Undefeatable – Ch691

Chapter 691 – Smacking The Faces Of Those Super Experts


“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Each punch was at max power and landed on flesh.

Zhou Tongshen was beaten until he was disoriented. There was no room for him to counterattack as he could only defend.

For a Profound God 3rd ranker to be suppressed by a Profound God 1st ranker, most likely this was the first time in all of history.

Murong Bai looked lost in thought as he muttered: “It looks like he was holding back his strength the last time he fought with me.”

After muttering that, Murong Bai faintly smiled and said anxiously: “Luo Tian, you need to be careful. A Profound God 3rd ranker doesn’t just have this kind of power. That guy should be at the peak of the Profound God 3rd rank so he might be hiding some reserve power.”

His cultivation was also at the Profound God 3rd rank so he understood the difference of powers between the 3rd rank and the 1st rank.

Luo Tian was only at the Profound God 1st rank, and that gap in realm strength cannot be bridged that easily.

This was reality!

Those experts peering through the void revealed stunned expressions. Profound God rankers fighting and suppressing higher ranks were not very common, and they had never seen someone like Luo Tian who could cross two small realms to crush their opponent. But these experts were still not optimistic about Luo Tian’s outcome.

The reason was that the difference in one’s cultivation realm cannot be surpassed no matter what!

As long as Zhou Tongshen was given a sliver of an opportunity, this battle will be instantly turned around.

Zhou Tongshen had been defending all this time and was also waiting for that opportunity. When facing Luo Tian’s god-like speed punches, he couldn’t help but feel angry. He then shouted in a pissed off tone: “Imperial God Water Wave!”


The sound of flowing water suddenly exploded forth from Zhou Tongshen’s body.

The sound of flowing water became louder and louder like streams coming together into a river. Eventually, the water flowed into an endless ocean. Suddenly, the aura of a domineering wave crashing against the shoreline burst forth.

Murong Bai’s pores shrunk and shouted: “Boss, he has a water element bloodline! Watch out!”

Up in the sky, the water vapor started converging towards Zhou Tongshen and turned into a water shield.

“A water element bloodline?”

“Who would’ve imagined there would be someone with a water element bloodline? The Imperial God Immortal Sect is truly a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Over ten thousand years ago, Mount Hua Immortal Sect had their five elemental daoists and one of them had the water element bloodline. I never expected the Imperial God Immortal Sect to have one ten thousand years later.”

“Bloodlines from the five elements are very close in ranking to the bloodlines of divine beasts. This Zhou Tongshen has hidden his water element bloodline very well. It looks like that kid Luo Tian won’t be his opponent now. As long as he can fully block Luo Tian’s move, he would be able to turn the tide of the battle.”


“Luo Tian, you can wait for your death.”

The experts peering through the void were discussing this.

A water element bloodline was extremely rare and extremely strong.

It was a bloodline capable of offense and defense.

A water shield appeared.

Over half of Luo Tian’s power was displaced by it, causing him to frown in shock. “So what if it’s a water element bloodline? This daddy has the bloodlines of three divine beasts stacked on. I refuse to believe that I can’t kill you.”


“Luo Tian, your three divine beast bloodlines are indeed strong.”


“The bloodline power inside you is most likely in the early stages. I have cultivated my water element bloodline for around 3700 years and I’ve reached the peak of the 9th stage, so how can you compare with me?” Zhou Tongshen loudly laughed. Behind the water shield, his Dragon Locking Chains was slithering around like a real snake.

Indeed, Luo Tian hadn’t cultivated his bloodline powers yet.

His bloodline power could be deemed at the elementary stages.

No matter how strong one’s bloodline is, they wouldn’t be able to raise its power if they don’t cultivate it. The power will naturally be limited in use and will be overwhelmed when going against bloodlines cultivated to higher stages. Moreover, Zhou Tongshen’s water element bloodline was highly ranked and cultivated to a high stage.

Since he has cultivated it to the peak of the 9th stage, the power he releases would be extremely terrifying.

In just a few seconds, he used his water shield to block Luo Tian’s punch.

In a blink of an eye, the Dragon Locking Chains behind the water shield suddenly shot out.


“Luo Tian, go to hell for me!”

The Dragon Locking Chains was useful against demonic beasts, devil race, and humans. Once someone is restricted by it, their powers will be completely sealed and can only await death.

“Luo Tian, watch out!”

“Boss, watch out!”

“Sect Leader…”

Everyone cried out in unison as they felt their hearts rise to their throats.

Luo Tian’s expression faintly changed as he said to himself: “It’s truly difficult to jump levels to kill someone in the Profound God realm. I didn’t expect a peak Profound God 3rd ranker to possess such fierce power.”

“But the stronger you are, the happier this daddy is!”

“The loot explosion will be bigger, and I will get even more experience points!”


He was merely a boss, an existence Luo Tian loved the most.

Facing the formidable Zhou Tongshen and his powerful Dragon Locking Chains, Luo Tian didn’t dodge nor did he show any fear. He didn’t know what was called fear! His eyes turned fierce as he shouted: “God skill!”

“Seven Lights – Seven Kills!”

“The seventh kill…”

“Shatter the soul!”

He jumped past the first six kills and directly used the seventh kill.

In an instant, Luo Tian spread his arms apart and said: “Eternal Kingdom, level 7!”

“Black Moon Barrier!”

“Dual barrier, activate for me!”

The power of two spatial barriers was released and enveloped Zhou Tongshen within.

As long as they were in the same cultivation realm as Luo Tian, he can instantly kill off his opponent with Eternal Kingdom. The Black Moon Barrier skill was a little different, where it could force his grim reaper’s killing intent to the peak. This was the spatial skill that the Ancient World’s overlord Seven Moon Devil Sovereign possessed.

Two spatial barriers were fused together by Luo Tian.




For a brief moment, the double barrier caused the surrounding area to turn pitch black. Zhou Tongshen suddenly couldn’t see anything in the darkness and Luo Tian disappeared in front of him.



One was the voice of Luo Tian while the other was the voice of the huge phantom image of a Grim Reaper behind him. Its voice was rough and filled with the power of hell. The whole barrier was being crushed by the crazy amount of killing intent from a Grim Reaper!


Luo Tian dodged the Dragon Locking Chains and his fist landed on Zhou Tongshen’s temple.

“Shatter the soul!”


The moment Luo Tian struck, the Grim Reaper’s scythe slashed down.

All the power was injected into Luo Tian’s seventh kill!

“Boom~…” The double barrier exploded.

A figure flew out before crashing down heavily at the center of the martial training grounds.

A portion of the head had burst apart!

The eyes were still staring in a certain direction filled with grievance.


Zhou Tongshen, a Profound God 3rd ranker who exploded forth with all his powers was punched to death by Luo Tian.

The faces of those experts peering through the void were fiery hot.

When they recalled their words, it felt like Luo Tian had given them a vicious slap. They didn’t know where to put their old faces anymore, and some even became enraged.

“Hollering about, huh?”

“Why don’t you keep f*cking hollering your comments for this daddy!” Luo Tian cursed out in anger.

At this moment, a system alert tone went off inside Luo Tian.


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