Undefeatable – Ch684

Chapter 684 – One Hit Instant Kill

“Roar~!” The entire sky darkened.

The roar exploded throughout the nine heavens!

The roar actually sounded like it originated from the heavens!

It was arrogant, domineering, defiant, and had the power of the irrepressible dragon’s might.

The surrounding million kilometers became silent.

The voice came down from the sky before entering the puppet next to Luo Tian.

Right after that, the parts of the puppet started moving. Each piece of black metal was making clanging sounds as they joined together. And the energy was like flowing water as they flowed through each piece of black metal. The moving speed kept getting faster until it looked like a tidal wave.

“Boom~!” A loud explosion was heard.

Ghost Dragon stood up with an imposing image.

Big Mustache was dumbstruck while the Beast King beside him was faintly trembling.

Ghost Dragon’s body contained a trace of dragon’s might.

This was a type of energy that Big Mustache has never encountered before.

The surrounding area grew quiet.

Everyone was staring at Luo Tian with an incredulous look in their eyes and their mouths agape.

“What is that?”

“A dragon?”

“A dragon from the Sky Palace? Or a creature from beyond the Tianxuan Continent? How can this kid refine such a powerful puppet? This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

“Humph~! What use is there to refine this thing? It probably just has a fierce-looking statue. Can it even take a strike from our boss’s Beast King?”

“You’re right.”

“They are competing in the grade of their puppets, so the only way we would know is if they fought each other.”

Reality is often hard to accept.

Whether it was the momentum of the puppet or the design of the puppet, Luo Tian’s Ghost Dragon was superior to Big Mustache’s Beast King.

Murong Bai said in excitement: “This is f*cking awesome! I didn’t expect you to have such talent in this area!”

Jingang grinned foolishly, “Boss is so mighty!”

Black Widow smiled charmingly and said: “Sire, you are so great! This one is going to love you to death!”

The three of them were shocked.

They never imagined Luo Tian could refine such a ferocious looking creature.

In order to refine such a realistic looking puppet, he must have seen a real dragon before. The three of them were thinking to themselves: “Has he been to the Sky Palace?”

Of course, they wouldn’t know Luo Tian was a transmigrator.

Who would know how they would feel if they ever saw metal Transformers that had their own sentience?

Big Mustache had difficulty accepting this and said unconvincingly: “We are comparing the grade of puppets and the higher the grade will win. How are we supposed to determine the grade of the puppet? Of course, we should let them fight, and the winner will naturally be the higher grade.”

Luo Tian looked at Ghost Dragon and replied: “Fine, let them fight it out.”

Just when Luo Tian finished speaking, Murong Bai pulled at him and said: “Are you crazy? We’ve already won, so why the hell should we compete further? Your puppet looks slow and dull so how can it be his ferocious-looking Beast King’s opponent? Don’t compete. Why should we compete just because he says so?”

Big Mustache coldly sneered, “What? You don’t dare to compete?”

“If you don’t dare to compete, then it will be considered you losing.”

“And that woman will become ours.”

“Are you competing or not?”

“Just be straightforward.”

The people of the puppet army started loudly clamoring once more.

Ghost Dragon looked rather wooden and clumsy. The moment the refinement was successful, it hadn’t moved a single bit. It was only staring at Luo Tian like an idiot that didn’t know how to move.

In their eyes, this was a sign that the refinement of the puppet had failed.

Luo Tian smiled in response. When he looked at Ghost Dragon, there was a long-lost familiarity in his eyes. He then looked over at Big Mustache and said: “Let’s fight!”


Murong Bai became speechless.

Jingang then said: “Eldest senior brother, boss looks confident so don’t worry so much.”

Black Widow smiled and said: “Sire, I believe in you.”

Big Mustache started laughing loudly, “Hahaha, you are definitely losing. How can your dumb thing be my Beast King’s opponent? Just prepare for its death.”

“Beast King, go f*ck it up!”

“Smash it into powder!”

“After refining such a strange thing, how can it be our Beast King’s opponent? Our boss is an existence that has reached the great perfection realm of the Puppet Technique, so the puppets he refines will definitely reach a certain degree of power. That thing is not even qualified to be ravaged by our Beast King.”

“Roar~, roar~, roar~…”

“Kill it! Kill it!”

For a brief moment, the crowd created a large open space as they clamored their insults.

A puppet battle was their favorite pastime.

The puppets that their boss refined were incomparably fierce, so they would absolutely suppress their opponents.

Luo Tian patted Ghost Dragon before walking forward.

“Hahaha… look at that kid coming over. Is he announcing his loss?”

“Doesn’t he know to control the puppet with his mind in order to make it stronger?”

“He obviously doesn’t understand the puppet technique.”

Luo Tian stood on the edge and smiled at Big Mustache, “Let’s start.”

Big Mustache looked like he had been insulted.

Immediately after, his Profound God powers exploded forth from his body and connected with his Beast King. There was a flash of light around the Beast King before its body was covered in the glow of power. This glow was very similar to the one where they saw the mysterious metal have back at the restaurant.

This kind of power was something Jingang’s Heavy Thunder couldn’t break, so how fierce was this power considered?

As long as Big Mustache had a puppet, he could practically defy the heavens!

At this time, he had an arrogant expression on his face. He made a thought and controlled Beast King to roar into the sky. Beast King then charged towards Ghost Dragon like an enraged bull.

“It’s over!”

“We’re done for! Jingang couldn’t even break it. If that thing smashes into Luo Tian’s puppet, it will definitely break it apart. We will be finished with then.” Murong Bai didn’t dare to keep watching and immediately sent Jingang a sound transmission: “Ah Niu, get ready!”

Jingang’s eyes were like torches as he became serious.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Beast King’s every step shook the ground. Under the control of Big Mustache, his huge bloody mouth bit towards Ghost Dragon.


“I’m going to win! That girl is going to be mine!”

“No one can stop me! Even experts at the Profound God realm cannot block this attack.”

Ghost Dragon’s eyes instantly looked over and saw the Beast King’s jaws clamping over. His eyes were completely filled with disdain.

When Big Mustache noticed the flash of disdain in Ghost Dragon’s eyes that looked like a human’s, he was shouting inside his heart: “That’s impossible!”


Ghost Dragon stood there while his tail lashed out.

The huge tail ripped space apart and directly knocked the Beast King’s head flying off into the distance.

The glow around Beast King’s body instantly disappeared.

Big Mustache stood there with lifeless eyes. He then kept muttering to himself: “Impossible, impossible, impossible…”

The puppet army behind him was just like him as well.

It was as if a stinging hot slap had landed on their cheeks. It took their breaths away and they couldn’t even utter a single word.

Too shocking!

A one hit instant kill? How was this possible?

However, the most shocking thing came after that. Ghost Dragon walked towards Luo Tian one step at a time and kneeled down before saying: “Boss!”

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