Undefeatable – Ch681

Chapter 681 – Stealing The Heavens

This sudden event was out of the blue and unpredictable!

Murong Bai, Black Widow, and Luo Tian never imagined this was possible. Of course, this would be beyond the scope of Ah Niu’s imagination.




The entire restaurant had become something that can only be described as a cage puppet. All you could hear were mechanical sounds as the puppet started operating. The puppet then released a powerful and dense aura, which should be from the one controlling it.

“No wonder!”

“No wonder they weren’t scared when we revealed our cultivation. So their boss is also an expert at the Profound God realm, so they would naturally not show any fear,” said Luo Tian. He looked around and noticed they were trapped in a cage made of a thick and mysterious looking metal. “It looks like this cage is especially prepared for Profound God rankers.”

This metal looked very special.

It was actually glowing.

It looked like it was alive and releasing its own aura.

Niu Jingang glanced at Luo Tian, so Luo Tian nodded.

Immediately after, Jingang clenched his fists. He made a stance, drew out energy from his dantian, and circulated it for half a second. After the explosion of power, a streak of energy visible to the naked eye traveled to his right arm just as he punched out.


“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

“Clank~, clank~, creak~…”

The entire puppet was shaking while giving off strange sounds like mechanical gears were colliding together. But somehow, the metal under Jingang’s fists showed no signs of being damaged.

“Eh?” Luo Tian was stunned.

Murong Bai’s eyes shook, “What powerful defensive properties! What kind of metal is this? Even divine artifacts can’t handle Ah Niu’s punch at full strength, so how can this metal be so tough?”

Black Widow was contemplating it.

Jingang was unconvinced.

Ever since he was born, there has been nothing that was stronger than his fists. His eyes turned serious and a layer of white smoke appeared around his body. He was just like the experts in One Piece who would reveal their haki spiritual energy, causing the power coming from his body to undergo a dramatic change.

He clenched both fists.


The power inside his body gave off a loud humming noise.

Ah Niu roared into the sky as his body turned crimson red. An overwhelming power exploded out from his body and then poured into his fists. “Heavy Thunder!”

“Hong~!” A thunderbolt seemed to have flashed through his body.

His fists punched out like a lightning bolt descending from the nine heavens.




This kind of power looked like it could instantly smash a Profound God ranker to their deaths! This was way too domineering!

But there were no changes to the cage except the energy from the mysterious metal pulled back a bit. Then it became normal once more like nothing had happened.


Jingang froze for a bit before scratching his head. He then turned around and said to Luo Tian: “Boss, this one wants to use a special move.”

Murong Bai interjected: “Ah Niu, why aren’t you quickly using it if you have a special move? Staying inside this ghostly energy thing is making me a bit anxious. Quickly use it and dismantle this damn thing.”


Niu Jingang was also feeling annoyed.

There has been nothing that has ever stopped his fists before. His mother had once told him that within the Tianxuan Continent, no one could compare to him when it came to raw strength.

This was why he was not convinced.

Luo Tian was thinking for a bit before saying: “Jingang, don’t make a move.”

Those two previous moves allowed Luo Tian to see once more how strong Jingang truly was. Most likely he would have to pay a price in order to use his special move. It wasn’t because Ah Niu wasn’t strong enough in his previous strikes but because there’s definitely something weird about this puppet.

“Okay…” Niu Jingang put down his arms.

At this time, Black Widow said: “Sire, I think that there’s something weird going on with the energy coming from the metal.”

Luo Tian nodded. He looked up at the ceiling and smiled: “It’s so rare to meet a puppet expert. This is also my first time seeing someone that can create such a powerful puppet. How about I give you an opportunity? From today onward, you will follow me and I will spare your life.”



“Are you here to tell us jokes?”

“Do you think that just because you guys are in the Profound God realm, you can break past my puppet?”

“Then you guys are underestimating me too much. There are at least over a hundred Profound God experts that have died by my hands. And you want me to follow a Profound God 1st ranker like you? In my opinion, shit must have entered your brain.” The voice came from all different directions.

When Niu Jingang heard the person insult Luo Tian by saying shit had gone into his brain, he instantly shouted: “Boss, he is scolding you! Your mother! Now I’m completely pissed off!”

Niu Jingang was like a little kid that couldn’t endure anymore and wanted to use his special move.

Even though his mother had once told him not to use it unless as a last resort, he was completely enraged when he heard someone scolding his boss.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Jingang, don’t be in such a rush.”

“Hey meathead, keep smashing if you want. No matter how strong you are, there’s no way you can break a puppet that I’ve created! Hahaha…” The tone of voice was filled with disdain and confidence, except it was shaking ever so slightly.

The person had disguised it very well so no one noticed.

Luo Tian sneered and said: “I can see that you’re quite talented and it’s such a pity to waste away at a place like this. How about you come back with me to my immortal sect? I can guarantee you a bigger and more colorful stage for you to perform. What do you think?”

“Stop dreaming.”

“Immortal whatever sects are all garbage in my eyes.”

“Within the Tianxuan Continent, who can take on my puppets?”

“Kid, come at me.” The voice was full of arrogance.

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “Fine, I will let you be arrogant a little longer. Little conceited brat, I will let you see my strength.” After saying that, Luo Tian took a step forward and stood before the metal bars.


“You want to break out of my Hell’s Cage with your strength? Quit dreaming.”

Luo Tian stretched out his hand and grasped onto the mysterious metal.

In an instant, he made a thought and activated Puppet Technique. He inserted his spiritual senses, causing it to flow like an electric current through the metal fixtures and throughout the puppet’s body. Luo Tian was internally shocked, “What brilliant circuitry! Most likely this person’s puppet technique has already reached the great perfection realm.”


“I didn’t expect you to know the Puppet Technique as well.”

“But no matter what you do, do you think your abilities can surpass mine?”

“Activate for me!”

In an instant, the puppet started its operation and its power surged out. Luo Tian’s spiritual senses were completely blocked from entering its sea of consciousness.

Luo Tian had those plans, but his opponent’s cultivation realm was also in the Profound God realm. The task of entering that party’s sea of consciousness would be extremely difficult from here on out. He then suddenly changed his mind and shouted: “Level 9 Berserk!”


The power of over five hundred times his base attributes was released.

His Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter was released.

The power of the Titan’s Soul was also released.

His spiritual sense was like a tsunami, pouring directly into the most central part of the puppet, which was its energy hub.

At this moment, Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “Puppet Technique, Stealing the Heavens!”


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