Undefeatable – Ch699

Chapter 699 – Everything At A Crazy Pace


“Way too fierce!”

“Just like those novels with settings in a chaotic primitive era.”

“How strong is the old ancestor of Mount Hua? He actually managed to bring so many fierce things over. He is simply too formidable!” Luo Tian said in excitement while his face was slightly pale. He then continued with an unusually excited expression: “If I go in two more times, I should be able to break through into the Profound God 2nd rank. The experience there is just too awesome! It’s like a copy of a video game where you find some treasured land to grind experience points.”

Beside him was a large pile of ferocious beast skeletal bones, essence blood, and a bunch of spiritual herbs.

Everything here was something never seen in the Tianxuan Continent.

Bones to forge divine weapons.

He then split up the essence blood where a portion would be for Mount Hua Immortal Sect and a portion would be for Fatty Lei. That guy will definitely need some high purity essence blood filled with immense energy. He will probably look exactly like Eggy seeing a divine artifact.

Luo Tian suddenly realized he was surrounded by foodies.

Jingang loved eating meat.

Feng Lei liked drinking blood.

The worst guy of all was Eggy who deliberately chooses divine artifacts to eat.

But now, Luo Tian wasn’t worried about Eggy not making any breakthroughs. The current profound weapons he forges may not be all divine artifacts, but he could guarantee that they were going to be at least in the semi-divine grade.

The process of forging a divine artifact was too complicated and Luo Tian didn’t have that much time to waste.

Moreover, these were just food for Eggy and a large number was more important.

What’s more, the Tianxuan Continent was only a lower plane so the divine weapons here may only be rotten cabbage to the Ancient World, where they could be seen everywhere. Luo Tian felt no heartache for Eggy to eat them all. One thing he had to do though was to forge a profound weapon for the others to use.

For example, Jingang loves to smash things with his hands so if he could forge a good pair of gloves for him. His attack power will definitely become more fierce.

Murong Bai already had a pretty good sword but it still wasn’t enough.

Black Widow’s spiritual snake whip also needed some enhancements.

It was also about time for Yun Ling and Yun Yi to change their battle hammers.

Since they were going to play, they might as well play it big!

“Isn’t it just an immortal sect disciple competition? This daddy will stomp over your so-called ten great immortal sects! Viciously trample all over your faces! You guys just wait for this daddy…” Luo Tian’s eyes turned cold as his arrogance surged.

He wanted his people to be fully armed.

He wanted the entirety of Mount Hua Immortal Sect to rise up to an unsurpassable level. He wanted to prove to the whole world that Mount Hua Immortal Sect is still a formidable existence!

Immediately after, Luo Tian started forging profound weapons like crazy.

The skeletons of the ferocious beasts were really difficult to work with. Each piece of weapon used up quite a bit of time. But Luo Tian tried not to rush it and created one item at a time.

Out of a 24 hour day, the time he was inside the Floodplain World was very little.

Apart from the Floodplain World, there weren’t any other good places for him to level up within the Tianxuan Continent.

That is unless he managed to open up the Geocentric Tower, but Luo Tian didn’t want to focus on the ultimate quest just yet. He wanted to focus all his energy on preparing for the immortal sect disciple competition. He will think more about the tower after this month passes by.

Moreover, Mount Hua’s progenitor gave him the Floodplain World which clearly meant for him to use the place to make some breakthroughs first. When he was strong enough, then he could start working on how to tackle this Geocentric Tower.

Seconds and minutes slipped by.

Piles of finished profound weapons were piling next to Luo Tian.

Each profound weapon was giving off a faint glow, the characteristics of a semi-divine weapon.

After using up a large pile of bones, Luo Tian turned to his spiritual herbs and started separating them one by one. “Sigh~… it’s such a pity that these spiritual herbs aren’t the same as the ones I got from the ancient battlefield. Otherwise, I could concoct some Divine Burst Pills.”

“Even though these spiritual herbs can’t make the powerful effects of the Divine Burst Pill, it should at least make a pill capable of raising one’s realm. No matter what, I should still give it a try. Just a single level in the Profound God realm will create a heaven-defying gap against opponents.”

After fighting with Zhou Tongshen and Lin Long, Luo Tian became aware of the importance of realms at higher cultivation levels.

Back then, he could kill people by jumping over an entire cultivation realm. Now that it was such a difficult fight with only a difference of two levels, he realized a single level gap in the Profound God realm could be huge.

Each level was equivalent to a few hundred years of cultivation.

After separating the spiritual herbs to their classifications, Luo Tian brought out his Green Dragon Cauldron and tried making a new version of the Divine Burst Pill.

When the Pill Alchemy skill was at the great perfection realm, concocting medicinal pills was a very quick process. It also gave him the ability to grasp everything about the herbs.

In less than two hours, Luo Tian already discovered the recipe for the new Divine Burst Pill.



“Concoction succeeded!”

Luo Tian’s brows rose in joy. He then looked up the attributes and started laughing loudly. “Hahaha, I succeeded! It can increase the user by two small realms! The only thing screwed up is that it’s restricted by users under the Profound God Sovereign realm.”

A single medicinal pill could instantly raise the user’s cultivation by two small realms.

The pill was immediately considered heaven-defying.

It’s a bit weaker than my original Divine Burst Pill but it’s still quite perverted already. How many Profound God Sovereigns are there in the Tianxuan Continent? Most likely not even one would breakthrough in ten thousand years. I think the odds would be quite low to encounter one during the immortal sect disciple competition.”

That’s why there was a wide scope of usage for such a pill.

Since he was able to concoct the new Divine Burst Pill, Luo Tian might as well mass concoct it. “My cultivation realm isn’t as high as yours? This daddy has a pill! This daddy has many many pills! Come over and f*cking bite me if you can, your mother’s cha-cha!”

“Let’s see how many Profound God experts you have.”

Luo Tian was looking forward to it.

He couldn’t wait for the day of the immortal sect disciple competition.

His brothers will be fully armed in divine artifacts and powerful medicinal pills to completely crush their opponents.

He became exhilarated just thinking about it!

“Imperial God Immortal Sect, Starsea Immortal Sect, whatever Vast Heaven or Mount Yue, you ten great immortal sects better wash your asses clean and wait for me. Watch how this daddy will blow up each one of your asses! Trying to cook up plans for my woman? Even the Heavenly Jade Emperor isn’t allowed to do it!” Luo Tian’s body was exuding a hostile aura and his concoction speed kept getting faster.

After finishing with concocting pills, Luo Tian had no thoughts of stopping and brought out his Skill Necklace to enter the sixth level in order to train in his other skills.

Not a single martial skill will be spared.

The Magic Charm skill was especially awesome in the Floodplain World. Once he was able to charm one of the ferocious beasts, he would then show them the definition of ruthless and unbridled!

Luo Tian started training everything like his life depended on it.

He didn’t rest for a single minute and was feeling extremely tired. Every time he came out of the Floodplain World, his body would be full of wounds. But he still had no thoughts of resting nor did he have time to rest. He was doing everything he could to make himself stronger and his brothers stronger.

It was the same every day.

Forging weapons, concocting medicinal pills, and training the proficiency of his skills.

Every morning, he would place a large pile of profound weapons he had forged at the entrance of his secret chamber.

Eggy seemed to be celebrating New Year’s Eve every day.

He devoured them like crazy.

He matured at a crazy rate.

He would then condense his Dragon God’s essence blood and then supply it to the others for cultivating.

Everything was moving along at a crazy pace.

It was all for the immortal sect disciple competition!

It was for the woman that Luo Tian had been dreaming of all this time!

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