowing their saliva could be heard. There were even quite a few of them who had two long streams of blood come straight out of their noise and they were clueless about it.

One must mention that Black Widow was tall and extremely pretty. Every part of her body was filled with charm. She was like a stylish fashionista, a piece of clothing in her hand can be transformed into a weapon of seduction. Any type of clothes worn on her would make her even more captivating.

After fixing up her clothes, she directly laid her head on Luo Tian’s shoulder and started drawing circles on his chest. She then said tenderly: “Sire, do you think I’m beautiful?”

“She’s trying to take my life!”

Luo Tian’s legs almost couldn’t keep that monster down. His chest was burning hot and the evil flames inside his body felt like gasoline had been poured on. “I need to resist. I need to resist. I need to…”

“Very beautiful!” Luo Tian struggled to say those two words.

Murong Bai’s eyes froze as he didn’t even bother with looking at the silver in his hand anymore. Even someone obsessed with money could end up like this as well. One can see how strong the seductive powers were oozing from Black Widow. Suddenly, two streams of blood flowed down from Murong Bai’s nose.

At this time, a Beastmen outside the restaurant with a big rod roared out: “This daddy can’t resist anymore! That woman is mine!”

After saying those words, he was like a wild bull charging inside the restaurant.

The big rod in his hands was smashing straight for Luo Tian.

In an instant, Jingang made his move. The moment that Beastmen struck, Jingang’s body shifted to the side and a fist punched out.


“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

The Beastmen weighing a few hundred jins was blasted out several streets away. He finally smashed into the city wall and collapsed a portion of it.

Jingang hadn’t used his full strength yet.

If he had used his full strength, that beastmen would have flown all the way to the ninth heaven.

Niu Jingang was like a warrior death god standing there. He swept his gaze through the surroundings and said: “Who else dares to touch my boss? This daddy will play him to death instantly!”

Domineering and overbearing!

However, everyone stood up and their gaze had clearly changed as they all revealed killing intent.

Murong Bai was too lazy to wipe away his nosebleed as his countenance turned serious. He looked around and sneered: “It looks like this city is truly not simple. It’s almost like we unknowingly entered a bandit’s nest.”


“You four can forget about escaping.”

“Fellow brothers, attack together!”

“Kill the men, and we will enjoy the woman together afterwards!”


Everyone pulled out their weapons and roared out loudly.

For a brief moment, the normal people had disappeared from the streets and the restaurant was surrounded airtight. There were at least ten thousand people here!

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer and said to himself: “Looks like I can get all four divine beast bloodlines after this.”

Niu Jingang clenched his fists and the aura around him surged out like flames. He had a serious expression on his face while blocking in front of Luo Tian. His domineering aura basically told people that if they dared to attack his boss, he would kill them all without mercy.

Murong Bai brought out his sword and the domineering aura of a Profound God 3rd ranker was released.

Black Widow had a cold smile on her face while she brought out a whip from an unknown place that looked like a living snake. The whip was moving about on its own and was emitting a sound like a rattlesnake, causing a chill in the hearts of the surrounding people.

Swords were drawn inside the restaurant as the two groups confronted each other.

The strangest thing was that after Niu Jingang, Murong Bai, and Black Widow revealed their explosive Profound God auras, no one showed any fear whatsoever. Their faces showed that they didn’t care at all like they had something to rely on.

Why was that?

Luo Tian whispered: “Be careful…”



“Clank~, clank~, clank~…”


A series of strange sounds were heard and the ground started shaking.

In an instant, the people inside the restaurant receded like the tide. The three-story restaurant transformed into a giant robot, and the lobby of the restaurant changed into a cage. The four of them were instantly trapped inside!

Luo Tian was stunned, “What a brilliant puppetry skill!”


¹ –


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