Undefeatable – Ch690

Chapter 690 – Have Some Big Blows

Luo Tian used his Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter to kill off Lie Yang’s sound transmission through his will!

He didn’t give him any face!

When Luo Tian finished speaking, Daoist Lie Yang’s enraged sound transmission could be heard saying: “Luo Tian, you’re courting…”

Before the word death could be said, the Grim Reaper’s phantom image behind Luo Tian shot into the void. Daoist Lie Yang’s sound transmission was chopped up once more before standing guard there like the God of Death it was. Whenever Daoist Lie Yang tried to send his voice over, the sound transmission kept getting killed off.

Daoist Lie Yang was completely enraged!

There was quite a bit of laughter inside the void.

Daoist Lie Yang had lost all face because of this.

So what if you are the boss of the number one immortal sect?

You damn bastard, this daddy will still f*ck you over even if you’re the Emperor of Heaven!

Luo Tian wasn’t in the mood to talk nonsense with anyone.

He wanted the whole world to see! Those hidden experts of the Imperial God Immortal Sect, Starsea Immortal Sect, Murong Wanjian, and Li Xue’er who was in seclusion within the Starsea Immortal Sect. Luo Tian wanted them all to see the consequences of moving against his women!

There can only be death!

Zhou Tongshen swallowed ten inner cores and his countenance recovered a bit. The Dragon Locking Chains were currently wrapped around his arm.

Lin Long swallowed a few inner cores as well and his injuries were temporarily suppressed. The sword in his hand was gleaming with coldness as he glanced over at Zhou Tongshen.

Zhou Tongshen faintly nodded.

Lin Long smiled in acknowledgment.

At this time, Eggy struggled to say: “Boss, you need to be careful. These two old bandits are extremely sinister.”

Murong Bai also added: “Boss, they are both experts at the Profound God 3rd rank. You…”

Before he could finish, Black Widow interrupted him and said coquettishly: “I believe in sire. You should all stay out of this. I can tell he wants to solve this matter personally.”

When Black Widow was speaking, Leng Hanshuang, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi all looked towards her. They were all feeling shocked and had the same thought to themselves: “Very big. Very seductive. Full of evil charm!”

Leng Hanshuang was very proud of her own twin peaks but when compared to Black Widow, she was still a little bit smaller.

Black Widow faintly smiled, “When his women are injured, he will definitely not want others to intervene.”

Jingang grinned foolishly, “This one also believes in the boss. Boss is mighty, boss is domineering, boss is the most powerful!”

Big Moustache Chen Tianjing chuckled and said: “He’s the first person I have ever admired. Even though he’s younger than me, I will still happily call him boss. Boss is mighty, boss is the best! Hahaha…”

The people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect were dumbstruck.

They watched how each one was more perverse than the next, taking down the major players right after appearing.

Powerful to a complete mess!

Han Hua was extremely excited, “Looks like there’s now hope for this year’s immortal sect competition, hahaha! Luo Tian is truly the Luo Tian I know!”

In just a short month of time, he was able to bring back four awesome people!

The overall strength of Mount Hua Immortal Sect was instantly boosted by this.

One must know that a single Profound God expert can increase the karmic fortune of the sect similar to ten thousand normal disciples. With the sudden appearance of four Profound God experts, Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s fortune will drastically change.

Luo Tian’s eyes turned gloomy as he pointed at Zhou Tongshen, “Whatever actions you took to hurt my brother, I will pay you back a hundredfold.”


“Just based on you?”

Zhou Tongshen sneered, “Luo Tian, you’re only at the Profound God 1st rank so you aren’t qualified to be acting arrogant in front of me. Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance – as long as you obediently kneel down and kowtow in apology, I will spare that dog’s life of yours.”

“Don’t think you are all that great just because you’ve found some help. When compared to the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the little number of people you have is still far from enough.”

As the world’s number one immortal sect, the number of experts they had were numerous as the clouds in the sky.

With Eggy included in the numbers, Mount Hua Immortal Sect only had a total of six Profound God rankers. This amount couldn’t be compared to the Imperial God Immortal Sect at all.

But Luo Tian only sneered and said: “I will give you a chance too. Kneel down and sing Conquered a hundred times. Uhhh… I forgot that you don’t know how to sing that. I will first teach you the main verse – ♪ I was conquered by you just like that…” ¹

As his voice faded, Luo Tian started smirking and said: “Damn dog thing, you want to play dirty with this daddy? This daddy is the ancestor of playing dirty!”

Lin Long had already disappeared when Zhou Tongshen was speaking to Luo Tian.

His figure looked solid and stood there without moving.

His speed was simply so fast that it was capable of tricking a person’s eyes.

But Luo Tian still sensed it.

His Grim Reaper’s phantom image also detected it. When he was in the ancient battlefield, his grim reaper killed the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign’s Beast King’s path of slaughter to make it its own. It was then that his Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter increased at an unprecedented level.

Its spiritual sense had already exceeded experts at the peak of the Profound God realm.

Luo Tian sensed the moment Lin Long moved.

Luo Tian sneered, “Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise bloodlines, come out for me!”




Three huge divine beast images were superimposed over Luo Tian’s body. They had a ferocious look on their faces, their phantom images lifelike, and they were releasing their unique divine beast might. This kind of power was naturally extremely powerful.

Right after that, Luo Tian shouted: “Level 9 Berserk!”


Five hundred plus times his base attributes were released.

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer as he watched Lin Long stabbing his sword towards him at the corner of his eyes. He then scoffed before shouting internally: “Shadewind Steps, level 9! Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”

Two speed enhancement skills stacked together.

This kind of speed combo was much stronger than a Profound God 3rd ranker.

Even Lin Long’s eyes couldn’t see that Luo Tian’s figure had faintly swayed.

A shadow flashed by.

Luo Tian looked like he was standing still but he had already pounced over at Zhou Tongshen with a vicious punch to the face. “You want to play sneak attacks with this daddy? You guys are still too tender!”

Too fast!

Zhou Tongshen couldn’t help smiling when he noticed Lin Long was about to succeed. Who would expect that Luo Tian had raised his speed to the extreme just like Lin Long? Luo Tian was sneak attacking Zhou Tongshen at a time like this, which went against common sense when it came to combat.

If Luo Tian realized what Lin Long was doing, the normal reaction was to counterattack. Why would he suddenly sneak attack Zhou Tongshen?

We can only say that Luo Tian was too sinister.

Lin Long would certainly be very cautious when sneak attacking someone, while Zhou Tongshen would be negligent.


Zhou Tongshen didn’t have time to defend himself and his face was struck by Luo Tian. His two front teeth were smacked flying out while he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His body shook while he staggered several steps back in succession. His expression instantly changed as he shouted in anger: “Luo Tian, you…”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Tian’s figure tilted forward as he stomped behind him: “Rising Moon!”


Luo Tian appeared next to Zhou Tongshen and punched out. “Damn dog thing, moving against my brother, huh?!”


The punch landed on Zhou Tongshen’s jaws and he was sent flying.

“Sliding Steps!”


Luo Tian charged over and struck out once more while shouting: “Injuring this daddy’s women, huh?!”


“Acting arrogant in front of this daddy, huh?!”


“The Imperial God Immortal Sect is so great, huh?!”


“Go ahead and show this daddy how arrogant you can be!”



¹ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo6dYTXb9s8

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