Undefeatable – Ch683

Chapter 683 – Ghost Dragon, Time For Your Rebirth!

“Do you want to bet or not?” Luo Tian asked once more.

Murong Bai wanted to seal Luo Tian’s mouth shut. He then said in frustration: “What realm has your puppet technique reached and what realm has his reached? What are you thinking by trying to compete in refining puppets?”

Someone at level 8 Puppet Technique wants to go against someone in the great perfection realm?

You don’t have to even think too hard about who would win.

Big Moustache smiled with interest, “You wish to court death that badly, huh? How do you want to bet?”


“Boss is going to bet with the kid.”

“Competing with us on the Puppet Technique? Was this kid bitten by a dog when he was young? Or did his head get slammed by a door? Do you know what our boss’s nickname is? Tianxuan Continent’s Puppet King! You can wait for your death if you want to compete with him over puppets.”

“Boss, just use your puppet and play him to his death.”

“That’s right!”

For a brief moment, all the people on top of their puppets were hollering their insults.

They were clear on Big Moustache’s abilities.

No one can surpass Big Moustache when it comes to refining puppets. He could refine puppets to the point that they formed an entire city, so who else would have such abilities to accomplish that?

Black Widow asked: “Sire, are you confident?”

Luo Tian shook his head and replied: “Nope!”

“Heh heh…”

“I love men like you who have such interesting personalities.” Black Widow giggled coquettishly before continuing: “But you should better come out as the winner or else we will all die if you let him control a puppet.”

Big Moustache’s Puppet Technique was extremely advanced.

Once he controls a puppet, there’s no way he would make the same mistake as before. No matter how powerful their group of four were, it would be impossible for them to stop him and the puppet army behind him.

Luo Tian smiled before saying to Big Moustache: “It’s very simple – If I win, you will follow me. If I lose, you can do anything you want to me.”

Big Moustache smiled in excitement while glancing over at Black Widow. “I want her!”


Luo Tian looked over at Black Widow and was about to respond when she smiled charmingly: “Fine, but we need to see if you have the abilities or not. Just by looking down there, I can tell it’s rather short and small. But it doesn’t matter if it’s short and small because the most important part is whether it’s capable or not. Heh heh…”

After saying that, Black Widow looked at Luo Tian and said: “Sire, go ahead and bet with him. I have confidence in you.”

Murong Bai frowned and said: “Luo Tian, are you confident? If you aren’t confident, don’t use one of a girl’s most important events in their life as a joke.”


“Boss will win for sure.”

“This woman is practically a life stealer. We have to make her stay.”

“We definitely have to get her.”


The sound of a bunch of guys swallowing their saliva was heard. One could easily see the gleaming evil light flashing in their eyes.

It was the same with Big Moustache.

Luo Tian then said: “Let’s start.”

Big Moustache’s expression froze for a bit before saying: “Don’t say I’m bullying you. Someone come bring over some black iron. We will use the same materials so that you won’t try to deny it when you lose.”

After saying that, two puppet porters immediately moved a large pile of dark black colored iron over. The metal looked especially hard and gave off a dark aura. If one wants to join them together, that person will definitely need an exquisite ability in control.

Even though they were using the same materials, Big Moustache’s puppet technique was stronger than Luo Tian’s. That meant that Luo Tian was at a disadvantage before even starting.

Luo Tian didn’t care and said: “We’ll do it according to what you want.”

Big Moustache was laughing crazily but was saying to himself: “You idiot! You think that his black metal is easy to control? Just based on the realm of your skills, it will be impossible for you to handle it. Just wait until you refine a garbage puppet, heh heh…”

Big Moustache couldn’t help looking over at Black Widow and saying: “My little beauty, you will be mine very soon.”

Black Widow smiled charmingly and replied: “Really? I will be waiting then, heh heh…”

At this time, Murong Bai walked over to Jingang and whispered: “Once the boss fails, immediately go protect him while I take junior sister away. Remember, you can’t let the boss get hurt.”

Jingang didn’t reveal anything on his face and only nodded.

“The competition starts now!”

Big Moustache instantly moved and the black metal started moving about. Each piece of metal was injected with his Profound God powers and then sealed. He was connecting each piece at an alarmingly rapid speed!

It was similar to someone striking iron on a forge, each piece was fusing together at a crazy speed.

In less than five minutes, the puppet in Big Moustache’s control was already taking shape.

On the other side, Luo Tian was slowly laying out the pieces like a puzzle. Everything was in disorder and people in the surrounding area couldn’t understand what he was doing.

This made the surrounding people start laughing and mocking him.

“He doesn’t even know the Puppet Technique!”

“Hahaha, our boss is going to win for sure! That beauty is ours!”

“If we’re comparing them both, our boss simply has too many advantages! Just his refinement realm alone is much higher. That kid isn’t an opponent at all and will definitely lose.”

There were constantly people hollering in the background.

There was cold sweat on Murong Bai’s forehead as he secretly clenched his fists.

He didn’t say a word and only looked at Luo Tian.

Jingang didn’t know the Puppet Technique but he could see that Luo Tian was at a disadvantage. He walked a few steps closer to Luo Tian in preparation to escape with him.

Black Widow’s face was completely calm. She had been staring at Luo Tian the moment he started refining the puppet, and couldn’t help asking herself: “What is he thinking about? His face looks like he’s deep in thought or that he’s reminiscing about something. What could it be?”

Luo Tian was thinking about Ghost Dragon!

It was the first puppet he refined that developed a self-consciousness!

A puppet that spent many happy days accompanying An Chunchun.

He was very sad when Ghost Dragon died.

He had treated Ghost Dragon like a brother. A brother that had fought alongside him. Ever since Ghost Dragon passed away, Luo Tian promised himself to not refine a puppet that could develop self-consciousness ever again. He was worried about losing the ones close to him.

But today, he had no other choice.

Luo Tian’s mind was filled with images of Ghost Dragon. The layout he was putting together was the skeletal structure of Ghost Dragon while his thoughts were filled with endless longing.

Ten minutes later.

Big Mustache started laughing crazily, “Hahaha… my beast king is done!”

Big Mustache sent out his thoughts and the puppet on the ground quickly stood up. It looked mighty and domineering, possessing unparalleled strength! When it stood there, it really looked like a ferocious beast that was alive. Except, who knows how many times stronger this puppet was.

Formidable to the max!

Murong Bai became anxious before softly whispering: “Ah Niu, get ready…”

Jingang inched a bit closer to Luo Tian.

At this time, Luo Tian had finished piecing together Ghost Dragon’s layout. He then sent in his will before looking up at the sky, “Ghost Dragon, how have you been?”

His consciousness was like an ocean!

His will entered Ghost Dragon’s black-colored metal frame.

Suddenly, Luo Tian roared out: “Level 9 Berserk!”


“One hundred million profound energy, come out for me!”

A palm strike similar to a thunderbolt smashed down.

His spiritual senses and his Profound God powers were like an ocean merging in. In an instant, Luo Tian shouted: “Ghost Dragon, it’s time for your rebirth!”

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